Camping Trip

By Amanda Marais
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When I was younger, age 18-19, my friends and I regularly went on a camping trip. We just packed our tents, some clothes, food and all the other stuff we need and took a train to bring us to the Ardennes. The Ardennes is a huge mountain and forest area in Belgium. Usually we would leave on a Saturday morning and stay there for one night returning to be home Sunday evening.

At that time I was together with my boyfriend Tim and everything was going fine between us. The weather forecast predicted a sunny weekend so we decided to go to the Ardennes for the overnight weekend. We also invited Eline and her boyfriend along and two other single guys were joining us. The only problem was that we only had 2 big tents so we had to sleep with 3 people in each tent. We didnít want the couples to sleep apart so we decided that each couple would have one of those single guys in their tent.

On Saturday morning we all stepped on the train with our bags and tents to make our way to the Ardennes, all excited and eager to enjoy the weather. The train trip was a few hours so we played some card games during the trip and had lots of fun telling jokes and juicy stories. Many hours and even more stories later, we arrived at our camping place. Itís a large area where all campers can put their tents up for free. Its also a guarded area for campers with tents only.

The sun was shining and the sky was clear, not a cloud in the sky. Temperature was rising and more and more clothes came off. Eline was already in shorts and a haltertop, so I decided to remove some clothes while we let the guys put the tents. I slipped my haltertop off and revealed my bikini top to the guys. Tim smiled at me and I am pretty sure that all kind of naughty thoughts were running through his mind at that moment. Now I was still wearing my bikini top, a skirt with my bikini pants underneath and a pair of open shoes with a strap so they could easily be kicked off.

Eline and I searched for a nice spot in the sun and laid down to get a little tan till the guys managed to get those tents up. It took them about an hour but they did manage. Now it was our turn, so Eline and I organized everything inside the tent while the four guys went to the river, the Lesse, that was close by to take a refreshing swim. Twenty minutes later, Eline and I joined them in the river.

While we were swimming, Tim couldnít keep his hands off me and kept touching me everywhere while we were teasing and playing in the water. He started to tickle me and thatís something I hate. I am very ticklish so I started screaming cause I couldnít handle all the tickling anymore. Eline and the others were laughing and laughing. Suddenly we tripped and Tim and I disappeared underwater. As an experienced swimmer - I used to swim in competition - I was able to stay under water for quite some time. By now Tim was already back up and searching for me, but I didnít want to give them their fun yet so I stayed under water as long as I could.

After a while I came back up and they were all worried and shit, looking around, searching for me. Now it was my time to laugh at them.

We headed back to the tents to dry ourselves up. The guys came to the conclusion that they had forgotten one thing, alcohol. That was something we couldnít miss on a trip like this so Eline and her boyfriend and the other two guys decided that they were going to the local grocery shop in a city nearby. It was only a 15 minute walk there - and 15 minutes back, off course.

Tim and I stayed behind and we moved into our tent. Tim closed the zipper as I was laying on my back on my sleeping bag. He grinned and I knew what that meant, he was horny as hell and wanted to use this opportunity to make love with me. Of course that was something I would never reject so I opened my arms as he crawled on top of me and we started kissing.

We only had 30 minutes tops so we had to be quick before the others would return. Our kisses became harder and our tongues were probing each otherís mouths deeply. Our lips lightly rubbed as we kissed again, even deeper this time and a soft moan escaped from my wanting lips. I could feel Timís hardened cock pressing against my belly button. He slid his hand under my bikini top and touched my breast. We kissed deeply again as he was touching my growing nipple. His other hand reached behind my back to untie my bikini top. He raised it up and removed it, exposing my breasts and erect nipples to his vision and pleasure.

He lowered his head towards my breasts and I sucked in my breath as his wet lips touched a nipple. I moaned as he sucked my hard nipple into his mouth and teased it by making circles with his tongue around it. He lifted his head and moved to my other breast. As he sucked, waves of passion passed through my wanting body. He slowly moved his body and pressed his hard cock against my bikini pants.

We both moaned as he began to rub his smooth cock up and down between my legs. Passion grows and we kissed again. This time with great urgency and passion, our mouths wide open, tongues thrusting deep. I was getting very wet. He grabbed the edges of my bikini and slipped it off and got naked himself while I grabbed a condom from my bag. After Tim slipped it over his penis he laid back between my legs.

He positioned his hard cock at my slippery wet pussy and slowly, very slowly entered my vagina. We began fucking, in slow motion at first to make my vagina ease to his penis. I moved my hand between us and touched his shaft to feel his slippery cock gently sliding in and out . I touched my clit and rubbed it softly for a moment. Tim started to fuck faster and harder. His cock was pounding hard into me and I was moaning loudly, asking him to fuck me even harder. I am sure if anybody had been close to our tent, they would have heard me.

I could feel his cock head hitting bottom inside me with every stroke he made. Faster and faster he moved until his cum was welling up inside him. My vagina muscles tensed around his shaft which was ready to explode. We both started to cum at the same time. His cum exploded caught by the condom, but I could feel every wave. He collapsed on top of me, exhausted just as I suddenly heard Elineís voice in the distance. Quickly I pushed Tim off me and told him to get dressed. Tim removed the condom from his shaft and gave it to me after I had put my bikini back on so he could put some clothes on too.

I had barely managed to throw the condom inside a plastic bag when I heard the zipper of our tent open and Eline popped her head inside our tent, ďWhy is your tent closed?ď I smiled ď Uhm, we were taking a nap . ď She seemed to accept that explanation and moved to her tent to put away all the alcohol they had bought. Tim and I smiled at each other and kissed one more time before we also headed back out to join the others.

One of those single guys was Dieter. We all knew that he had a secret crush on me. (Although it wasnít very secret since we all knew.) As we were eating our lunch, Tim whispered in my ear to ask if I enjoyed the fact that Dieter was sleeping in our tent tonight. I giggled and nodded to make it clear that I liked that. Tease that I am, I stared at Dieter a few times, enjoying the fact that he blushed every time when I did.
Dieter was with a girl for about 3 years but they recently broke up for a reason we didnít know. Tim was enjoying the way I teased Dieter with my eyes.

For the rest of the day we had some more fun, we went rafting, some more swimming and walking in the forest till we were all exhausted and around 10 pm all six of us took place in front of our tents. Elineís boyfriend got out the alcohol, there was plenty for all of us. Because we were all exhausted from all the fun we had during the day, it didnít took us long to get drunk.

The more drunk we all became, the naughtier the mood was. At one moment, Eline almost flashed her breasts at us all, but her boyfriend managed to calm her down. In the meantime Tim kept saying naughty things to me in my ear about Dieter. About how it would be nice to tease him more and do naughty things in our tent while he was laying there with us. The thought of doing those things turned me on but I didnít want to hurt Dieterís feelings. After all, he had been through a rough time lately.

Around 1 am we decided to go to our tents and sleep, it had been nice and we were all drunk as hell. Our tent was big enough for 3 people, though we couldnít all sleep next to each other so one person had to sleep at the other two peoples feet. Dieter didnít mind and offered to do so. Tim had opened his sleeping bag and had laid in on top of us like a blanket so we could lay together. Dieter didnít bring a sleeping bag along, only a blanket. He had taken off all his clothes and only had his boxers on when he moved under his blanket.

I decided to tease Dieter some more and untied my bikini top. I had pulled it down halfway as he was watching me till I told him to please look away as I had to take it off completely. He did as I asked but I could see him peak a few times as also slipped my skirt off. I moved under the blanket, only wearing my bikini pants which I took off while I was underneath the blanket. Tim was lying next to me in his boxers, which he also removed after getting under the blanket with me. The lights went out and not much later I felt Timís hand moving over my breasts as he moved on top of me and we started to kiss. Tim whispered in my ear that he wanted to tease Dieter some more by giving him a nice show. It was too dark for Dieter to see anything but the sounds would be enough to keep his fantasy rolling.

Thinking about all the naughty things we had done or were going to do had made me wet already. I didnít need any foreplay cause I was already ready for some hard sex. Tim rolled on top of me and slowly slid his thick tool into me easily, without a condom this time. He started to fuck me slowly as I wrapped my legs around him and stuck my nails into his ass to pull him deeper into me. Dieter surely must have heard the sound of my wet pussy being fucked.

Tim began to fuck me harder and I met each of his thrusts with one of my own, almost lifting myself up from the ground. It wasnít the most comfortable place to have sex but I wasnít complaining. I was so excited and so wet. You could hear my juices splash onto Timís ball as he was thrusting all of his cock into me. He got up on his knees and took my legs in his hands while the blanket fell off us.

He rolled my ass up slightly and placed my legs on his shoulders. He took his cock out off my pussy and rubbed it on my clit and slid it back into me. Tim made a good rhythm now and fucked me slow and sure, gradually getting faster and harder. His balls were swaying back and forth, banging against my ass. I started rubbing my clit now and that turned me on even more.

I could feel myself getting ready to cum. Tim placed a hand on top of my hand and helped my rubbing my own pussy. I threw my head back and bit on my lower lip. With my free hand I was playing with my breasts, while furiously massaging my clit with the other. I was moaning as silently as I could but still Dieter must have heard all the sounds.

Tim fucked me hard and fast and covered my mouth when I started to cum to cover my crying out. At that moment steams of cum were exploding inside me as he was having his orgasm too. He milked every ounce of salty cum out of him and shot it into my womb.

Tim rolled back off me and lay next to me. I grabbed some tissue to remove the cum that was dripping back out off my vagina. All of this must have made Dieter hard as a rock. As I kissed Tim it was silent for a few seconds and I could hear Dieter stroking his cock by the sound of his blanket moving up and down. The thought of him stroking turned me on even more, or was it the alcohol? Well either way, I was so excited that I moved both my feet under his blanket and my toes touched his knees. The sound of him stroking stopped but I didnít, and I slid my toes along his legs till my toes touched his hard penis. He had already taken off his boxers.

Dieter laid his hands on my feet and slowly rubbed my feet while I moved them up and down on his hard penis. I tried to be quiet cause I didnít want Tim to notice anything. To make sure that Tim had his mind on other things I asked him to play with my clitoris because I wanted to have a second orgasm and I wanted more. Since Tim just had his orgasm, he couldnít cum again so soon so he had to use his hands and fingers to give me my second.

Tim slipped his hands between my legs and started rubbing my clitoris while my feet were still on Dieterís shaft. Dieter helped me and with his hands he slipped his penis between my two feet so one foot was on each side. While he was holding my feet, he moved them up and down his shaft slowly. Tim didnít know what was going on because he was focused on getting me off again. His finger was making circles on my clit while my feet were rubbing up and down the length of Dieterís cock. His cock was between my feet and I was jacking him off while Tim played with my pussy. He was fingering me with one finger by now.

Dieter released my feet, maybe he was afraid that Tim would notice, but I didnít give up and kept sliding my feet up and down his shaft. I heard Dieter moaning softly but that didnít take long cause I think he grabbed his pillow and placed it on his face to cover his moans. Obviously he was going to cum and he made that very clear to me when I felt his cum running over my toes and my feet. I told Tim it was ok, that I wasnít able to cum again and that he had to save his energy for tomorrow. I blamed it on the alcohol and he accepted that and went to sleep after giving me a few more kisses. This gave me the time to clean off my feet with some tissues (and I can tell you that its not easy to do when you cant even see your own hand in the darkness.

The next morning when I woke up, Tim was already gone. He was taking a dive in the river again. Dieter was still sleeping. He looked so cute as he was sleeping. I put a t-shirt and a thong on together with my skirt and crawled towards him. My lips were inches away from his ears as I gently woke up him whispering ď Did you like it?ď He grinned and nodded to let me know that he loved it. He apologized for making such a mess on my feet but I told him it was all right and that it was all my pleasure. I gave him a kiss on his cheek and headed out off the tent to wake Eline up.

I opened the zipper of their tent and looked inside but they were still sleeping. With a loud scream I woke them all up. It was great fun.

After we all refreshed ourselves, the guys wanted to go mountain biking. But I wasnít in the mood for something like that. All I wanted to do was relax and enjoy the sun and the fresh air. It seemed that I was the only one who didnít want to go so Dieter decided that he was going to stay too so that I didnít have to be alone.

Twenty minutes later everybody had rented a mountain bike and gone on a tour through the woods while I was lying in our tent to catch a little more sleep. Dieter crawled into our tent and lay down next to me and we started talking about all kind of things. From one thing to another we ended up talking about sex and love and Dieter confessed to me that he was in love with me. I made it quite clear that I was with Tim and he understood. But somehow we started kissing. I donít remember how it started or who started but before I knew, our lips were touching and tongues were swirling around.

While we were kissing, Dieter laid his hand on my stomach and slowly slipped it inside my skirt and under my thong. I didnít stop him and his warm hand touched my vagina. A moan escaped from my mouth when his finger slid up between my pussy lips. He found my clitoris and slowly started to move his finger around on my clit. Slowly I became wet while we kept kissing on and on. His tongue was producing a delightful feeling inside my mouth.

When I was wet enough Dieter slipped a finger inside my pussy and started fingering me. With slow strokes he moved his finger in and out and pushed it in again till his knuckles touched my body. From the moment we started kissing, I didnít even think about Tim for one second. Dieter took over my mind and body and I enjoyed every second of it. He slipped a second finger inside me and continued his movement. His lips moved over to my ear and he started sucking on my earlobe.

By now, my legs were open wide and my cunt was soaking wet as Dieterís fingers were sliding in and out faster. I was moaning and breathing heavy as Dieter kissed me all over my neck and face. His fingers slid in harder and faster and he realized that I was going to cum soon. Immediately, he removed his fingers from my pussy, he placed his index finger on my clit and started moving around in circles fast.

This was what I needed to cum and I moaned out louder as my orgasm exploded between my legs. To cover up the moans, Dieter kissed me fully on the lips and kept rubbing my clit till I couldnít take no more. My hips were bucking up and down in that tent as I came hard. After my orgasm was over , he removed his hand from between my legs and smiled, ďThat is to repay you for the pleasure you gave me last night.ď Blushing, I thanked him.

I asked him to not tell Tim about what happened. Even tell it to nobody at all. It had to be our little secret. He promised that he would never talk to anybody about it and still today, I have never heard anything back from somebody so I guess this is the first time that our little secret is brought to the surface.


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