Afternoon Swim

By terrysean
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It was a hot summers afternoon and we had had lunch and swam in the pool to cool off and had a fair share of beer when we went to lie down in the bedroom. I was lying with no clothes on when you came out of the bathroom naked, and lay down on the bed smiling at me as you brought your mouth close to mine and started kissing me, sucking on my lips and letting your tongue swirl around in my mouth, as I tasted the toothpaste from just having brushed your teeth. I could feel the sensations starting in my body as your arms went around me and you tickled my back and my hands went to your breasts feeling the nipples and squeezing them gently between my thumb and index finger.

We continued the kissing while my one hand stayed on your breast and the other slid down your back feeling your bum cheeks and tickling the cleft between your cheeks, moving round to the front and feeling your pubic hairs still slightly damp from the swim, and then traced your pussy lips as you opened your legs slightly letting my fingers get access, and then feeling the warm wetness of the pussy juices as your pussy lips opened, and I let my finger push gently on your clitoris, feeling it standing proud and swollen, wanting to get attention. I continued teasing your clitoris as I rubbed it slowly up and down and pulled on it gently to the side, sliding my fingers along your pussy lips and wetting them as I slowly inserted at first one and then two inside, letting it go as far as I could then pulling them out slowly. In between the fingering I let my fingers play with your clitoris until the excitement and the sensations were too much to ignore and you came with your mouth pulling away from mine in the kiss and gasping for air as the orgasm took control contorting and convulsing your body as you pushed down on my hand onto your pussy.

I had stopped fingering you and then slowly started again, sliding my very wet fingers around your pussy lips and feeling the wet juices flowing out from the orgasm and then your hips started gyrating and generating a rhythm of their own as the second orgasm approached and I felt my hand being clamped between your legs as the orgasm reached its peak and your breathing got quite erratic from the stimulation. I kissed you on your nipples and let my mouth drift down to your navel kissing you there and sucking on it and then moving to your pussy, kissing it softly and sucking on your clitoris, and letting my tongue play in between your pussy lips, and pulling softly on your lips and then sucking on them while my tongue tickled your clitoris slowly, very slowly. It was not long before I felt the body movements and you were losing control as the orgasm took over and you arched your back letting your pussy push forward into my mouth and I kissed it, sucking on the juices and feeling the clitoris hard and swollen.

You sat up and kissed me on the mouth and then pushed me down, rubbing your breasts against my chest and then moving your mouth to my nipples kissing and sucking on them in turn, as you lowered your mouth to my erect penis, putting it into your mouth and sucking and licking the head as your tongue twirled around touching the rim and feeling the very sensitive underside of the head where it joined onto the shaft, then your mouth was moving along its length licking it and sucking softly on each ball, then you moved back to the penis sliding your mouth over it as you lowered your mouth on it letting it go deep into your mouth, and then you let it slip out slowly with your tongue really making me reach close to coming, then your hands moved onto the shaft and you stroked it slowly, taking it in your hand and guiding it inside your pussy as you straddled me, lowering your hips and taking my penis deep inside you, as you leant forward and moved your hips. I felt your breasts brush against me and then I was pushing my hips forward to meet yours coming down. I knew I would not last long and then the sensations started racing in my body centering around my balls and my penis as I felt the semen traveling down the shaft of my penis and shooting inside you. I let out a moan of pleasure as this happened and tried to prolong the orgasm as long as possible, and then I heard and felt you orgasm as you gasped for breathe and held onto me as the sensations enveloped your body and then you lay on top of me, holding on as the sensations subsided.

We felt weak and spent, tired and so at ease, with a sort of serene feeling of happiness and contentment as we savoured the love making, and with my penis still semi-erect and inside you, I let you move to the side and we faced each other and started kissing each other. The kiss was slow and quiet with the tongues moving slowly and touching tickling and teasing each other. I started moving my hips slowly, and put my hand down onto your clitoris and with my semi-erect penis getting slightly harder, and my index finger on your clit, I felt you respond as the next orgasm started its response to the stimulation. It was not long before my penis and my hand were being clenched in between your legs as you came, letting out a whimper of pleasure as the feelings grew into a strong force of pleasing sensations and then we were lying holding onto each other as if we were able to extend the orgasm through the touching and contact of our bodies.

We lay there quietly and eventually fell asleep, our bodies wrapped against each other initially, then you turning your back to me and we assumed a spoon position with my soft penis nicely housed in between your bum cheeks, my arm over your chest holding a breast in my hand.



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