Katy - Lady Next Door

By Ian MacL


I was 19 when I first really noticed our neighbour, although I had seen her looking over the garden wall towards me, on several occasions. We had exchanged glances and smiles, even hellos but not really had a conversation. I loved gardening and so did she, although I always thought that she was too smart for a gardener. Always dressed in quality clothes.

One day, she leant over the wall and asked me if I was able to do some odd jobs, repairs etc for her. I knew that her husband had left her for another woman, but he did return occasionally. I needed the money, so agreed. It was the first time that I had really spoken to Katya, she introduced herself to me at this time. She was wearing a lilac twin set cardigan with just three buttons fastened. Her long black hair cascaded forward as she leant over to talk to me and her cardigan hung separately from her chest, as she leant. I could see the top of her breasts, as she was obviously wearing a cut away bra. I had difficulty taking me eyes off of this wondrous sight, as I answered her questions. Eventually, she realised what I was looking at, and straightened her body to its full 5 foot 9 inches. Her hair returned to her shoulders and she looked immaculate once more.

The next few days, I spent working on minor repairs and some decorating for her. The pay was good and we seemed to get on fine. She asked me about my girlfriend and I told her that she as away at college, and that we really had fun when we met up, from time to time. She mentioned that her husband was still visiting but less and less now. He was a diplomat in the Russian Embassy. Katya had been used to living the high life but was now missing these contacts.

A couple of weeks later, I was sat at home when my mobile rang. When I answered, I received a picture – of Katya – asking me to call round urgently. The picture showed her wearing a white blouse and she had a big smile.

I let my parents know I was slipping next door and responded positively to Katya’s message. When I arrived, the front door was open. I walked in and Katya was standing nearby in the large open hallway. “Ah Yon, you haf arrived. Thank you. I haf a big question and need a man’s advice. You are the only real man I know here.”

I was flattered and giggled to myself at her thick accent. She always called me Yon as she could not pronounce her J’s. She clipped other words too. I found it all quite funny although her voice could also be quite sultry.

“Yon. I am out tonight. I must dress right. I am vanting to get, how you say, “laid”. I have managed so far with occasional visits from my husband, but now I cannot continue. My friend has arranged a party and says there will be spare men. I must attract one but am not sure how. I need a man’s advice.”

I was lost for words but managed to stumble out some words like “you look very smart as always and that blouse and skirt are great together.” Katya looked me straight in the eye and said come closer Yon. Please be honest with your friend Katya. Is this going to get me laid?” I stepped much closer and looked her up and down. She was gorgeous and at 36, really fit with a super figure. However, she had dressed conservatively, like a formal dinner party, rather than a “I want to get laid” lady. “Yon first this blouse, I like it very much but is it right for “sexy”?”

I laughed and swallowed before answering. Well Katya, I think it is a gorgeous blouse and could be very sexy indeed. However, you have it buttoned too high for sexy. Also, the cuffs are neat and folded back but for sexy, perhaps they should dangle. As for your skirt, it long, below your knee, but again, the fastenings on the side are almost all fastened. That will make movement difficult.”

Katya considered for a moment and then nodded. “Yon. You are genius. I understand. She waved her hands wildly. I cannot do this for myself. I need you to do these things for me. I have stuck on my nails and painted them. They are not yet dry.” With that she thrust her arms to one side and stuck her chest out in my direction.

I gulped and then took the easy route first. “this is what I mean about your blouse cuffs.” I took the right arm and unbuttoned two of the three buttons holding the cuff. I also unfolded the cuff and let it dangle from the arm. The long cuff dropped away and the single button at the top was now emphasised. The other two buttons dropped away with the cuff. Katya looked at the effect. “Yon, that is amazing. I feel so much sexy already. Please. Now the other.” The left arm was now in front of me. I carried out the same exercise and let the cuff drop naturally. Katya Raised both arms to her head and let the cuffs drop away. “Yes Yon. You are a magician. I can feel myself dancing now and so sexy. The men will all come to me no?”

I gulped again and offered my next advice. “Katya. The blouse has just one button open at the top. This is not good at all. You are wearing a pure white, very expensive looking silk satin blouse and not letting yourself flaunt it. Two more buttons must be unfastened.” Katya looked at her front and then back at me. “You are right Yon. Please do this for me. Again, I hesitatingly reached forward and unbuttoned the first button. Katya paused and looked down before signalling that I should continue. The third of her blouse buttons popped open as it strained against her bust. The next button was placed just below the cleavage line. Katya was a little anxious and asked why it had to be so. I told her that when a man was wishing to be intimate with her, and they were dancing closely, he was likely to want to let his hand side inside her blouse to her bear neck and chest and possibly even her breasts, if the occasion arose. This would allow these things to happen without difficulty.

I was not ready for Katya’s response. “Yon. You show me how this is done please? I need to know it is ok.” I moved very close to her and immediately was overcome by the delicious perfume she was wearing. I held her as though we were dancing and she rested her arms on my shoulders, with her still drying nails outstretched. I slipped my right hand to her chest and ran my finger up to her neck. She squealed with delight. “Yon. I am liking this much. You are a clever man. Please continue.” I had already felt my pecker stir in that first moment but as I slid my hand down her blouse and towards her left breast, I was not ready for what I was about to feel.

My hand slid naturally along to the underside of her bra and as I stroked upwards to the peak, the bra disappeared and my fingers were resting on bare breast. Katya breathed a really deep sigh and drew a huge breath as she straightened against the wall we were near. My fingers had enveloped her nipple in a natural way and involuntarily, seemed to squeeze it until it stood firm and proud. Katya grimaced and also involuntarily, thrust her crotch forward towards my now extremely hard staff. Another deep sigh accompanied the thrust and her breast seemed to follow my hand as I tried to withdraw it. “Yon. I like this very, very much. Is it possible to do the same thing the other side too?” I did not wait and my left hand was inside her silk blouse and fondling her right breast, to make sure that the nipple received at least the same chance of expansion as its mate.

Katya was now writhing and making sure that her breasts were milked before I was able to withdraw them. Her face was flushed and her hair, which was help up on top of her head, had started to let straggly ends drop, with all the writhing.

Katya composed herself briefly before asking about her skirt. Her longish black skirt had fastenings on the left side. I knelt down, with difficulty, and unfastened the button and loop fastenings until I was above the knee. I explained that when Katya moved, her leg just above the knee would be revealed. Her black stocking clad legs were a wonderful sight, I advised her. I could not believe that Katya was such an innocent. I found out much later that she was indeed an innocent.

Katya sat down on a chair nearby and let the skirt drop down to show her leg and a little thigh. “Yon, this is sexy?” She was still unsure. “Katya the higher you go the sexier it becomes, but too high and it is just cheap.” Katya frowned and beckoned me to her side. “Yon. You undo more for me please.” I obeyed without question. This lady was making me really hot, and as she opened herself up to my advice, I was increasingly attracted to her. Un unfastened more of the loops until I could see the deep lace tops of her stockings and one of the suspender fastenings. Katya smiled at me. “Yon, I think you are enjoying this – yes?” I was still kneeling and as I looked up at her deep blue eyes, my staff seemed to grow even more inches in all directions. I was literally bursting out of my jeans. She appeared to me to be a goddess.

“Katya, you look amazing. Your skirt is open enough to stir any man and yet able to protect your dignity. Showing your stocking tops and suspender is a real turn on believe me!” I was now transfixed on her breasts again and saw that her nipples were pushing hard against the soft silk satin of her erotic blouse. I was hooked.

“Yon. If I sit like this next to a man, what will he do?” This was an invitation I could not resist. “Well Katya, if it was me, I would gently rest my hand on your skirt just on the thigh.” I demonstrated what I meant. Then I would slip my hand onto your stocking and caress the inside of your thigh.” As I carried out my desire, Katya, once again, sighed deeply and her breasts pushed forward with her expanding chest. Without talking, I ran my hand up inside her thigh until I reached the stocking top. I touched the suspender fastening and toyed with it in my hand. Then I moved to the bare flesh of her inner thigh and stroked it gently. Katya was visibly shaken and looked like she might orgasm on the spot. “Yon. You haf a way with you. I am not sure a man should do this in public. Look what happens to me. Would a man truly go this far?” “Katya, I know I would and still further if I could.” The words were out before I could stop myself, and my hand, which had rested on her inner thigh, was taken over by a force beyond my control. It moved to the very top of Katya’s thigh and felt not only Katya’s knickers but also the soft down of the edge of pubic hair. My cock nearly exploded and I did not know how Katya would react.

The answer was that she moaned from deep inside and crossed her legs. This trapped my hand against her knickers, and I felt a wetness, as she ground her legs together against my hand. Katya stood up and seemed to sway against the wall. Her legs seemed to be tight together and still grinding together. Her hands were against her head and yet more straggles of loose hair were now dangling. “I think Yon. You haf showed me what is possible tonight. You wish me luck eh?”

I stood up and my six pack stood out like a Unicorn’s horn. “Katya, I think you will be a sensation. I think you should let your hair drop freely. It is so long and beautiful, it is a shame to have it styled and held on top of your head.”

Katya responded in an instant and by releasing a couple of ties, the swirling jet black hair hung freely. Katya shook her head to restore the full freedom of her wild locks. “You like it like this Yon?” Katya was gorgeous, the sexiest and most erotic creature on earth - and I was about to come in my pants. “Truly beautiful Katya. Truly beautiful. You will have a sensational night. Before I go, do you mind if I use your toilet?” Katya looked down at my huge protrusion.

“Yon. I am so sorry. I haf caused you a problem – you vish to vank! Please undo your jeans for me now. I will help you.” I was frozen to the spot for a moment. Katya had twigged that I needed to relieve my problem and was now openly saying I needed a wank and to get my jeans down! She was so straightforward, she had shocked me! “Do it now Yon. Lower your jeans and pants.”

I went on auto pilot for a second and when I regained my composure, I had already dropped my pants and released my weapon from its strain. It stood thick, long and throbbing to attention in front of me. Before I could say or do anything, Katya leant over and took the head into her mouth. She followed up with a huge suction that set the wheels in motion for me to spill my load. Katya drew breath and in one thrust, sent my shaft deep into her throat right up to the hilt. She was an expert!

I began to spurt uncontrollably into Katya’s throat and the sensation was magnificent. I found myself stroking her hair and pushing her head onto my staff, although it made no difference because she was already up to the hilt! Then I let my hands slip along her back, caressing the soft white silk satin of her blouse. This seemed to increase the power of my throbbing member and it continued to shudder all by itself, from its position deep in Katya’s throat.

My hands separated and slipped down the side of her blouse, until they each found a breast to stroke. Knowing that Katya’s bra was open and acted only as a shelf, I knew I would be stroking bare breasts through the blouse. I made a point of pinching her nipples, knowing that they would stand out through the silk, when she finally stood once more.

Katya, was responding to all my hand movements and I could feel her tightening onto my rod. She was emitting deep throaty sounds as my hands explored her torso and breasts. It was then that I noticed that her own left hand had found its way into the long slit I had created in her skirt. I could see that she was in touch with her own sex and this was adding to her control difficulty.

Finally, Katya released me and my urgent need had been satisfied. As she stood, not a drop of her swallowing was to be seen. She had taken the full load without difficulty. She was smiling and with her wild jet black hair, sexy blouse with erect nipples pushing hard through the satin covering and open skirt with her left hand embedded inside, she looked sensational. One thing I have forgotten to mention is that she was wearing 3 inch high black stilettos and this made her almost 6 foot tall. At 6 feet 2 inches, I just shaded her.

“That was fabulous Katya. Thank you so much. I will never forget what you just did. You are a real expert!” Katya smiled at me before speaking. “Yon, I do this for my husband often. Sometimes when we are in a hurry and he had need, I just open and take him in my mouth. I hate to think of a man vanking. It is such a waste. If you ever need vank and I am near, please come to me. Do not waste it. OK?”

I was blown away. She was so matter of fact about it all and yet here was an offer to die for! A beautiful woman swallowing your cock whenever you fancied it! Wow! I blurted out a thank you and had pulled up my pants and jeans and was doing the zip when Katya reached forward to kiss me. “I thank you Yon. I can haf a good night now, thanks to you. I feel very sexy and you taste good.” As she leant forward to kiss my cheek, I deliberately turned to meet her lips full on. Instead of a peck, I pushed my tongue into her mouth and French kissed her with all the power I could muster.

Katya seemed to be surprised at first but very soon joined the coupling and lent her own tongue to the experience. She was delicious and I could feel my sap rising immediately. The unfastened jeans dropped to the floor, as my underpants jutted out again.

My hands had found their way to the rear of Katya’s blouse and I held her close. Her own hands were now around my neck and were digging into my back. We were locked in passion for some time, before Katya broke off the kiss and looked down at my bulging underpants. “Yon - we now both haf big problem. I ask you, will you help me like I helped you? I cannot go out until I haf solved my problem.”

My underpants and jeans were off before she finished. She reached into her skirt and pulled aside her panties. Turning away from me, she bent over the chair she had been sitting on earlier. I pushed her skirt open and used the freed entrance to push myself into her clearly dripping love chamber. Katya yelled out loud in delight and began to push back onto my full and firm staff. Katya was very loud and continually let out expletives and shouted for more, begging to be shafted to the top of her love sanctum.

I held onto her breasts and thrust harder and harder into her. She had been so aroused already that loud shouts to pronounce the arrival of her orgasm soon burst forth and continued for a long, long time. I found myself totally turned on by her language and orgasmic body and held her breasts tightly from behind as I too began to pump another load into this beautiful goddess.

I do not remember how long this continued but it seemed to last forever. Finally, Katya settled and I withdrew my now drooping length from her. She turned to face me, her hair dishevelled, but still looking immaculate otherwise. “Yon – you were magnificent. I haf wonderful orgasm. It still tingles now. Thank you.” Katya kissed me again and this, I thought was my time to go. I reached for my jeans and underpants but Katya got there first. She grabbed them and ran across the hallway laughing.

“Yon – you like me yes – I can tell!” I reddened and said that I though she was the most beautiful sexy woman I had ever met. “That is good Yon. I haf idea. I think you are best lover I get tonight, even if I go search. I love your cock and it loves me. See it already grows again.” She was right, I was becoming aroused again. “How would you like to spend time with me tonight? I haf wine and food but mostly, I want to be fucked by you?” I looked at her across the hall open mouthed. “Katya, that would be fantastic.” “I know these things Yon – see.” She was pointing to my erect member, already ready for action once more.

Within a moment, Katya had unfastened her skirt and stepped out of it. She stood before me in her pure white silk satin blouse – adjusted for sexy appearance – black suspenders and stockings and 3 inch high stilettos. Her pussy was a thick black bush covered only by transparent, sodden panties. She saw me looking at her mound and reached down and removed her panties and threw them to me. “I haf yours, so you can haf mine for souvenir. You smell them – nice?” I did take in the aroma of pure sex and moved towards Katya, who in turn held her arm out for me to take her hand. She led me upstairs to a very tastefully furnished bedroom with a huge bed. I peeled off my tee shirt and stood naked and ready. Katya reached for her blouse buttons, but I stopped her. “No Katya, you really turn me on dressed like this. I want you as you are – for now.” Katya laughed. “This is kinky yes? You like naughty things too?”

I was only nineteen and was not that experienced, so juts laughed and said that her erotic look was just right for now.

We lay together for a moment and explored each other. I soon unfastened just one more blouse button, so I could see, touch and soon suck on those beautiful uncovered breasts. Katya soon cottoned on that the sensual feel of her blouse against my skin was having a dramatic effect on me. In no time, she was letting her blouse sleeves caress my body and particularly my rigid and inflamed pole. “I see why you say I need loose cuffs.” She smiled as they dangled over my staff with every stroke.

I was exploding inside and yet wanted the exploration of each others body to last forever. It was such a loving and erotic time. Considering her naivety in relation to how to dress to look sexy, Katya was an inspiration in lovemaking. Like all young folk, it was always snatched times with girlfriends, not usually in the best of situations. This was an erotic ride of discovery in the hands of an expert.

Katya told me that her husband was older and that she had married young. He had taught her everything but wanted her to himself, so she had been trained to dress well but “non-sexually”. This made everything clearer, as we continued to excite each other.

The first time we properly made love, Katya mounted me and was able to let go of herself fully. She fed me her breasts, as they escaped from their thin silk covering and I could feel her pussy grinding hard against me all the while. In all we shared three orgasms before Katya even attempted to change positions. I was far from being a spent force, as I was totally overwhelmed by everything about this beautiful older woman. Each time we orgasmed, she somehow managed to do something that immediately saw the blood pulse in my veins once again.

The uses for which Katya found for her blouse, were, to say the least highly imaginative and on one occasion caused me to come over it. She just put on again and we made love with it covered in my sex liquids. That seemed to turn Katya on too and she nearly ripped my cock off with her next orgasm.

Later, Katya left the bed to fetch some wine. When she returned, she told me that she had phoned my parents to let them know we were together chatting and drinking wine.

We drank the wine between love sessions and on one occasion tipped the wine over each other and licked it off. The bed got a bit wet but it was already messy anyway. Katya was now oblivious to anything other than satisfying her pent up needs and I was only too pleased to oblige.

We actually continued most of the night before falling asleep in each others arms. I woke alone in the bed next morning. Katya appeared fully dressed and showered, hair immaculate – and loose. She was dressed in a black knee length skirt and lemon cashmere twin set cardigan, buttoned to the top. She told me that she was going out shopping for some sexy clothes and that I could make breakfast before leaving. I felt a bit let down, as no mention of our night of passion was made. I called Katya over and told her that she looked immaculate but that her cardigan could be as sexy as anything she could buy – if she gave it a chance. I demonstrated by reaching for her top button and when I had unbuttoned the first three, Katya had visibly changed.

“Yon, this is good but your touch is making me shiver.” I asked if I should rebutton the cardigan but she just smiled back. “No Yon. Please unbutton one more. This is good.” I did as asked and the fourth button left the opening below Katya’s bust line.
“Now Yon, feel inside. You approve? I am sexy yes?” As my hand slipped inside the soft cardigan, it soon rested on Katya’s bare breast. She was not wearing a bra! “Katya you are indeed a sexy lady and you did this on purpose!” I could see that she meant me to scold her and unbutton her cardigan. Katya responded as Katya knew how and it was just moments later that we were once again on the bed and frantically making love like rabbits whom had been separated by a wire fence for too long!

Katya squealed loudly as her first orgasm consumed her and for the rest of the morning, she continually aroused me and had me again and again. I was sore and was, this time totally spent. I fell asleep and it was dark outside when I awoke.

I got up, showered and dressed before seeking Katya. When I found her, she was laying on the lounge floor wearing a silk button though baby doll nightie and string.
She was reading a magazine and had not noticed me. I sneaked up behind her and we were soon once again making love. My soreness, it seemed, had disappeared. We spent the entire evening making love by the fire and drinking wine. Once again, Katya rang home and said I would be staying the night.

This went on for four days and each time I prepared to leave, Katya would appear in some gorgeously sexy outfit and I would make love to her over and over again. After the fourth day, Katya stopped me when I tried to take her in my arms again. “Yon. This cannot go on. Your parents will be thinking I have kidnapped you. Please go home. However, Yon, I must say that if you would like to return later – with all your clothes and some personal items, then I would like this very much. I understand you haf a girlfriend your own age, and this is right….but if you lie to make love to me when she is away, then this is good for me – and you I think.”

I pushed Katya’s hands aside and took her forcibly in my arms, burying my tongue down her throat. When I eventually stopped, I told her that I was totally in love with her and that I would happily go and pack my bag and move in with her – but only if she loved me. I did not want any girlfriend, I wanted my gorgeous sexy goddess.

Katya began to cry and I was not sure whether this was an end to our brief affair. “Yon, I am so happy. I, too think I haf fallen in love with you. You make me so happy and so randy – I am loving to haf all your love. I did not think a young man like you would haf time for older woman such as me. I am 36 and you just 19. When I am 50 you will be just 33 and when 60, I haf wrinkles and maybe be old hag. What then?”

I just laughed. I had not thought of that! When you are 50 and 60 I will look that too – you wear me out!”

Katya is now 49 and I am almost 33. She looks as sensational today as she did then. Still with a beautiful figure and as highly sexed as ever. We have three children who are a delight but manage to find a lot of time for each other and often manage weekends alone where we spend our time making love continually as Katya dresses to please. Oh – and we still live next door to my parents – the babysitters!



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