Alone At Last

By Sally
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I am on my way to meet you. Heart racing, my body all a tingle. At last we have managed to steel some time away. Precious moments where no one can find us. I reach our secret place in the woods and as I put the key into the door my hands are shaking and my mouth has gone all dry as I know that behind that door you are waiting for me.

Itís cold outside, as I turn the key and open the door the warmth of the fire that you have lit welcomes me. I can hear the shower water running. As I walk into the bathroom, you have your back to me, your naked body is glistening.

There is an ache in the very core of me, an ache that only you can take away. You have not heard me so I quietly take my clothes off and step into the shower with you. You gasp with pleasure as I softly touch you, running my hands down the full length of your back only stopping at the rise of your buttocks, I then run my hands slowly and gently up your sides.

Your body is all aquiver. No words need to be spoken as we are one in mind and soul. I reach for the soap and lather my hands, then slowly so slowly and as gently as a butterflies kiss, put my soapy hands on your shoulders, your muscles tense with anticipation, down the middle of your back then up the sides now down again to the sides of your legs, your buttocks tense as they wait to be caressed. I slowly run my fingers from the bottom to the top of each cheek, you groan with pleasure. I know without even looking that you are strong and hard, ready for me, no not now, not yet.

I slowly turn you to face me and for a moment lose control as I see the wanting in your half closed eyes and the fullness in your lips. I grab the hair at the back of your head and bring your face down to mine, my teeth nip your bottom lip your body shudders with pleasure. My hands hold your arms at bay as tonight I am the pleasure giver and you the receiver. Just in time I take control of myself and take a step back. There is a deep strong throb in my very core, the erge to satisfy it is so strong that my body trembles, NOW oh please NOW, I want you, strong and hard, deep oh so deep inside of me, NO, NO, not yet just a while longer. I am on the edge of a cliff ready to fall into a world of pleasure.

I take the soap again and lather my hands. I have to control them as all they want to do is go straight to your throbbing manhood. I place them on your shoulders and work my way down your chest to your tummy and all most touching but not quite then up your sides. You toss your head back and your breathing is coming in short gasps. I know that you are ready to explode, down the side of your legs run my hands, shall i go there this time, no not yet, now the insides of your legs, oh how they are shaking. I canít wait a moment longer. Lightly and gently I touch the very tip, slowly circling the top, forming my fingers into a circle I slide them down to the mass of curls at the base, up I come again and just as I am about to slide down again you let out a deep growl and pick me up and run with me to the waiting bed decked in black satin sheets. You lower me down onto the bed and the look in your eyes tells me that now there is no more time for waiting. Your head bends down and you ravage my mouth. While my mind is still spinning you go down to my taunt waiting breasts, nipping, nibbling and sucking. The pleasure that you are giving me sends a throbbing pain to my core and all I want is you deep inside but no, not yet what sweet torture. Your mouth travels on down leaving a trail of fire. Oh yes please, further down, as your tongue slowly slides into me, Iím starting that fall and then you stop, please NOW, fill me, deep so deep and hard, quickly. As your manhood enters my core a kaleidoscope of colours bursts in my head, slowly you move then faster and harder until you lose complete control and again and again I reach heights that I have never known before. You have transported me into a world of pleasure that I had only dreamt about. Gently we come back. You hold me so tight and so close to you. The look of love that is in your eyes reaches my soul.
Words are spoken for the first time as I softly tell you how wonderful and caring you are.



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