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Neha was nervous. She did not know why she was doing this her head was spinning and she had butterflies in her stomach. She could hear each and every heartbeat though she was sitting in this cab going to meet a complete stranger whom she had never met. Thoughts ran through her head, why had she agreed to meet him In the first place. Here she was on 29 years old. Wife of a successful business man. Who was from north India but settled in Mumbai. She was beautiful and she knew it. She had a body any man would dream of having, She was filled in the right places, with 36C Breasts, slowly and smoothly curving down to a very small waist and again flaring up to make up her gorgeous Ass which all men around her house, and even her husbands friends would just love to get a feel of.

She was used to men staring at her and sometimes even woman. She could feel them undressing her with their eyes it did get her hot but she had never strayed from her marriage. She was a virgin when she married her husband of six years. He was a good lover or she thought so. But for the last 3 years their sex life was going down the drain. All the success her husband Ravi Agarwal was in business was taking its toll on their marriage. The sex became once in a week affair that was when Ravi was in town. Most of the time he was traveling on business tours. Which left Neha even more frustrated. At 29 she was at the peak of sexual desire and she would get hot just seeing the men trying to see down her blouse or men in shopping malls and store staring at her breasts and ass. She knew that these men who were perhaps married were just dying to squeeze her breasts between their hands or just feel her fleshy ass against their palms. She tried to masturbate but somehow it just failed to satisfy her. She somehow felt she should not be thinking of all this. It was wrong It was just the loneliness that was clouding her thoughts and making her to think only about one topic Sex, sex and more sex.

The cab ran over a pothole and it suddenly brought Neha out from her thoughts. Again she was nervous she was to meet this person whom she had never met before or even seen. Her thoughts ran back to the time when it all started. It was just one of those nights when as usual Ravi was out on his business trip and Neha was all worked up, it was more than two weeks since she had sex and she needed Ravi very badly to satisfy her. But it was another 4 days before he was to return. Masturbation could never satisfy her. It would only frustrate her more. Just then her bedside phone rang and she jumped at the sound and broke the spell.

The voice at the other end was a male voice which was kind of soothing When Neha heard the man at the other end she was gripped by the masculine but Soothing voice at the other end. Maybe it was the result of being oversexed that she was attracted to him so much. But there was something in her head which said that he was a complete stranger. The stranger was saying something about the some Community service she was doing and how much he admired her. Neha kept talking to the man and the somehow wanted to talk to him more. He was praising her for the work she was doing and the kind of people she was helping. Slowly he started to get bolder and started to compliment on how beautiful she was and how he wanted to be with her and to talk to her. Neha knew that she did not even know the name of the person she was talking to but it felt so good and erotic that this stranger found her attractive. Now he got bolder and started to praise her hair and her sense of dressing and how good her body looked in the dress she wore. Neha was too aroused to care that this was a perfect stranger who was praising her body. She felt herself get wet and her body was tingling with desire. He told her how he would like to take her in his arms and caress her and slowly undress her. Neha knew that this was going the wrong way and she should hang up the phone. But she wanted to hear more she was excited that this complete stranger wanted to undress her. She had not spoken for a long time it was him who did all the talking. Her breathing became erratic her hands reached for her crotch. Her panties were soaked in the front and her pussy was dripping. Her hand found her clitoris moving the panties aside and slowly started to play with it as she kept hearing this strangely erotic voice carry on.

He knew he had her cause she did not hang up and he became bolder. He told her how he would take her her dress and her bra to free those magnificent breast and take it in his mouth and suck on them. The Image made Neha to shudder. Her proud breasts whom nobody but her husband had touched before this stranger wanted to suck them. It was too erotic for her. She was furiously working on her dripping pussy and for the first time in her life liking what she was doing to herself.

He told her he would suck on her breast till the white milky skin turned pink with arousal and desire. He would then kiss his way to the navel and lick around her stomach and then move on and remove her panties with his mouth. He would start licking her milky inner thighs and slowly kissing his way to the moist pink pussy lips, He would lick the at the pussy lips and take in the beauty and eat her out. Neha was getting close and she knew she would have an orgasm soon. And she wanted it so bad she did not care if it was somebody she did not know she just wanted a release. The Stranger told her how he would suck on her proud and erect clit and lick on her till she would shudder in orgasm. Neha felt her hand and now she was imagining that her fingers were the strangers tongue which were playing with her clit. It was strangely exciting that the man wanted to eat her as her husband never did it to her. She felt it build deep within her and then waves after waves of pure pleasure hit her and she almost passed out in pure ecstasy.

She regained and picked up the phone which had fallen down in the process. Only to know that the stranger had disconnected the phone. She just lay there here night robe fully open her sensitive nipples hard and poking out. Her pussy dripping and still small contractions running through the length of her pussy. She felt so content and just touching her clit and tits made her have more of the mini orgasms. And she was confused that a complete and total stranger had done it to her without even touching her. She did not want to think anymore about what happened . She was content and slept like a woman who had been satisfied after a long time. Even in sleep she had a small smile on her face…..

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