Do Not Stop

By terrysean
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You were lying on your side with just a flimsy pyjama top on and my hand had started tickling your back and running up and down your spine, every now and again slipping to your side and going close to your breast, just brushing past it. Then it made contact with your skin, the tickling sensation now more pronounced and you squirmed a little and moaned softly as my hand went up and down, feeling the cleft between your bum cheeks, rubbing each cheek and then going right up to your neck. I leaned forward and kissed the back of your neck, letting my tongue slowly lick and suck against the skin. I could hear your breathing become faster and let my mouth move to the side of your neck, feeling your body react with goose bumps as my hands continued their teasing motion all over your back and moved to the front, running up past your navel and coming from below the breast applying pressure as they pushed your breasts up and then covered each one applying pressure again and cupping each nicely, feeling the nipple get aroused and stranding proud as each nipple got pinched at firstly gently then slightly harder.

This pinching effect had the response as if an electric signal had been sent in the form of waves of pleasure down to your pussy, and there was a response as you pushed your breasts forward into my hand increasing the contact and demanding more squeezing and pinching of the nipple. I obliged as you opened your mouth and gasped for breathe, your breathing more rapid and accelerated as your hand went down to your pussy and you turned onto your back, spreading your legs and exposing your pussy, now a glistening wetness very evident as your finger traced a line along your pussy lips, then touched your clitoris, circling it and letting it get wet as you pushed it out from its hood standing proud and waiting for more attention.

I released one hand from your breast and moved it down to your pussy taking over from you as my fingers wet themselves and rubbed slowly against your pussy then just entering the tip inside and withdrawing and moving it to your clitoris. The stimulation continued as you gasped and let out a soft moan asking me to not let you come to quickly. I withdrew my hand from your clit and let two fingers enter you feeling the wetness run out down the inside of your thigh you were so aroused already. The two fingers went in deep and then I pulled them out slowly, moving my whole body down and letting my mouth cover your pussy as I started to suck on your clitoris.

It felt so warm and wet and as I sucked, my tongue would make darting movements, the rough side, licking the clitoris and then the smooth underside running across it. This, together with the erotic sounds of the smacking and sucking of the wet kisses as I sucked on your pussy must have increased the arousal to an even higher level. You were in the stage of close to orgasm as you pulled your flimsy top off and let your hands cup your breasts as you squeezed and pinched your nipples as there were insufficient hands to give all your body attention. The moans of pleasure were getting louder and I withdrew my mouth from your pussy kissing and licking you on the inside of your thigh, letting my tongue go right down your leg, sucking the soft skin behind your knee, and then lifting your lower leg and letting my tongue lick and kiss your ankle moving onto the instep of your foot and then started slowly sucking each toe in turn.

There was a muffled cry of “no” when I moved my mouth away from your pussy and you instinctively let your hand drift down to continue masturbating while I moved to your foot, but I put my hand over yours, holding it while I kissed and sucked on your toes. There was another type of electric response as the pleasure zones got broader and more nerve endings began to play in this foreplay then ever before as your whole body became stimulated and you moved your hands back to your nipples and cried softly:” I am going to come and you are not even near my pussy, go back……oh please go back……oh It is too late……oh no…….yes….yes oooohhhh it is so beautiful.” Your body had had a sort of taste of the approaching orgasm in mild splashes of increasing build up to the big one, and each little event was thought to be the start of the big one, and then it faded momentarily. I left your toes, bending your legs at the knee as I pushed your thighs apart and let my mouth go back to kissing your pussy feeling an increased wetness and your hips uncontrollably coming up to meet my mouth as this time the orgasm came in full flight and even before my tongue could dance with your clitoris, a race of sensations of an excessive magnitude gripped your whole body and contorted it as you convulsed and had spasms letting out screams of pleasure in a soft way, not wanting the orgasm to stop, and pulled my head into your pussy clenching my face and lips in your thighs as you rode the orgasm, ejaculating a fresh fountain of pussy juices as you came and enjoyed the extreme pleasure and you let it continue, wishing for it to never end.

Eventually I heard your breathing start returning to normal and felt the pressure release from my face as you relaxed and rubbed my hair at the back of my head, not really taking all the pressure away as I slowly licked and drank the juices from you letting my tongue dart every now and again back to your clit, feeling an immediate response as if the orgasm had not really gone away but was in the immediate surrounds and then your body started indicating the return of the massive amount of excited energy taking control as you moaned softly in between muttering:” You are driving me crazy, oh it so nice, do not stop….do not ever stop…..oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…..With each “oh yes” your body seemed to reach a new height in the sensations as you enjoyed the orgasm, clenching and unclenching your vaginal muscles trying to clamp the enjoyment inside you.

I was extremely aroused and you knew it as you let your hand drift lower and asked me to kiss you on your mouth forcing me to bring my body to you and as we kissed you clasped my erect penis and felt the head, wet from the pre-cum on it and rubbed it softly, jerking me off slowly with your hand traversing its full length. I did not let that continue for too long before I spread your legs wide letting you lift your legs bent at the knee, as I slowly lowered myself into you with you guiding my penis. The warmth and wetness was so beautiful and it was such a slick entry sliding inside so beautifully and then feeling you clamping it deep inside you. I lay still enjoying this feeling as I felt your vaginal muscles working slowly and your hips starting their own rhythm as I slowly withdrew from you and then re-entered. The feeling was too good and I asked you if you were ready to come again, and you smiled saying: “Anytime!” Then it was too late to stop myself as I felt the orgasm reaching its peak, letting me moan with pleasure as the semen raced to be ejaculated deep inside you, squirting in ever diminishing squirts as the orgasm slowly receded and I continued in the rhythm as you came feeling your feet lock behind my back and you pulled my bum cheeks deep inside you as you wanted the most contact possible with my penis. We stayed like that locked together rocking and letting our bodies enjoy the sensations.

You lazily asked what time it was and my clever answer was “orgasm time” for which I got a pinch on my thigh and then you said: “So…….” I let my hand slide over your side and you turned to lie on your back as you spread your legs and let my hand slide down your stomach over the small tuft of pubic hairs and then touch the still very wet pussy, wet from my semen and your vaginal juices as they virtually ran out down the inside of your thigh. I wet my fingers as they slid along the lips pushing them slightly open, feeling them swollen and ready as I touched your clitoris and rubbed it softly and slowly in circles, hearing your breathing rate increase as your hips started their own rhythm. It was not long before the orgasm started, with your body writhing and convulsing as the sensations started and sent shivers through your body touching each nerve and creating pleasure of enormous proportions. You lay back exhausted and started getting control of your breathing back, whispering:” I enjoy it so…..I do not want you to ever stop…….”



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