Just Turned 19

By John
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This is a true story.

My girlfriend (now wife) had just turned 19, and we had gone out for the night. After super we returned to her house, as we arrived her parents were just getting ready to go to sleep, so we sat in the TV room to watch some TV.

After some time as the rest of the house got quieter and dark we started to kiss, at first this was only closed mouth kissing with her sitting next to me, it was not long how ever before this kissing turned into full blown open mouth French kissing.

Then my girlfriend climbed on top of me so that I was sitting on the couch and she was sitting over my lap. For the rest of the story I must describe what she had on first, she was wearing a full piece dress that went down to just under her knees.

As we continued kissing passionately I was getting more aroused, so I took my hand and put it in under her dress, and started to gently rube her pussy through her panties, after a short while I could feel her panties getting damp around the area of her pussy.

Then she stopped kissing me and stood up removed her panties and climbed back on top of me lent forwarded and whispered into my ear “finger my pussy” before she started to kiss me again.

At this I placed my hand under her dress and gently put 1 finger into a slightly damp pussy, I then started to play all around inside of her pussy moving my finger in and out slowly and then finding her G-Spot I would gently message it, this off cause caused her pussy to become wetter and wetter. When her pussy was really wet, I inserted a seconded finger into her pussy and started to arouse her G-Spot even more. I was hoping that this would bring her to climax, as full-blown sex was out of the question with her parents in the house.

All this fingering must really have aroused her, as she put her hands down and opened my zip and loosened my belt opening up my pants, and then she sat down in front of me taking my rock hard dick out of my under jocks, as she pulled them down just enough to fully reveal my dick, then she gave my dick a few quick hard sucks before climbing back on top of me, guiding my dick into her wet pussy as she did.

Then she leaned back slightly to get a real deep penetration as she thrust hard up and down on my dick, I in turn took hold of her tits and even though they were still covered by her dress, holding them in my hands still turned me on like the times I played with them naked.

She must have been really aroused by now as she leaned forwarded and started to French kiss me by driving the tong deep into my mouth, the a few seconds later with her tong still deep in my mouth and my dick deep in her pussy, she let lose with a few muffled moans as she climaxed, then as she continued to ride my dick I to climaxed as I shot a load of warm cum deep into her pussy.

Then while still slowly moving up and down on my dick, she smiled at me and said that that was the best sex she had had to date, then she got up off of my dick and put her panties back on, while I did up my pants again. After this we sat and chatted for a while, hopping that her parents did not hear us (and if they did they have never said any think about it), before I left for the evening.

I must say that 10 years later this night is still one of the most memorable and best sex I have ever had.



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