Birthday Party

By Amanda Marais
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A few years ago one of my male friends , Tim was having a birthday party . He turned 18 that day and he wanted to give a big party for that special event . His parents agreed , on two conditions : first , no alcohol . And second they wouldn’t stay at home so Tim had to take care of his guests and clean up the mess alone afterwards . That last condition seemed no problem at all .

I arrived around 9pm , most people were already there . Almost all my classmates were at that party , also a group of boys who turned out to be Tim’s soccer team mates and a few people I did not know . It was an amusing party so far but nothing exciting happened so far . We had some good music , chips and lots of coca cola caused by condition number one . Before we knew it , it was already 1am . Most people started to go home cause some had to be home on time .

Normally I would have been doing the same by now . But at this party I wanted to stay a little longer . Cause what nobody knew was that I had a secret crush on Tim . I knew him since the beginning of high school when I was 13 years old , but I didn’t like him that much at first . He was a quiet person . We ended up in a different class and lost sight of each other . But , almost 5 years later we were in the same class again and I didnt recognize that shy Tim anymore . He was very funny and became an adult and actually I felt in love with him at first sight . After six weeks in the same class and every day I saw him , every time I felt this weird feeling inside my tummy . I tried to get more in contact with Tim at school and we did talk a lot but I don’t think he realized that I had a crush on him .

I looked at the clock , 1.30pm , most people had left the party . Only a small group remaining , the same people I hang around with at school . Me , Tim , Eline ( my best female friend and the only one who knew that I liked Tim ) , were sitting on a 2-persons couch closed together . Suddenly Tim said : “ You know that my parents did not want any alcohol on this party , but I hope I can trust you both ? “ He got up and got this big bottle of Passoa . Off course this was welcomed with the many cheers . The bottle was opened and the glasses were being filled . Some people liked to drink it pure , but I preferred it with some orange juice . “And with the empty bottle we are going to play truth or dare ! “ Carsten said . It didn’t took us long to empty the bottle so the game could begin . “ And remember “ , Carsten said , “ Nothing but the truth and who doesn’t do the dare , is a loser ! “

Because it was Tim’s birthday , he was the first one allowed to spin the bottle . Like always these kind of games start lame , but that didn’t last till the moment that Eline was going to ask a question . The bottle pointed in my direction . “ Truth “ , I said . “ Amanda , how many times do you masturbate ? “ Eline asked with a big smile . Typical , from her you can always expect this kind of questions . I could have seen it coming . Off course we both know about each other that we masturbate and how many time . But Eline clearly wanted to chance the subject into sex and throw it into the group . Ever body was laughing loud after she posed the question but I replied in a calm way : “ Average ? About one or two times a week , but sometimes more . “ Everybody was cheering while I turned the bottle . I was lucky because it ended turning around and pointing towards Tim . “ Truth “ : he said . I smiled : “ Tim , how many girls have you kissed so far ? “ Tim looked me straight into the eyes and said : “ So far , three girls . “ Eline pushed my in my back to make sure I noticed that Tim laid the exclamation on the words ‘so far’ . I slapped on her hand as she giggled . Now it was Tim’s turn to spin the bottle and the coincidence turned out the bottle pointing in my direction now . “ Dare “ : I said . Tim was silent for a few second , thinking about what to ask . He looked around in the group and his sight ended in my direction . He moved closer towards me . Our face only a few inches separated from each other . “ Amanda “ , he whispered : “ do you dare to bring my count on four ? “ Without saying a word I laid my hand in his neck and I felt his hand on my waist I closed my eyes , our lips touched . The feeling of his war lips on mine gave me a shiver that ran through my body . I spread my lips a bit and felt his tongue gliding into my mouth . Our tongues turned around a few second till Tim pulled his lips back . The whole group was breathless while watching us kiss .

From that moment on we didn’t need the bottle anymore . Questions were flying through the room now . Jessy asked me : “ So how many boys did you kiss ? “ I laughed : “ Too many , I lost count ! “ Eline sensed that I wanted to be alone with Tim so she dared Carsten , who happened to be in love with Eline , to ride back home together . That was something she didn’t have to ask him twice so he got up quickly and grabbed Eline by the hand and both walked out the front door , where me and Tim waved them goodnight while they both left with their bicycles . Tim closed the door and turned around towards me . He bent over slightly and kissed me in my neck . “ Oh Tim “ , I whispered in his ear : “ I am in love with you since the beginning of this school year . “ Tim looked at me and ran his fingers through my hair . “ I like you very much too Amanda , you are one of the most beautiful girls I know . “ Completely happy I kissed him again .

Kissing and touching each other we walked back into the living room , where we caught Rick and Jessy and the couch . Well , lets say we only could only see Rick’s legs and his hands on Jessy’s back , who was sitting on top of him . “ On a night like these you can find out a lot about some people “ : I whispered in Tim’s ear . “ Shall we go upstairs ? “ : He whispered back , “ Those two will have some fun on their own , they don’t need us anymore “

We walked upstairs and Tim opened the door of his bedroom . I laid down on the bed and reached my arms towards him . Tim came down to lay on top of me and I caressed his back while we kissed . Tim was wearing a t-shirt and a nice jeans . I pulled his t-shirt out off his jeans and moved my hand under his shirt to feel his bare skin . Tim caressed my cheeks and let his hands run down my body . He caressed my neck , between my breasts and down towards my tummy . I felt his warm hand moving under my sweater and crawling back up . He laid his hand on my left breast . The touch on the fabric of my bra made me moan softly . I pushed Tim softly off me so I could get up . Tim look and me and said : “ Sweet Amanda , I hope you don’t think I just want you for a one night stand , I am not like that . “ I caressed his cheek . “ I think you are a sweet guy , Tim . I am so in love with you . I want to make love with you tonight . ” : I blushed . “ Wait , “ he said , “ my dad has some condoms in his bedroom , I’ll get them . “ He got off the bed and ran out off the bedroom .

“ Shit , “ I thought , “ Condoms , I hadn’t even thought about that , because I was too horny . “ I was lucky he thought about it cause you can never be safe enough . Quickly I slipped a hand down my pants . I felt how wet I was and I can tell you , it was a while ago since I was this wet . I heard Tim walking back into the room and quickly I pulled my hand back out my pants , rubbing them dry on my sweater .

I got up from the bed and walked towards Tim . He was holding a Durex condom . I laid my finger on his lips . Tim kissed it . “ Sit down on the bed “ : I told him . He walked to the bed and sat down . I walked towards him and was standing in front of him now and grabbed his hands and laid them on my sweater , on my breasts . “ Truth or dare ? “ I asked . “ Dare ! “ : Tim replied fast . I smiled at him . “ Do you dare to watch how I pull off my sweater and bra without touching yourself or me ? “ I asked him . “ Well okay , go ahead “ : Tim replied . Again I laid my finger on his lips : “ Ssst , I wasn’t ready with my challenge yet . “ I smiled again : “ Do you dare to watch how I undress myself completely without touching yourself or me ? “ “ And do you dare to let go all the build up lusts inside you after that on me ? “ Tim smiled , almost moaning : “ Yes Amanda . “ His eyes where shining

I let my hands glide over my sweater , caressing my own breasts in front of Tim . I let my hands slip underneath my sweater and start rubbing my breasts . After that I pulled off my sweater and dropped it next to me on the floor . My nipples were very hard and pushed a little through my bra . I closed my eyes and softly pinched my nipples . I caught myself on moaning softly . When I opened my eyes again I saw how Tim was enjoying the show . In his jeans a huge bulge started to grow . I turned around and brought my hands behind my back . Tim watched how I unhooked my black bra and slowly slipped the straps off my shoulders . I held my arms through the straps of my bra and turned around towards Tim I was holding the cups of my bra in front of my breasts and bend over a little to show Tim a nice view on my breasts . His eyes opened wide when I dropped my bra in the floor .

“ You are so beautiful . “ Tim whispered . “ Thanx “ , I am smiled back at him . I placed my foot on the edge of his bed , so that my breasts were just a few inches away from his face . Slowly I opened the straps of my shoe . I knew for sure that on that moment all Tim wanted to do was to grab my breasts and to caress them and kiss them all over , but he controlled himself . I pulled off my shoe and my sock and I did the same with my other shoe . Again I stood up and cupped my breasts with my hands . “ A few minutes patience and these two are all yours “ : I teased him . “ I have got a surprise for you too “ : he said , while watching to the bulge in his jeans .

I let my hand slip into my pants and started rubbing over my thong . I moaned softly I rubbed myself , making it seem that I was fingering myself . At that moment I was sure that Tim wanted to open his jeans to jerk himself off but again he kept control of himself . I was already looking forward to the moment when he was going to release all of his lusts on me . I unbuttoned my pants and unzipped it , and pulled it down . My black thong moved along a little but lucky for me and kept in place just enough for Tim to see nothing . I stepped out off my pants and sat down on my knees on the bed so that my waist was right in front of Tim’s face . He took a deep breath through his nose and he must have smelled my horny juice through my thong . I grabbed his hands and laid them on my ass . He grabbed my ass tight and pulled me against his face . He kissed my thong . I pulled his t-shirt off . Tim had nice shoulders and a flat muscled tummy . I grabbed his head with my hands and kissed him again . Between two kisses I moaned in his ear : “ Go ahead , rip off my thong cause I want you . “ I felt how Tim grabbed my thong with his two hands and with a firm grasp he ripped my thong in pieces . The piece of fabric glided down my body and I was sitting fully naked on my knees with Tim’s head between my legs .

He gave kisses on my vagina which I , luckily for me , shaved before I came to this party . A shiver ran through my body when he moved his tongue over my clitoris . Tim noticed that : “ Did you like that ? “ I let myself fall on the bed and spread my legs , while I pulled the lips of my pussy apart with my hands , making my swollen clit visible to him . “ Go in . “ I almost begged him . After which he with all his lusts , caused by my teasing striptease , started to lick my pussy all over . He licked my clitoris with long slow strokes and sometimes he flicked his tongue faster over my clitoris , almost shaking with his tongue . Sometimes he pushes his tongue inside my pussy and used his fingers to rub over my clit . Also he caressed my breasts and gently pinched my nipples . I moved my hands through his hair and started moaning harder and louder . My whole body started to glow .

Downstairs in the living room Jessy and Rick were also having a good time cause we could hear their moaning sounds upstairs . Tim had left the door of his bedroom open after he got the condoms , so probably they had heard my moans too . I never thought this was going to happen when I was riding on my bike earlier today while riding to this party . At that moment I was looking forward to those three kisses on Tim’s check to felicitate him with his birthday . ” And now I am laying here “ : I thought . Knowing Eline , she was probable making love with Carsten right now . And what was happening between Rick and Jessy , you couldn’t call ‘making love’ anymore cause we could hear the couch bonking on the floor and Jessy and Rick moaning , screaming , even yelling . That was hard sex , real fucking ! Thinking about all these fucking people made me even hornier and Tim kept on licking . I hear Jessy , who wasn’t a virgin since a long time , complain about that boys didn’t know how to give a decent oral job . But I knew Tim was doing a great job on me . “ Ooh yeah , Tim . “ I moaned . And I grabbed his head tight in my hands and closed my legs around his head . “ Lick me , go on “ My body started shaking and a tantalizing tension moved through my head , my hands and my feet , through my whole body at the same time till the tension focused on my vagina . My hips bucked on the bed , my whole body cramped . In the living room downstairs I heard Rick scream with a loud voice : “ Oooh Jessy , I am cumming ! “ On that moment it felt like there was an explosion inside my pussy . I screamed too : “ Aaaaah Tim ! “ All muscles on my body were tensed to the maximum and the explosion inside my pussy cause a glow to cover my body . What a wonderful orgasm .

Tim noticed that I just had an orgasm and stopped licking . This orgasm got my so fucking horny . I gave Tim a tongue kiss and opened his pants . Hurried I pulled his pants off , pulling his black boxers down together . His hard cock jumped out quickly . I took it in my hand and pulled his foreskin back . Slowly I started to jerk him off . “ Go sit on the edge of the bed “ : I whispered . He did as I said and I kneeled in front of him . My head between his spread legs , his hard cock in my hand . Tim’s cock wasn’t very big , I think about 5 inches , but it was nice and thick . When I wrapped my hand around it my fingertips could barely touch each other . Not that I had big hands , but still . I brought my mouth close to his wet dickhead and gently blew against it . Tim laid his hand on my head and ran his fingers through my hair . Meantime he pushed softly against the back of my head , not pushing me , but still he wanted my to take it in my mouth very bad . He deserved that after giving me a wonderful oral licking .

To tease him I looked up and asked him with an innocent voice : “ Is it okay if I give you a blowjob ? “ “ Please !” : he moaned back . And then I closed my lips around the head of his cock and let his cock slip into my mouth and he moaned : “ Ooh yeah Amanda , suck me . “ I let his cock slip outside my mouth again and sucked hard on the tip of his cock . I let it slide back into my mouth and started to rub his balls with my hand . Tim got up from the bed and was standing up now while I stayed on my knees , blowing him fast now . I sucked hard on his cock and let it slip fast inside my mouth . I pinched in his ass . Tim grabbed my head with both his hands . “ Can I fuck your sweet little mouth , Amanda ? “ he moaned . I nodded yes and kept my head in place . Slowly Tim started moving his hips . I felt his thick cock gliding into my mouth . I caressed his tummy , his balls and ran a finger though the crack of his ass . Tim moaned softly when I ran my finger over his asshole after which I slowly slipped the top of my finger inside his ass . “ Oooh Mandy , “ he called me . He never called my that way . I liked it , it was kind of horny , a calling name like that . With his hard thick cock in my mouth I uttered : “ Oooh Timmy . “ And I slipped my whole finger inside his ass , to pull it out again quickly . Tim moaned in pleasure . He stopped fucking my mouth .

Without saying a word I laid down on the bed with my legs wide open . We could sense each other perfectly now . Tim grabbed the condom . He ripped the wrapping open and took out the condom . He placed it on the head of his cock and pulled it down over his shaft . It looked like a gift , a wrapped dick . He laid down between my spread legs and placed his cock against my pussy . I noticed that that it wasn’t placed very well so I grabbed it with my hand . Slowly and carefully I guided the top of his cock into my vagina Tim laid his full sexy body all over me . I looked into his nice brown eyes , still holding his cock . “ Sweet Tim , come inside me and make love to me like you never done before . “ I whispered softly . Tim’s face turned red and he admitted to me : “ This is my first time . “ I let go off his cock and it sled inside my soaking wet pussy We both moaned in pleasure . The feeling of his hard cock inside my pussy . My pussy , which had felt its share of cocks already , was eager to accept Tim’s cock . His cock , that never had entered a pussy before . Tim’s thick cock inside my pussy for the first time . That tight pussy , for the first time around Tim’s cock , an amazing feeling .

Because his cock was so thick I could feel it inside me very well . But cause of all the juices that ran out off my pussy cause of my wetness , his cock could slide easily in and out of my pussy First he applied a slow pace with slow , deep trusts . I ran my nails over his back on each trust he gave me . Tim was resting on his elbows and used his hands to caress my breasts and my cheeks and running his fingers thought my hair . “ I never felt something incredible like this “ : Tim moaned . I moaned back : “ I can feel your thick cock well inside me . “ Suddenly he started trusting me faster . “ I cant hold it much longer , Amanda “ : he blushed . “ Go ahead , cum for me baby , its okay “ : I smiled at him . I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved along on his rhythm . I rubbed my hands over Tim’s chest and his small nipples . “ I am going to cum soon , I am cumming , Amanda “ : He screamed through the house ! “ Shoot it all inside me , fill me with your horny sperm , Timmy “ : I yelled back . I felt how Tim’s body was trembling , he gave me a few deep , hard trusts , on which he yelled : “ Oooh Amanda , I am cumming , I am cumming . “ On that moment I pinched hard in his hard , small nipples and on the last deep trust he filled my wet pussy with his warm hot semen . He collapsed and his whole body was laying on top of me now . He was shaking all over .

Gently moaning he gave me a few more slow and gentle trusts to squeeze all the sperm out of his body before pulling his cock out of my pussy . I grabbed his softening cock in my hand and pulled off his condom . I laid a knot in the condom and looked at the sperm . “ This was fantastic , “ Tim moaned , still breathing heavy I smiled at him and laid next to him as he wrapped his arms around me to cuddle . We both fell asleep in each other arms .


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