Let's Do This Every Morning

By Wjm
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I woke up this morning with a massive hard-on, and aching balls. I reached across the bed to pull you close to me but all I grabbed was air. My eyes popped open and I looked to my left to see an empty bed. I don't know where you are, so I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep, but no such luck, my cock is throbbing and I decide to go and take care of things in the shower I grabbed my robe and headed for the bathroom.

I reached into the shower and turned the hot water on, took off my robe and shorts and stepped into the shower. I reached up and turned the head so the hot water would pulse out at just the right spot. Slowly I turned my back to the water and stood under it, letting the water pound on the back of my neck. I closed my eyes and started to day dream as the bathroom filled up with steam. After a few minutes, I heard the bathroom door open and close, then I could hear the shower curtain slide back and forth. I kept my eyes closed and could sense your presences in front of me.

I was startled to feel you arms go around my back, and pull me close to you. Your breasts, pressing into my stomach. My knees went weak, as I felt your lips consume my nipple, and your rough tongue, start to lick it up and down. A moan of pleasure escaped my lips, as you moved to my other nipple and started to suck on it. My hands grabbed your ass and I pulled you close to me, as the water continued to fall, and the steam continued to build.

My right hand slides around your ass, and up your back and I press your head hard against me. I try and move my hands up to your magnificent breasts, but you stop your licking and tell me not to touch you yet and just to relax and enjoy. My Dick is getting harder and harder and I start to grind it against your body, trying to work up some friction between us. My breathings getting deeper, as you take my cock in one hand and cup my balls, with your other. Your soapy hands feel so good, the way they slide all over my cock. You can feel the cum in my balls, break away from licking my nipples and tell me you cant wait to feel my explode inside you and you go back teasing my nipples. I lean back next to the wall of the shower so that the water shoots past me, on to your head, I love the way you look with wet hair, and lust in your eyes! I move your head from my nipple and take your face in my hands and give you a long, deep kiss. Even though the water is hot, or passion for each other is even hotter. I move you around, so now you are leaning against the wall and I get down on my knees. My mouth is just at the right spot, I open wide, lean forward, and take your right nipple in my mouth. I close my teeth around it and start to run my tongue back and forth around your rock hard nipple. My right hand reaches up and starts to pull and gently twist your left nipple. Now its your knees that are getting weak, as you moan my name. My strong hand massages your heaving breast, as I continue to lick and suck on your ever hardening nipples. After a few minutes, my right hand slides down along your stomach, my fingernails, trailing along your skin. It slides past your recently shaved pubic region, and my thumb slides between your tight, wet, lips. I hold you tight, as you start to lean forward against my body, my mouth still clamped on your tit. I slide my thumb as far up your juicy pussy as I can, its shape, driving you crazy. You grab my head and press my even tighter against your body. I take my thumb out of you, and replace it with 3 fingers, slowly going in and out, over and over, shoving them in as far as I can. As your breathing gets deeper I shove the fingers in, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I stop suddenly, leaving my fingers buried deep inside you and begin to slowly rub my thumb around your clit, I push it from side to side and up and down, I press it deep in to your soaking, pink flesh. You lose control, your knees get weak, your back arches, you scream in pleasure and cum all over my fingers. I stand up in front of you and start to nibble your neck and hold you close to my body, my hard cock is ready to go, I press against your stomach. When your breathing starts to get back to normal, I reach down and pick you up by your ass, I lift you high enough so that you can reach down, and grab my cock, and part your swollen pussy lips with it. Then I slowly let your body down on to my rock hard shaft until it is deep inside you, with only my balls hanging out. I have you pressed up with your back against the shower wall, and you clamp your legs tightly around my back, then, I start to thrust deep inside you, our bodies moving in motion as one. The room is so full of hot steam, its getting hard to breath, sweat dripping from every pore. I half lift, half slide you up and down along the wall, lifting you until only the head of throbbing meat, is still inside you, then I let gravity force you down, all the way down on to me. The harder I thrust up, the tighter you clamp your legs around me. You are so wet and so tight, that I cant keep up the pace much longer. Your breathing gets more rapid, your arms go around my neck and you start to hump me. You bounce up and down as I slide you against the wall of the shower. You start to moan, and are ready to explode, I can feel the cum in me, beginning to boil, its ready to shoot up thru my shaft and fill your pussy. You start to scream my name as you spasm to orgasm after orgasm, hearing the passion in your voice sends me over the edge, and my cock sends white hot cum deep in to you. My hands grab your ass and I pull your body close to mine as we slide down along the wall, and end up in a heap of arms and legs on the shower floor. The hot water is still beating down on us as we try and catch our breath. I lean close and whisper, lets do this every morning!

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