The Ring Machine

By Jamie
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I never expected her to finish it, there was no way in my puny mind that she could ever make such a machine. But being the genius that she was, it was only a matter of time. My girlfriend Beth had designed and created a male chastity machine and though she had tested it on animals, I never thought she’d really try it on a human.

But she begged me and promised me a share in the millions that she was sure would come from this invention. So here I was, legs spread wide, my dick & balls were inside the box, and she was waiting to push the button that would remove my genitals. You have to have an erection before I push the button, otherwise I won’t be able to use it. Your dick has to be filled with blood before it’s separated from you. Otherwise I won’t be able to use it afterward. Beth opened her blouse and then unsnapped her bra. Her breasts jiggled free and her pierced nipples and tattoo’s made my manhood come to life.

Then she dropped her shirt and underwear, revealing her shaved mons and lips. That was all it took, Mr. D sprang to life and Beth knew it. A wry smile crossed her face and in an instant, she pushed the button. I felt some odd tingling, a tight constriction, and then I heard a thump. Beth looked at me and I looked at her and she said, “Are you ready to see them?” “Sure I told her.” She was so giddy about it. She lifted the lid, reached in, and pulled out my severed genitals, holding up my hard penis by my PA.

You’ve just been kinetically emasculated through a process which uses rotational kinetic energy and Hyper Physics, along with laptop microprocessors, etc. etc. But I can put them back on you anytime, so you’re not really emasculated. “Not really?” what are those I asked. “They’re you’re dick & balls,” she smiled. I can carry them around and keep them with me until you get home at night. I’ve invented the ultimate chastity device. I’ll sell millions and make millions. We’re going to be millionaires!” “Wow,” is all I could say. “But what about my dick & balls?” “Oh, they’re still alive, don’t worry, I can reattach them, but there’s no need too right now. “I shouted back, what do you mean there’s no need too?” Beth put my dick up to her face and licked it with her tongue. I thought I’d die! I felt her lick it and it was great. I could feel it even though it wasn’t attached to my body. Then she lay back on the bed and started to work it into her vagina. I was sitting on the chair and I could feel it penetrate her.

It was as if I was screwing her myself, but I was sitting in the chair. It was absolutely wild. Then she pulled it out of her and lifted it to her lips, she started to suck it like a Popsicle. Taking it out, she said, “I’ve always wanted to be able to do this, and now I can!” Then she said, “See this ring, it’ll keep them alive and the ring there, pointing to my bare crotch, will allow them to be reattached. The rings can’t be removed without a lot of effort; they won’t fall off accidentally. There’s only one problem, it’ll only work within a ten-mile radius. When we’re out of range from each other, you won’t feel anything, though the ring will keep it alive. I’m sure we’ll be able to increase the range eventually, but ten miles is still pretty good, and with that she took another lick. Soon she was using my penis like a dildo.

I was about ready to come when she stopped. Beth said, “Another great thing about this is that I can pleasure myself whenever I want, even if you’re not around.” “Great,” I said. “But what if you lose it? Or what if someone steals your purse and my penis and balls are in it?” I asked. “I never thought about that, I’ve got to be really careful.” “Please,” is all I could say. “Hey! I’ve got an idea.” She took my dick & balls into the bedroom with her, and when she came out, she was wearing them from a necklace. She had strung the necklace through my PA and my dick and balls were bouncing between her breasts. Then she sat on the bed and started talking to them, saying, “Now you’re mine and I’m going to take care of you.”

About that time I told her that I had to go to the bathroom. Beth looked at me and told me to go ahead. I can’t go without my dick,” I told her. “Yes you can,” she said. “How?” I asked. You just have to sit down like a woman and you’ll urinate through the ring. “No way I told her, that’s too weird, give me my dick back,” I demanded.

“Don’t be so nasty, I might just flush them down the toilet or I might cause you pain.” And with that she squeezed my balls really hard. I doubled over in excruciating pain.

Then it hit me, women are going to be able to control their men with this device, it’s going to change the character of the world. I got up and wobbled into the bath-room, it was sweet relief. There was nothing else to do. The flow came right through the ring, just as she said it would, and I was relieved. It felt funny not having anything between my legs, but there wasn’t any thing that I could do about it, at least not now.

After I came out, she told me she was having some friends over, “alright I replied.” She put a blouse on over my dick & balls and bounced out into the kitchen. I sat down to watch T.V. when all of a sudden I felt someone sucking my dick. I looked around and Beth was sucking it and grinning at the same time. She took it out of her mouth and stuffed it back inside her shirt. Then she said, “That is so cool!”

Don’t you like it? Yes I like it, but it’s weird. That’s when the doorbell rang. Before I could jump up, Beth had reached the door and opened it. It was her sister and her girlfriend. Beth invited them in and her girlfriend Holly asked her what the big surprise was. Beth just pulled out my dick and balls from her blouse and they all started giggling. Her sister Connie finally asked her, what’s so special about a dildo? Beth said, “Feel it.” So both Connie and Holly felt and squeezed my dick and my balls. “Well,” Connie said, “They’re pretty life like, but I’ve got a bigger one!”

They all started giggling. I pretended not to pay attention, I was embarrassed, but there was nothing I could do. Finally Beth told them, “This is a very very special dildo.” Unbeknown to me she started to suck it and I couldn’t contain myself. “Stop it Beth, I’m going to come.” Connie and Holly didn’t know what to say, they were dumbfounded.

Then Beth said, “Show them or I’m going to squeeze your balls again.” “All right, all right,” I told her. I stood up in front of them and dropped my drawers. The girls all laughed and Holly blurted out, “Where’s your dick and balls?” Beth replied, “I’ve got them?” “Oh my gosh Beth, you castrated your lover? What were you thinking?” “Relax,” it still works. He can still get excited. Beth stuck my whole dick in her mouth and pulled it out slowly. I doubled over in ecstasy.

Beth explained to them what she had invented and Connie couldn’t believe it. “Let me get this straight. You invented a machine that can remove a man’s manhood and keep it alive, plus you can keep it with you, and use it like a dildo?” “Yep,” was all Beth could say. “Every woman in the world is going to want one,” Holly shouted out. And you can reattach it if you want too?” “Absolutely,” Beth replied. “Wow!” Connie said numbly. “Beth, there are a lot of ethical questions that are already rolling through my head.” For example, “Is it right for a woman to exert such power over a man? What’s to stop a woman from using it as a weapon to get what she wants? What if a woman loses her husbands genitals? Is it wrong for women to exchange or borrow another woman’s dick for a change of pace? I mean, it looked like a dildo to me, but it’s so much more. I can see women huddling around the break table exchanging each others dicks. “Wow Connie,” you think too much. But you’re right, there are a lot of ethical questions that will come up. “Holly then asked Beth,” how would you feel if I used your dick?” pointing to my dick around Beth’s neck. “It’s not like I’m going out with him or stealing him? I’m just borrowing his or your instrument.” “Women should be able to do that, shouldn’t they?” “Well, I guess so.” But I don’t want you taking it home with you. All right, “Can I use it here?” “Holly!” Connie yelled. “I should be first,” I’m her sister. Beth took my dick and balls off of her neck and without even asking me, she handed them to Connie. Then she said to me, “Jim, Connie’s going to pleasure herself, you’d better not come too quickly or she might punish you.” “Now wait,” I said. “Isn’t it the same as me going in there with her and making love to her?” Beth and Holly both looked at me and said, “No.” “It’s purely sexual!” they both said and laughed.

This should be something to watch. “Connie you go in there and Jim, Holly, and I will sit out here. So the three of us sat in the living room and Connie went into the bedroom. A few minutes later I started to sense that my dick was being licked, then sucked, then rubbed against her cunt, at least that’s what it felt like. It was hard to be separated from my dick and know what was going on.

Then I definitely knew that she was sucking it again. I was moaning and bucking and reaching for Beth. But she wouldn’t let me touch her. Then Connie must have pushed my rod into her hole and was pushing it in and out. I stood up and holding onto the back of the couch, started rocking back and forth as if my dick was going in and out of her. Beth & Holly couldn’t believe it. Then Connie moaned again and I was close to coming. I didn’t think I could take much more, it was wonderful. That’s when Connie must have gone wild. I could feel my dick being forced harder and harder into her cunt, then she exploded into a enormous orgasm.

She was so loud that Beth thought she was in pain. Running into the bedroom she watched as Connie slowly recovered. “Are you all right Connie,” Beth asked. “More then all right, I really really needed that. I haven’t had sex in at least three years. Whew!” Connie laid back on the bed and I heard Beth say, “Where’s Jim’s dick and balls? “I don’t know Beth,” aren’t they on the bed? “No,” they’re not on the bed. “Oh my gosh, we’re are they?” Holly blurted out. Then Beth called me, “Can you tell where your dick is at?” “All I know is that they’re warm.” Connie got up and started to walk around when all of a sudden she said, “They’re up in my vag Beth. Can you pull them out?” she asked. “I don’t want to reach up your cunt, can’t you do it?” Beth replied. “I can’t believe you shoved his whole package, balls and all up that thing!” Holly stated. “I can’t either, but I did,” Connie replied. I got off the couch and walked into the bedroom, there I watched Connie pull my dick and balls out of her huge socket. “Can I please have them back?” I asked. “Not yet,” Holly replied. “I haven’t had my turn. And its still rock solid.” Beth looked at me with asking eyes and I said, “Oh all right.” I never thought much of Holly. She was chubby and short, with huge breasts that I somehow didn’t find appealing. But if it was all right with Beth, then it was all right with me. “I’m going to wash it off good before I use it. Connie’s got it all slopped up.” Holly must have run cold water over it, I squealed, “It’s cold, it’s cold Holly and I ran into the bathroom to stop her. But she apologized and ran warm soapy water over it, washing it with her hands. My knees buckled and I dropped to the floor. Holly said, “Did you feel all of that?” “Yes,” I felt it.

“That’s just incredible. Hold this for a minute,” she said. And she handed me my dick and balls. It was the weirdest thing I’d ever done. Holding your dick and balls in your hand is beyond comprehension. In a flash Holly took them from me and wandered into the bedroom.

That’s when I heard her ask Beth, “Should I use protection Beth? And will it go soft after he ejaculates?” Beth replied, “Yes you should use protection. He’s got one load in his balls, but I don’t think he’ll be able to pump you full of semen. His ejaculatory device is up inside of his body. But no sense in taking chances. As to your other question, “No, he won’t go soft, he can’t, there’s no place for the blood to go, which is another great benefit of my device. No man will ever go soft on a woman ever again!” They all laughed. Then Holly said to Beth & Connie, “Could you please give me some privacy?” “Sure,” Beth said, pulling me up by my arm and helping me to stand. “We’ll be in the kitchen. I got some wine and was pouring it when I felt my dick being squeezed and kissed. I almost spilt my wine, and then grabbed a chair to sit in.

Holly seemed to savor my dick, she was slow and methodical. She took her time. It felt as if she was rubbing the tip of my dick over her clit and then into her pussy or it might have been one of her nipples. That’s when Beth said to me, “What’s she doing with your dick Jim?” “I’m not sure,” I replied. “But she’s taking her time…!, oh, oh, I blubbered.” “She screwing me, I’m sure of it,” I told Beth. “It feels good doesn’t it, Jim!” “Oh yes, yes!” That’s when Holly started moaning and screaming, in a few minutes she stopped, and I lay on the couch exhausted. But I still hadn’t come. Holly walked out with half her clothes on. “Whew,” she said. Looking at Beth, “Are you sure I can’t take this with me, it’s so life like.” The girls all giggled, but Beth told her no. Then Beth asked me, “Did you come Jim?” “No, I didn’t,” thinking that that was what she wanted to hear. “Well, let’s see if we can get him to come.

I have to find out, the press will want to know,” Beth told the girls. And with that they started to secretly plan how they’d get me to come. Then they asked me what it would take and I told them. “I need visuals. Men get excited by what they see.” “He’s right girls, that’s why porn is a billion dollar industry.” Then they all huddled together and whispered. All of a sudden naked women surrounded me. Beth got in the reclining chair across from me and spread her legs. Then she reclined and opened her mouth. Connie walked over to her and taking my dick & balls, she dipped them into Beth’s mouth, then she pulled my dick out and Beth held my PA in her mouth. Then she released it and stuck her tongue out to lick it, and lick it she did. I completely lost it and spurted jism all over her face. Connie quickly held it up straight and watched me finish my load. The sight of it running down over her hand was even more exciting and I pushed out two more squirts. The girls all clapped and Beth said, “Help me clean up!” What should I do with his dick & balls,” Connie asked. “Beth replied, “Oh put them in the dish washer.” “No!” I yelled out. That water gets scolding hot. “I’ll wash it up, hand it to me,” Holly said. So she took it into the kitchen and I watched her wash my cock & balls. Then a smirk came across her face and she said, “Hey girls, I’m hanging it up to dry!” And she hung my dick up by the PA ring on the hooks meant for the pots and pans. It was a really odd sight.

“Can I please have my dick back?” I asked Beth. “All right!” she said, and then she went to the kitchen and brought it to me. “Here,” and she handed it to me. The girls all watched as I took it from her. “Put it on,” Connie urged. “I put my dick & balls between my legs and then propped it up with my legs, but it fell over. The girls all laughed but I was mortified. “Beth, please,” I begged. “One more test!” Beth sat down across from me, showed me her breasts, and then took my penis and balls in her hands, lifting them to her face. Then she sat on my lap, straddling me. She bent towards me to kiss me and at the last second put my penis between our lips. I kissed my own dick. Instinctively I turned my head, trying to get away from it, but Beth said, “I’m surprised Jim. Don’t you want to suck your own dick? Isn’t that the dream of every man?” Then Connie & Holly started cheering me on, “Suck your dick, suck your dick, suck your dick!” Beth took it and brought it close to my face, she slowly slurped it in and pulled it out with a smacking sound. I could hardly contain myself. Then she slipped it into her cunt and my eyes rolled back in my head from the pleasure, that’s when I felt it being showed into my mouth. It did feel good, but I couldn’t do it. I spit it out and begged Beth to reattach it. So she relented and got the box that housed the microprocessors and other stuff that I can’t begin to describe. She attached the ring that held my dick & balls together inside the box and then put it in place near the ring on my crotch. She shut the lid and said, “Stay still!” and then she flipped the switch. Again I felt the odd tingling and a slight pain, but then it was over. Beth lifted the lid, pulled out the panel that held things together and backed my dick & balls away from the box. Then she said, “Stand up!” So I stood up and my dick & balls were back were they had always been. “Is it all right?” she asked. It feels sore?” I told her.

It could be from reconnecting it or it could be from all the use that it got while it was disconnected from you. Then Holly screamed, “Look!” she said. “It’s wilting!” My hard-on was going down. Beth said, “That’s a good sign, the bloods circulating, but can you get another erection?” “I don’t know if I feel up to it?” I told her. “It’s just a test, don’t be a baby.” Connie, “Want to see if you can start his engine?” Beth asked. “Sure!” she replied. And with that, Connie walked over to me, grabbed my balls and licked the tip of my penis. In an instant, my dick was standing tall again, and the girls all clapped. “Beth, your machine works like a charm,” Holly stated. “How soon do you think it will take to get it to market?” “I don’t know Holly,” Beth replied. “But when the press gets a demonstration of it, I think it could be manufactured in a year or so. Just think, by this time next year, women everywhere will be buying them. In a few years, men across America & the world will at the mercy of their wives & girl fiends. They want sex and women if there smart, won’t give it to them until they submit their cocks & balls to them. Yes, in a few years the world will be a better and sexually secure place.” They all laughed but me.



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