Hot Summer's Afternoon

By terrysean
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It was a hot summer’s afternoon and we were both lying naked and not wanting our bodies to touch due to the heat, but we were both aroused having just watched a blue movie. In the movie, a very attractive young woman had portrayed a scene with another woman, in which they excited each other so, and were able to bring each other to orgasm in a very short time, almost at will, mostly with each going down on the other and their lips, fingers, mouths and tongues working overtime. What was extremely erotic was the sounds of the kissing and soft moans of pleasure from each as they reached different levels of the approaching orgasm, and then the extreme pleasure as the waves of tingling nerves raged through their bodies causing various configurations of their bodies as they seemed to want to prolong the power of the orgasm, increase its length and find a means of contorting their body to do this.

We watched as an orgasm would subside and then the camera would focus on a mouth kissing the other’s pussy, pulling the lips into her mouth by her own lips, while her tongue darted and flicked at the clitoris, monitoring the reaction, and feeling an orgasm approach, to withdraw her tongue and then slide two fingers into her very wet pussy, the pussy glistening in the wetness, and the fingers sliding in and out bringing more pussy juices with them and letting it run down the inside of her thigh, onto her bum cheeks. The copious fluids also got licked up, and then the tongue was circling the clitoris, proud and erect, jutting from its hood, as if screaming for attention, and as the tongue circled the soft moans of pleasure got louder and then the control was lost as another massive orgasm took over.

The one who had had the enjoyment then proceeded to reciprocate, and the other was so close to orgasm as she had fingered herself while stimulating her partner, and had also just held back from coming, wanting it to be the work of her girl friend to induce the sensations in her body. It was not long before she came with both parties exhibiting behaviours that made you want to feel the strength of the orgasm it seemed to have such an over powering influence on them.

Of course we could not keep our hands off each other and we had hardly started watching when every bit of clothing was removed, and the touching, feeling, squeezing, tickling, and stimulating of each others’ most sensitive parts was going on in pace with the movie. You had already had two massive orgasms and lay back weak and fulfilled on the bed bringing your breathing back in control. I switched the TV off and let my head move down your body my tongue licking and wetting you as I kissed your soft skin, from your mouth, neck, breasts, licking and sucking on each nipple, feeling them get erect and fill my mouth as my lips pulled on them and I sucked, wanting them to get even more engorged and increase their size as if the contact area would increase the pleasure that seemed to arouse you. Then sliding my mouth down further, with my fingers taking over squeezing each nipple. My thumb and index finger applying a bit more pressure with each squeeze as my mouth circled your navel, letting my tongue push into it, and then brushing your soft curly pubic hairs with my mouth and tongue.

I felt you spread your legs, bending them at the knee and allowing your pussy to be wide open, as my mouth covered your wet pussy licking and sucking on the juices and letting my tongue slide along the lips, pulling them into my mouth and sucking on your clit as I felt the response in your body. The breathing accelerating, your hand behind my head, combing my hair as you pushed my face gently into your pussy, wanting more contact, wanting my tongue to extend deeper inside you, letting your hips start gyrating to increase the pace and then the sudden quietness as the breathing stopped, and the contortions of the body, shuddering with the fierce power of the sensations racing and making your body tingle with the over powering orgasm peaking, and then the gasping for breath.

The fluids ejaculated from you and I licked and drank from your wetness, feeling the orgasm subside as I lifted my body and guiding my penis, lowered it onto your pussy, at first touching the head against your clit, rubbing it and wetting the head even more, and then slowly lowering it into you, feeling the warm wetness envelope my penis as it traveled its full length inside you. Now the hot contact of the bodies did not matter, was not felt, seemed natural, as our bodies soaked in perspiration, became one and the contact seemed to drive nerve endings all over as we performed magic on each others’ bodies. I lay deep inside you not moving and felt the juices running out onto my balls, and the wetness bringing a tickling sensation and even feeling a cooling effect as a gentle breeze blew over us.

It was not long before I felt your vaginal muscles contract and release, and then I slowly withdrew, feeling the breeze now against my wet penis, and then re-entered slowly, the sensations of the contact with the very sensitive penis head, together with your muscles’ exercises was not going to allow me too long before orgasm as my tempo increased, and then I was coming, moaning loudly as my orgasm raced through my body culminating in the squirting of semen deep into you, as the beautiful sensations continued and I gasped for breath. I was just starting to recover and was slowing the movements down when you had another orgasm, feeling you arch your body, your hands going onto my bum cheeks and pulling me into you as your hips gyrated, wanting to milk me absolutely dry. Then, your breathing slowing as you gasped for breathe and lay back exhausted. I slid off you, suddenly becoming aware of the intense heat from our bodies, and feeling the cool breeze on our wet bodies from the perspiration.

We lay there and got our breathe back, and then I went down on you, licking your pussy, tasting the mixture of my cum and your juices, drinking it and licking at the juices that had overflowed down the inside of your thighs as you indicated for me to turn around and let you do the same to me. We tried to keep the contact between our hot bodies as minimal as possible as I felt your mouth enclose over my penis and you started licking and sucking. The juices from you did not seem to end and I also felt a response in your body as your hips moved and I let two fingers enter your pussy while I sucked on your clitoris. I also felt my penis getting into a semi-erect state as your sucking and licking started driving the nerve endings crazy in my penis, and then we were involved in a 69 position of making love, again oblivious to the heat as our bodies made contact and we drove each other to orgasm, letting out loud sounds of pleasure as we both came, me shooting the last drops of semen into the back of your mouth as you ejaculated with a fresh stream of pussy juices that I drank thirstily. We felt the orgasm subside, getting this soft, mellow, calmness, peacefulness, totally relaxed and comforting feeling that seemed no other activity could ever bring. It was the height of the enjoyment we experienced, knowing that beside the extreme pleasure from the orgasms, we knew it was followed by this beautiful feeling.

We often lay there, looking at each other and our lips would mouth the word: ”Beautiful”, and we would smile at each other knowing the pleasure we shared and gave each other was so unique and enjoyable, as you sat up and asked me if I wanted a beer, and my answer: ”Is the Pope a Catholic?”



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