Doing an Old Fart

By Chip
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To start out I guess I should start at the beginning.
I am Tiffany an average looking girl who just graduated from High school and I needed some male companionship if you know what I mean…. In school it was easy to find guys who wanted to date me. I wouldn’t call myself easy but I know what I want, and I am not afraid to go out and get it. This summer it has been hard to find a guy. When I feel the need there is never anyone around because everyone is either on vacation or working. All the workingmen have to go to bed early to get up for work.

I have been trying the personals on the Internet. What a bunch of losers. I get a lot of e-mail asking if I want free moustache rides or, would I like a 12-inch cock rammed up my ass. One day I was looking over the,” men looking for woman” category when I came upon an interesting title. It said, “Man willing to give 18 year old women memories that will last for the rest of their life” I just had to click on this add to see what bullshit this guy promised. His add said he wanted a young girl who he could give memories of sexual pleasures that she would judge all other men by for the rest of her life. He made some big promises and never once talked about how big his dick is. My curiosities got the best of me so I answered his ad.

Obviously I must come to him because I still live with my parents. He is as old as my dad. I begin to wonder if this was a mistake. Anticipation has me wanting to turn and run. Is this old man just a smooth talking nut case? Although if he can deliver what he has been e-mailing. The sex should at least be ok and god knows I need it.

I knocked on the big steel doors and notice my legs starting to actually shake. The door opens and a large man with a salt and pepper beard and long hair opens the door, he looks like he is stuck in the seventies with his long hair and tie-dye shirt. He has a big smile and leans down to put a little kiss on my cheek as he invites me in. As we walk up to his apartment I begin to feel a little more relaxed. The old fart seams to be putting out an aura that has me calming down a bit. We walk in and start to make the typical small talk, did you find the place ok, etc. His apartment is rather cluttered but it is clean. We sit down on the couch and he holds my hand as the talk continues. The old fart should have been a comedian because everything he said made us both laugh. At the first awkward moment he leans over and kisses my lips. Once, twice, and the third time he slid his tongue between my lips just the way I like. His tongue tastes delicious as it flicks past my lips. I am beginning to feel a heat between my thighs as he gets up to fix us a drink. Long island iced tea in a tall glass it is delicious. He asks me to drink it slowly because we don’t want to get buzzed but just knock off any remaining anxiety. I thought it so cute that he asked my permission to touch me before he put his hand on my knee as we kiss again. His other hand feels so nice rubbing up and down my back. This kiss is very passionate and I love the taste of his tongue. His hand goes down and cups my butt cheek and he puts the other hand on my breast at the same time. When we break off the kiss he says we should go over the rules of this affair. No.1 this arrangement is just for sex even though we will probably develop feelings for each other. No.2 Either one of us can break this off at any time for any reason. No.3 He is the dominant one and my job is to satisfy all his needs while we are together. I stop him and tell him I am not comfortable with that and he says that we will build up to that as we get to know each other. He said, “I realize that to trust someone totally without question will take some time to earn that kind of trust”. And we will work on that one. As he is talking his hands run up and down the calf of my leg. I am beginning to feel a little aroused as he is doing this all the wile he is looking deep into my eyes. We kiss again, and again, and again each time more passionately the last one. We are both letting out little moans as our kisses become more passionate. I also have been rubbing him and I can’t decide if his rolls of fat turn me off like they did at first but this man is giving off an aura of sex that is really making me horny. I come out of my daydream as he gets up then picks me up from the couch and then the big man carries me to his bed like I am weightless. I am surprised that instead of laying me on the bed he stands me up.

We kiss again and this time his strong arms feel like steel bands around me as we kiss. His lips go to my ear and he licks my ear lobe then down the side of my neck to my collarbone and suck and licks until my knees become week. His big hands were roaming over my body and I could feel myself getting really wet. Then he moved around behind me. His big hands felt like they are electrically charged because I felt little shocks that made me jump as he moved his hand across my belly.

Those huge hands slowly move up to my breasts and pulled my bra under my tit to gain access. Then he cups my right breast. I have never responded like that from my other lovers. The sensation just got better as he massages my breast but when he finely touches my nipple I let out a gasp. He raked his fingernails round and round over my areola making my nipples harder then they have ever been. I didn’t think anything could be better but when he started tweaking my nipple I could hardly take anymore. He knew instinctively that any more stimulation would begin to hurt so he spun me around and pressed his lips to the underside of my breast. He sucked the sides of my breasts until he knew I could take more then he went for my nipple. This time he used his tongue on my nipple and I became week in the knees. He would suck and lick my nipple just until the sensation started to become overwhelming the he would go back to sucking and licking around the breast. I was going crazy from the sensations his mouth was giving me and I even had a small orgasm. I never knew anyone could cum from just sucking tit.

I want to laugh as he fumbles with the clasp of my bra. We both giggle and he pushes me to the center of the room and says,” OK, you take it off.” I start swaying my hips to imaginary music and start a little strip tease as I reach back and unfasten the clasp. My arms come up and hold the bra to me and I slowly slide one strap off my shoulder. The other strap comes down too and I dance for him with the bra still clutched to my chest. I can’t believe I am doing this for some old man. His face shows he likes what he sees. I turn my back to him and shake my butt side to side then turn to him still bent over with my firm young breasts hanging so to make them look even bigger. I stand straight up and he gasps. He asks me to turn around as he gets up from the bed. Slowly I dance around in a circle and when I face him he is on his knees he pulls me close to him then plants a kiss on my belly. His tongue and lips are working magic on my belly then his tongue goes into my belly button and his big powerful hands work their magic on my butt…. Still on his knees he took a handful of my hair and pulled my face down to his and kissed me again. When we broke the kiss off he gently pushed me back by the hips and asked me to finish undressing.

His face was beaming as I presented him with my naked young body. He motioned for me to spin around, so being a tease I started to do a dirty dance as I slowly spun around and around as sexily as I can. As I came around to face him he startled me as he scooped me up in his big strong arms and carried me to the bed then gently laid me down and leaned over to kiss me again. I was getting very wet and wanted to feel his body on top of me but he kissed his way down my body wile he held my hands down to the bed. He kissed and licked my belly and my breathing became raged. Then he went down further and I was waiting for him to use the, “magic tongue” he wrote me about on my little clitty but as he got near to my Venus mound he licked down the crease of my leg avoiding my pussy and continuing down the inside of my thigh making me shiver. Next he raised my leg and began to tickle my foot, I wiggled around trying to get my foot away from his fingers but his big strong hands held me tight. He stopped tickling my foot and gently kissed the calf of my leg so I began to relax again. Wile raising my leg higher he kissed and licked his way to the back of my knee, then used his tongue to tickle me some more. No one has ever licked the back of my knee before and this was quite a turn on. This sensation was so erotic. This tickling was so different, not the way it feels when someone tickles your sides or feet but in an erotically and sexy way. This sensation had me squirming around on the bed. Not wanting it to stop I let out an involuntary moan, which made him lick even faster. I was almost about to cum when he put two fingers in me on my G spot and I immediately began to orgasm. He kept his fingers moving inside me and the waves of orgasm kept coming stronger with each wave. His fingers stopped moving but stayed inside me as he put his thumb on my clit and rubbed in circles over the little love button. Never had I orgasm so long and the waves of pleasure just kept getting stronger and stronger. I thought he was finished as he pulled his fingers out of me but he liked his fingers and now I felt something new. His ring finger was being pushed into my butt. “No Stop”, I said but he ignored me his two other fingers went in my pussy. I almost immediately started to orgasm again as his fingers hit my G spot again. I never even felt his finger go into my asshole. I have never had someone put anything in my butt and I couldn’t believe how it made my orgasm even more intense. I was screaming,”Oh God, Oh God” and couldn’t believe how intense this orgasm was. When he put his thumb on my clit. My orgasm almost doubled in intensity as he rubbed my clit. The pleasure had me almost leaping of the bed. I didn’t think I could take any more so I screamed,” Stop, Stop.” He just kept it up and wiggled his fingers faster then he leaned over and placed little love bites on my tender belly.
The next thing I know I hear him asking, “Are you OK”? I had lost conchisness’ and when I came too I was lying in a big wet pool of piss. I had passed out from the intense pleasure and peed the bed. He told me he didn’t mind so long as I was ok, then he leaned down and kissed me. He stood up and smiled down at me and told me I am so beautiful. I jumped out of the bed and hugged the big man and he leaned down and kissed me again. “I love you”, sneaked out of my mouth. This seamed to fluster him and he told me he had to get back to work and I could take a shower then leave. He never even fucked me before he left. I guess when I told him I love him I scared the old fart off.

As the warm water washed away the last of the evidence of our lovemaking I realized that I never even saw his body. The old fart never got naked but he had done exactly as he promised. I will always remember how he made love to me. I guess that now I do have something to compare other men by.


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