Going Crazy

By terrysean
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I had arrived earlier in the day and we met for the first time late that afternoon. I guess we were both a bit apprehensive, not knowing what was really going to happen, and also excited at the prospect. You looked great with your hair in a clasp at the back of your head and that beautiful smile that sort of encompassed your whole face not knowing which was more happier, your smiling mouth or your eyes.

We embraced, hugging each other and just a peck hello and then we looked at each other as we moved our mouths closer together and our lips met, our mouths opening simultaneously, and our tongues being pushed into each others’ mouth, making contact briefly and then licking and tickling each others’ lips, as we sucked on each others lips. The sensitive nervous systems in both our bodies got awakened as we enjoyed the sensations developing in each of us. We continued with the French kiss, letting our lips slide across each other and letting our tongues mingle and dance as I sucked first on your top lip and then on the bottom lip. My arms were running up and down your back feeling your spine through your clothes and then slipping underneath your top and feeling the very smooth skin as I delicately tickled your back and continued with the kiss.

It was not long before we realized that we were both becoming aroused as our breathing accelerated, and we increased the body contact between ourselves, as if the more the contact, the greater the sensations would become. I let my mouth slide off yours as I moved to your neck and kissed you slowly and softly along your neck, sucking lightly at the soft skin and moving my mouth closer to your earlobe, which I sucked on gently. I could feel you getting goose bumps along your back and you squirmed in my arms as you gasped for breath getting more and more excited. I moved to your other earlobe and sucked on it softly. You felt you were being treated unfairly and now it was my turn as you kissed me on the ear pushing your tongue into my ear and breathing so loudly in my ear in a sort of sexy way that it turned me on so, I was having problems staying in control. You whispered softly in my ear:” I want you to make love to me!” I merely nodded my head and said “Mmmm…..”

My hands moved around to the front and cupped a breast in each hand feeling them through the bra material as the nipples hardened and got rubbed softly between my thumb and index finger. You gasped for breath and it was as if a switch had been switched on and an electronic message had been sent to your pussy as I squeezed each nipple gently. I then slipped your breasts out of the bra and let my hand hold them still teasing the nipples as you let your hands slip into my shirt and also teased my nipples and we kissed each other on the mouth as we did this exploring, and really raised our arousal levels to an ultimate high.

We were breathless as we groped each others’ bodies and I let my hand slip into your slacks and slide down the front of your panty, feeling the soft, smooth, satiny texture of the material and then the pubic hairs beneath it as I approached your pussy and felt the wetness in the fabric, letting my hand return to the top and slide inside the panty, going down and feeling the wetness of your pussy lips and rubbing your clitoris softly feeling it stand proud and swollen as your breathing got more erratic. I felt your legs open slightly and let my middle finger enter you slowly while my thumb continued the stimulation of your clitoris. I continued this stimulation hearing soft whimpers of pleasure and moans of delight in between the gasps for breath. The orgasm was fast approaching and every now and then a flutter and spasm of the taste of what was to come teased your body, in anticipation of the big one, now overdue in a big way. We were still kissing when you broke away and gasped for breath, whispering “I am going to come oh please do not stop, oh I am coming…” then there was a massive arching of your body pushing your pussy forward to increase contact and you were trembling as the sensations raced through your body and you stopped breathing at the pinnacle of the climax and then gasped for breath as it abated, albeit slowly as I was still rubbing your clitoris.

The orgasm had hardly retreated then you were having a second one, and pulled me down onto the bed as you lost control and squeezed my hand hard between your legs, gasping for breath and clamping my hand and fingers inside you as you enjoyed the pleasure racing through your body not wanting it to stop at all. Then you started loosening my belt and pants letting your hand go into my undies and pulled my very erect penis out rubbing and jerking on it as you did. The penis head was wet with its state of arousal and you rubbed it feeling it around its rim, pulling on the foreskin and pushing it back, touching it all over and driving me crazy as I pulled my pants off, and held you tightly. Then I slowly started undressing you while you assisted moving your bum and hips as I slipped the slacks and very wet panty off, then the top and bra.

I slid down and lifted your legs, letting them rest on my shoulders as I lowered my mouth towards your pussy and kissed it softly, sucking and pulling at the lips as well as the clitoris. My tongue licked and tickled the clitoris slowly and softly then my lips pulled at it and I sucked, hearing the smacking sound as the sucking got released and it sounded so erotic, it drove us even further to levels of arousal not felt before. I continued doing this and felt the reaction in you as the sensations started again and soon you had a massive orgasm causing you to scream with the pleasure it gave you, your hands behind my head pushing me down into your pussy, again stopping your breathing and then gasping for breathe as the orgasm subsided. I pulled my mouth away and lifted your bum and hips and guided my penis between your legs, not even waiting for your orgasm to fully subside as I rubbed the head of my penis against your very wet and swollen clitoris, before it entered you slowly, sliding smoothly and slowly its full length into your tight pussy. When it was fully inside, I just lay there and then slowly started withdrawing and re-entering, feeling this beautiful smooth, wet and warm touch of your pussy on my penis, loving it so and wanting it to stay like that forever. I could feel you were excited and wanted to orgasm with me inside you as your hips started their own rhythm and soon we were both close to coming and then we both came at the same time with me feeling the semen racing in my body and traveling the length of my penis squirting deep inside you, as you convulsed and contorted your body from the orgasm. Your hips continued their ride as we gasped for breath and then we lay still next to each other with me still inside you, feeling the occasional twitch and spasm as you felt the orgasm fade away. I was still sort of semi-erect, and slowly moving my penis inside you, and then the sensations were there for you again as you came again and grabbed onto me not wanting to ever let go, holding me so tight as if the clasping of me onto you and making us one would extend the length of the orgasm and lengthen the sensations traveling inside your body as your pussy clenched my penis inside you.

We lay in each others’ arms getting our breath back and returning to normal as I rubbed your back softly with my fingers tracing an imaginary line from the cleft of your bum cheeks up along your spine, across your back from one side to the other and then across the shoulder blades, feeling goose bumps on your skin and feeling you squirm a little from the tickling sensation and then you whispered to me: “That was so beautiful, when can we do it again? I love your hand down my front more than my back.” You withdrew from me and lay on your back. My hand moved to your thighs and you spread your legs, bending your legs at the knee and my mouth moved to your nipple, putting it in my mouth and sucking on it while my hand moved from your thighs to between your legs feeling the soft skin on the inside of your thigh and then coming up to your wet pussy, dripping your pussy juices and my semen onto the sheet as my fingers stroked your swollen pussy lips, tracing a line from the bottom to your clit and then drawing circles around the clit as it protruded swelling itself as if wanting even more attention.

Your breathing told me what your state of arousal was a I heard you open your mouth and start breathing faster in between the whimpers of pleasure again and then you turned your head and pushed your mouth against my arm as your right hand held your right breast, massaging it and squeezing the nipple, while I sucked the other, and your left hand fondled my semi-erect penis, quickly re-energising itself. Your mouth was drooling on my arm as you gasped for breath and then you were coming as your body contorted and you pushed your hips against my fingers wanting them inside you as they slid all the way and I felt your pussy clench them and then gradually relax as you gasped for breath saying in between the gasps:” You are driving me crazy and I love it so…….”



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