Two Hearts, Two Souls, As One

By JustAnAngel
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Yes it had been a long time since they had seen one another and the time had
finally come once again. In just a very short time they would be meeting,
something they had both been waiting for, for many months.

He gets in his car and prepares to drive to the station, and she sits and waits for the train to arrive. While sitting there at the platform her mind thinks back to the many times he and she had talked and the past times spent together, how he had made her laugh on the days she wanted to cry, how his smile warmed her heart and how each time they talked she longed for him to be right there by her side and how much she loved him. Most of all how wonderful it was going to be to once again feel his gentle touch

He was driving to the station thinking similar thoughts to hers. Minds connected almost as one. The train arrives, she boards, He stops at a light and then turns the
corner, both almost to their meeting destination now.

She doesn't worry that he wont be there to meet him, she knows he will be waiting just outside the turnstiles at the station, He knows where to stand so that when she comes down the platform stairs he will be the first thing
she sees.

He knows she will be there also, so all is calm and there are no worries and no stress among either of them.

He arrives at the car park of the train station, parks, no need to look in the mirror he knows she will think he is perfect in every way, she always does. As he gets out of his car he hears the announcement of her train arrival. His steps becoming a bit more hurried now, He wants to make sure he is standing there when she arrives.

She arrives at the station, slowly walks off the train and makes her way thru the evening crowds to the stairs. Her heart is now starting to pound with the excitement of seeing him. Half way down the stairs their eyes meet He smiles his special smile and she lifts her hand to wave a small acknowledgement of seeing him, That smile just about takes her legs from beneath her, but she keeps her composure and continues to descend the stairs. She can see him standing there waiting pertinently, impatiently as she works her way thru the crowds. Finally she makes it thru the turn style, placing her ticket in the little slot letting her go thru, she not really noticing doing it all, because her eyes have never left his . The first
thing she feels is his hand taking hers, pulling her close to him, The warmth of his body engulfing her like a warm blanket, She puts her arms around him and their eyes meet., no words being said , He then takes his hands and places them on her face. He gently pulls her face close to his and there lips meet, that first kiss for ages, how lovely, there eyes close as they are so engrossed in one another they forget where they are and everyone and everything around them is non-existent. He slowly , sensually kisses her then moves back slightly and says " I have missed you so much my love"

She whispers back " So have I my love" With nothing more said he puts his
arm around her and they start to walk to the waiting car.

He walks around and opens the door, she gets in, before closing the door he leans over and kisses her on the forehead, then the nose, then a soft gentle kiss on the lips, he closes the door. After he gets in the drivers side, she seeing him sit there is just too much for her, she doesn't allow him to start the car immediately, she leans over and puts her arms around him once more, this time embarrassing him with a much more passionate, deep kiss. he tastes so nice!!! She knows that they can't stay in the car park for ever so she lets him go out of her embrace, He starts the car

As they drive back to their motel, no words are spoken between the two of
them, but they do glance at one another with that special smile, his hand on her leg gently rubbing it with care. At that point the two of them are just enjoying the previous moments they have just shared, You can almost see their minds working together, talking , communicating with one another, their thoughts and feelings, you can see it in their eyes and their expressions He turns into the hotel car park now, parks, goes round and opens the door for her, which now has opened another world, What she had just minutes before washes away, She is now where she wants to be!!

They walk now with their arms around one another. He says "We will go to the
bar and sit for a while and have a couple of drinks, I just want to sit with you
so we can enjoy one another's company". He knows we both don't want to rush
the moments that we get to spend with one another.

In the hotel the bar is quiet with soft music playing, We take our usual table in a small corner, I sit and know that he will go and get our drinks., He never has to ask what I want , he knows. I sit and he looks at me with that smile, very quaintly puckers his lips which jesters a kiss and says I will be right back. I watch him as he walks across the room, taking in every movement of him. Thinking to myself just how lucky I am, He to me is perfect in every way. I watch him telling the bartender what he wants, I love to watch him, his expressions, his jesters, his confidence in him, these things and many more are what I love so much about him

He now walks back with our drinks, sits next to me placing his arm around me
pulling me close to him, Our bodies naturally coming together as one once again. As we drink , we make small talk, once in a while slipping in a small kiss or two. We both know when its time to go, we finish our last drink , look at one another and nod our heads, You can now feel the love, the passion that is going on in both of us, the need for one another is so strong that I am sure everyone knows around us. but we don't care, We let it show in everyway. I have thoughts of how lucky they would be to have a love such as ours

Our short walk to the room seems like forever to us, but we don't hurry and
even stop along the way to embrace one another and engulf ourselves in another passionate kiss. The key in the door now and her heart stands still, as it always does, once again entering our own little piece of paradise, the place where all time
stands still, Where we become as one, So long waited for. As usual the lights are low and there is a bottle of something nice for them to sip on during the night. She slips her coat off and lays it over the chair, He walks up behind her and she feels his arms embracing her pulling her back close to him. He places small kisses on her neck and she lets out a very small groan and melts into his touch. His hands just brush her breasts gently, the sensation is almost too much to bare. He loosens his grip on her and she turns around to face him, his arms never moving from around her. For her this is the most special time.

hey look one another in the eyes, She puts her arms around his waist they kiss deeply for some time, Her hands moving from his bum to his hair, his doing the same. Its like their bodies have joined now, their every sense, their every thought are connected. Their tongues probe each other and dance together as they kiss, His kiss always sweeps her off her feet, so passionate, so loving, If he weren't holding on to her so tightly her legs would give from under her. They slow their
passion now, but their hearts are still racing, they let one another go and move to the small table in the room. As always he asks if she would like a drink, he pours her and himself a glass and they sit in silence long enough to take a few sips. They once again tell each other how much they have missed one another but she has to go to him, he is like a magnet for her, She moves to sit on his lap, straddling his legs with hers, She loves to be able to watch him eye to eye. She runs her hands thru his hair and kisses his forehead, then his nose, then places a small kiss on his lips, His head is back now looking up and she runs her tongue from just under his earlobes down to his shirt neckline and back up the other side, She loves the salty
taste of his skin, She can feel him shudder under her. She finds the tiny buttons on his shirt and starts to unbutton them one at a time , with each button placing a kiss further down his chest, His hands find the back of her blouse untucking it from her skirt. His hands now on her bare back, nice hands, warm and gently, They move up to her shoulders and she can feel him pushing her down on to his lap, Only then can she feel his lovely cock between her legs, She moves her hips slowly back and forth just slightly rubbing him so he knows she loves the feel of him . he lets out a small groan of pleasure and she feels him relax under her.

She has now got all the buttons to his shirt undone exposing his bare chest, 
She loves to run her hands thru his chest hairs, and as she does this she stops at each of his nipples and gently gives them a twist. She loves his reaction to this, He groans and pushes her hips down on his lap once again.

This time she can feel that his lovely cock has grown and found a permanent spot between her legs. She adjusts her self so that his cock is laying to where it just touches her clit, and she rocks on it softly, sending spasms thru her body and his, and they both groan with pleasure.

He now brings his hands back down her back grabbing hold of her blouse and
pulls it up and over her head and lays it on the table next to them. His skillful hands now undo the snap of her bra and he slips that off as well. Her full breasts now just inches from him, he moves his hands around to her Tummy and rubs them up until he has one hand on each of her breasts. She moves her body into his hands, She presses hard on his lap now and leans back for him to touch her. His eyes never leaving hers while he gently rubs her breasts, he uses his finger tips to flick her nipples and then pinches them and twists them. he loves to see how this excites her , Her nipples grow hard letting him know that this pleases her. She can't sit still on his lap now, even though she has panties on and he his trousers he can feel the
warmth and moisture between her legs. She moves her hips back and forth with every flick , every tweak of his fingers on her nipples. Her breathing becomes very fast and heavy and he knows she is very close to climaxing.

He takes his hands from her breasts , moves them to her face and pulls her close to him and kisses her. He asks her to stand slowly off his lap now. Him facing her she starts to remove his shirt. Both now standing there ,both bare from the waist up. They embrace feeling each other's skin on one another. she slowly moves away and walks around him all the time her hands brushing his chest, She stands behind him now hands running thru his chest hair and every so often rubbing her fingers over his nipples. He loves it when she plays with his nipples, She can feel the sensations it sends thru his body, and this only heightens her excitement. She presses her breasts to his back and lays her head next to his ear, She tells him just how much she wants him, whispering softly, Her hands find his trousers and she rubs her
fingers over the nice bulge he has inside, she feels him quiver just a bit, She undoes his trousers and lets them fall to the floor, Her hands now gently grasp his enlarged excited cock on the outside of his underwear, she follows its shaft with her finger tips from the bottom to the tip where she stops and rubs her finger over the head, he lets out a groan of delight and his hands find hers, tightening on them.. He takes her hands and brings them up and places kisses on them, Then he turns her around once more, finds the button on her skirt, and lets it fall. His hands now running down her sides to her hips, they move to the inside of her thighs first just touching the insides of her legs, then up to find her panties. He reaches between her legs with his hands just enough so he can run his hands between her legs, He feels her wetness now, his hands pressing a bit harder, and she now groans with pleasure, His hands flow up her tummy to her lips, she can smell her
scent on them and this makes her crazy, she opens her mouth where he can
place two of his fingers in her mouth and she sucks them for just a moment.

He then replaces his fingers with his mouth, gently bits her lip. They now move to the bed, never letting each other go as they lay down. He at first lays on top of her, kissing her deeply, her hands finding their way inside the back of his underwear, grasping his bum and pressing him closer to her body

They move to a more comfortable position, And he removes her panties, she
laying now with her back up against pillows, him laying on his tummy between her legs, She knows what his plans are now, and she prepares herself for pure ecstasy. He starts by suckling her nipples, while one of his hands rubs gently over her already swollen clit, His fingers know just how to please her, his mouth and tongue working on her breasts, his fingers now going lower, he uses two and inserts them inside her, easily they go in, He has made her so wet. When inside he knows just the spot to work on, and finds it quickly, that first touch and she almost screams with delight, His skillful fingers slowly move in and out of her now each time finding that special spot he knows that will drive her to climax. His mouth can tell just how she is enjoying this by the size of her nipples ..He can also feel with every touch of his fingers and tongue the sensations he is sending thru her body, She is finding it hard to keep her composure and he knows this, He now moves his head down to take the place of his fingers. His hot breath and skilful tongue only heightens the feeling that is building up inside her. He now also uses his fingers along with his tongue and knows it wont be long until she climaxes, She reaches and grabs his head, pushing him harder on to her and now is moving her hips with his every move

He hastens his fingers in and out of her faster and his tongue works on her clit. Suddenly a rush goes thru her body and she lets go of his head , clenches the sheets with her fingers, and her body convulses . He doesn't stop until he knows he has engulfed every drop of juice she has produced for him. He moves his body back on to hers, their eyes meet, and she runs her finger over his lips, shiny with the wetness of her, she places his fingers in her mouth one at a time to taste them and he kisses her deeply, The taste of her on him makes  her want him even more now. She can feel his nice hard cock pressing on her and she slips out from under him as he turns and lays on his back .She moves on top of him and their bodies melt together, She loves the feel of his warm chest on her skin, she entwines her legs with his for a moment and looks into his eyes as she kisses him ever so gently, She uses her tongue and licks his lips and bites his lip, She moves to his chin and with small kisses moves down his chest, stopping at each nipple to run her tongue around them. She unwraps her legs from his now and moves her self in between them kissing his belly and slowly running her tongue down to his pubic hairline.

She reaches and grasps his large muscle in her hand, and strokes it with expertise. It feels warm in her hand and she can see little trickles of pre cum on the head, and her tongue licks it away. His body shudders at the thought of her taking his cock in her mouth. but not yet she doesn't, she uses her tongue now and runs it the full length of his cock down one side then the other, stopping at the tip and quickly flicking her tongue inside the head, her tongue now runs down to his balls and she uses it to separate them down the middle and presses it between them and then takes one side in her mouth and rolls it around gently, He cant lay still now and uses his hands to stroke her hair. She knows he wants her to take his cock in her mouth so badly, She looks up at his now pulsating cock, she loves the
magnificence of it, and then places it in her mouth, the tip only at first, flicking and running her tongue around the swollen head. sucks it once , twice then takes a bit more, each time she takes a bit more in using her lips to squeeze it, Her mouth can feel every vein, how she loves his taste, she continues to slowly take him inch by inch until she has all of him, then she hastens her pace, his hands on her head now, helping her to pump him, She can feel his stimulation, every vein pulsating in her mouth. he is now moving his hips in motion with her, with each stroke, He lets out short whimpers now and she knows he is about ready to climax. she now uses one of her hands to gently roll his balls while she engulfs his lovely cock in her mouth, their pace now hastens very quickly and he looks at her and she knows he isready. She takes one last long deep stroke taking him all in and he lets go.

She holds it there so she gets every last drop of his lovely cum. When his orgasm finally subsides only then will she start to take him out of hermouth, as she does she sucks pumping his cock as she comes up his shaft and when she gets to the head she also sucks again. With him now out of her mouth he reaches for her and she moves laying on top of him. His hands holding her head, there eyes looking at each other with complete pleasure, you can see the contentment and love in them, They have that special look, He kisses her deeply now and they continue this for a while. She then lays her head on his chest. she can hear his heart still beating very fast, his hands rubbing her back and bum, They lay still now and relax for a while her head on his chest, his arm around her enjoying one another's touch. He reaches for their drinks , and they both lay there sharing a cigarette, She thinking how wonderful it is to be here with the man she loves so much, how nice it is to feel him next to her, how safe and comfortable he makes her feel, and how she wishes their time together would never end Their drinks now finished he leans his head down to her and lifts her chin to kiss her again, she moves her body up so she can reach him better and his hands now move down her breasts to her tummy and then between her legs, his fingers finding her clit once more, softly rubbing it she can feel herself starting to tremble inside, she knows that now they will share passionate love between them, As he gently rubs her clit and starts to become wet
again, her hand finds his cock, and together they work on each , her hand grasping him and stroking him until she can feel his growth , All the while there lips and tongues never leaving one another's. He inserts two fingers into her vagina now and this makes her passions soar, With his cock now fully enlarged again, she breaks away from his kiss and climbs on top of him, her hand never leaving his cock. She guides him to the now very wet pussy he has produced for her and inserts him into her. His cock slides in easily and is eager to feel him inside her. She slowly sits down on him feeling every inch as he slides inside her until she has taken him all in , She loves how he feels inside her, his length is just enough , she can feel the tip of him hitting the bottom of her love canal, she loves his size, it fills her with delight.

At first she doesn't pump him, she just slowly rocks, back and forth and squeezes his cock inside her. Her hands find his nipples and her fingers take hold of then, pulling them toward her and twisting them. Oh how he loves this, he moves his hands to her hips now and uses them to press her down harder on him, she can feel him contract inside her and she squeezes him harder still. With his hands he now starts to lift her hips and she helps him. slowly she moves upward on his cock then back down again. She never takes her eyes off his, She loves to watch them while she is making love to him, She loves the glisten they get, his facial expressions telling her of his acceptance of what she is doing. Moving him in and out of her at
a slow pace now she can feel him grow even larger . His hands now leave her hips and his thumb finds her clit, with perfect rhythm he rubs her as she pumps him. He knows that by doing this she will start to pump him faster, she lets go of his nipples now, not being able to concentrate on them and leans back so he can gain better access to her clit. Her pumping him now has got much faster , and he knows she is ready to cum, She tells him to rub faster , and he does, That feeling she gets is building up now she can feel it in the pit of her stomach, that tingling sensation now moving to her vaginal area, she cant stand it any more she has to let go, she grabs his hand now and presses his fingers hard on to her clit. and she sits down
hard and still on his cock, Her vaginal muscles contracting in spasms, her body shaking with delight, He doesn't let her relax with him still inside her he turns her on her back with him now on top, he moves her legs onto his shoulders, its his turn to do the work, Not yet has the spasms stopped in her body , she grabs the sheets on the bed, for with him now pumping his cock in her the tingling sensation starts again, He knows that she will cum with him also, He slams himself into her with great force now in and out fast, She is helpless to the feelings she has and all she can do is grasp the sheets. She can hear his breath hastening , she knows he is close to orgasm, she composes her self now and grabs his bum and with each stroke she pulls him into her, she squeezes her vaginal muscles tight on him and he
shudders , They look at each other and now know its time, simultaneously they say " yes" they both climax together this time, There bodies jumping with spasms.

She feels his nice warm cum fill her and he feels hers surrounding him, together their juices flow , He releases her legs now and lays them on the bed next to him , he moves and lays on top of her, there hearts both pumping fast, then eventually slowing, They just lay there for a while relaxing into one another, his arms wrapped around her , hers around him. He slips off her now to her side and puts his head on the pillow next to hers and places one arm under her neck, she moves and snuggles her head in his shoulder and onto her side, wraps one leg and one arm around him and they lay there both now satisfied, having enjoyed each other mentally and physically, so relaxed in one another and drift off to sleep.

I will love you today, tomorrow and always


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