Grandpa's Trip

By Zipper
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I needed to go into L.A. to check on some business I thought was completed but it wasn't, it being about a three hour trip! I called and made res. at a nice hotel down town I though I mite as well pamper my self as I don't get into town very often.

Business taken care of I checked in an was heading for my room on the 10th floor, as I was about to slide the key into the lock a most beautiful woman, who was about to go into her room across the hall, turned took a look at me, yelled GRANDPA ran over thru her arms around me kissed me hard and said itís good to see you again.

Being about floored at her action I stepped back and said I do have grand children but if I had one as beautiful as you I would have remembered, She only smiled and followed me into my room.

Throwing off her jacket saying oh its been a long trip and my legs are killing me, would you rub my calves for me as she lay down across my bed, being the horny old man that I am I said sure, I began rubbing her ankles and working upward as I got higher she sat up an said let me get rid of this tight uniform dress ( I found out later she was an airline stewardess) she quickly stripped down to her panties and lay back down, I worked on her legs and for about fifteen minutes and looking at the most beautiful ass I think I had ever seen, my cock was about as hard as cole steel, she rolled over and said why donít you call for a bottle of good wine? while I take a hot shower and then come an join me in the shower.

I think I must have been killed on the way into town as this has got to be heaven.
I called for the wine telling them to set it just inside the door, made record time getting out of my clothes, I entered the shower and was greeted warmly as she warped her arms around me and pulled me close, my cock was poking between us, she said my we must do something about that! she kissed her way down my body stopping only at my nipples, after teasing them she drooped on down and took my throbbing member into her mouth, (A man thinks about the perfect blow job all his life, about being sucked off by an artist most of the time as only another man could do it because only another man knows what and where all the sensitive spots are,)

But I am telling you now! never have I been sucked off better than this time, I though my balls were going to be hanging out the end of my pecker. I shot a load of cum into her mouth that I just knew would choke a horse, but to my amusement she took it all and licked me clean, looked up an smiled.

I staggered back onto the bed room, she with a big smile! poured some wine for us both and said Gramps I think you needed that! needed that!? Baby itís been five years since I had a blow job and I haven't even had a chance to jack off in ten days.

She said why donít we go down an have a good supper, a little dancing while you recharge your system and when we return I will show you some new things I learned in the far east.

We got dressed and went on the prowl for good food, dancing and good company, she was a real delight to be with, joking, teasing, sexy, and just fun to be with Calling me Grandpa several times made me feel like maybe I had missed a few years some where.

Arriving back at my room she said excusing her self saying I shall get into something nicer, I also stripped and put on a nice robe as I waited for her, my thoughts ran wild my cock got hard only thinking of how she might look when she came out of the bath room, She came out wearing the most thin, beautiful, garment I have ever seen I was sure it must have been spun by a cast of trained spiders. She turned twirled around danced and sort of put on a show for me, a most erotic thrill went through my whole body.

For the next hour we felt, teased, nibbled, finally laying her back I licked my way up her thighs arriving at the nicest pussy there could be. Men we have all eat pussy but this night, I became the best, I could have spent the rest of my life right there moving my tong up and that clit, the hair was perfect, the lips were perfect, the smell was perfect, the taste was perfect, and as my excitement built I moved up and fondled, sucked, played with the most perfect set of titís that I have ever seen.

At last I had moved up to the point my cock slipped into a very wet, hot cunt and then we began to fuck and fuck this went on much longer than I have ever gone before, she would bring me to a point of no return an at just the right time se would move in a special way and then my level of excitement would wane just enough to back me down, for 45 minutes we fucked this way, at last her having cum, many times she allowed me to cum, and with a loud aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!
I shot another master load of cum into her, I counted eight maybe ten pumps before I finished, being totally spent, I rolled over an as man has done sense time started I fell dead asleep.

At about 9am the next morning I awoke to find her gone, She left a note with $200.00 the note said ď think you Grandpa for the wonderful evening as I have more money than I could ever spend this will cover the evening entertainment. Thank you again GrandpaĒ.

I checked out and headed back home to my dull life, as my wife is gone on, my sex life was just a jack off about twice a week.

But now with the memories of last night I will be jacking most ever day. But I do think it will be a few days before I could even think of getting a hard on.Man what a night and I donít even know her name but she can be my Granddaughter any time she wants!


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