By LiloquoiStarMoon


My lover and I were at one time to the point of breaking off our relationship because of negative outside influences. He invited me to his apartment one night to talk...He and I sat at the small floor table near his living room.

"I want to go home" I said. I watched as he began serving the portions of Thai and Burmese food, carefully arranging it on my plate. He ignored my words and began pouring glasses of wine for the two of us. We both sat quietly at the table. He looked so beautiful as always. I wanted to run my fingers through his thick, silky hair that fell in his eyes and down to his shoulders. I want to kiss those soft, full, sensuous lips of his...He was Asian, and I was completely breathtaken by his beauty and his culture...his handsome face, his body...the way he touched me like no other...But I was still mad at him. I would not forget so fast...no sir...His deep almond eyes were watching me so closely "You look so pretty tonight, your such a sexy girl." I had just cut my hair at the time, recent. It was still thick and dark, and hung in loose waves down to the middle of my back. It used to fall directly on my rounded hips, only a week before. Now I had it neatly pulled back into a ponytail. I sipped from the crystal wine glass, letting the buzz mask the confused feelings I was having inside. I put down the wine glass, then fidgeted with the chopsticks.
"Why aren't you eating?" he asked. I laid down my chopsticks gracefully "I'm not really hungry right now." The tension between us was becoming stronger. I could almost feel it pulling tight against my skin. It had been so long since we'd...

"Hey" he said "Lets go and listen to some music." His bedroom was always so neat and orderly. The thick beige carpet was so soft against me, as I lay on my side thumbing through our CDs'. I decided to put on some salsa. He closed the bedroom door and locked it. The rhythm of Tito Rojas filled the air thickly.
"What are you doing?" I asked him. He didn't answer, and was still ever so quiet. He went over near his closet and undid his jeans. His body was so hard and firm. I watched as he slid off his shirt and jeans, unable to take my eyes away. He came over and sat down beside me in his boxers. His hands went to my face.
"I have missed you...You have such a pretty face. You're my 'Kalama'...my Indian girl. Do you know how much I love you?" he said quietly. My heart began to beat rapidly, I felt tears welling up inside me. "I love you too but...if you love me so much then why haven't you told your father about me by now? Are you ashamed to tell him your with a Puerto Rican woman?" It all seemed to just blurt out of me. I hated myself for saying that to him, but its how I felt. I loved him so much and it hurt "I think maybe we should just..." But before I could finish, he spoke..."Your breaking up with me, aren't you?" his voice sounded so tired and so broken. I shrugged my shoulders unsure of what to say or feel at this point "I don't want to break up with you but it feels like we have to, yes...I think we have to...Please, I just want to go home. Please just take me home." He sat patiently watching me, running his fingers through the soft wavy strands of my hair, and caressing my shoulders. His hands lingered and went to my breasts...I pushed his hands away.
"Did you hear me? I just want to go home, okay?" I said angrily, rising to leave with tears blindly stinging my eyes. His hands suddenly grabbed both of my wrists...so tightly that it hurt. "Stop it! What are you doing?" I screamed at him as he wrestled me down to the floor.

I was strong, but not as strong as him. His strength was overpowering, and he finally pinned me to the floor on my back. He was straddling over me as our struggle continued.

"Let go of me! Please let go!" I whimpered as his fingers unzipped my jeans. His adrenaline was pumping so hard, I could feel every muscle in his body tensing up. He managed to roughly tug my jeans off, then toss them. We were both breathing so heavily, and our bodies were fighting desperately and violently. My hands were frantically trying to hold onto my panties as his fingers tore at them, ripping them from my body. My hair had come undone from the rubber band it was in, and was wild all around me. He yanked my blue tank top over my head, throwing it over the lamp. Frustrated, I fought to push his weight from my body and only wound up sobbing vulnerably beneath his strength. His face looked down at me with calm expression, as he said in an insistent tone "I can't let you go. I love you too much. I won't lose you. Don't you know how much I love you?" His soft warm lips touched mine. Such soft, sensual, beautiful lips...so hard for me to resist..."Nooo! Just please let me go!" I tried to pull away from him, still hoping to escape...hoping to win this battle!

"Stop fighting this!" he flared hotly "Your not going anywhere!" The palms of his hands were on my full breasts now, stroking them tenderly.

"Please stop! Please don't do this...No..." I gasped as my large, sensitive nipples began to stiffen against my will...and he sucked on them carefully, sending pleasant chills throughout my body...making my clit throb so intensely. His kisses were becoming so hot and so passionate. His strong legs pried mine apart. I felt him taking his rock hard cock from is boxers...and force it deep into my tight-wetness. I was feeling so helpless, so tired of fighting him...My pussy was aching for him. It had been so long since we'd...

He realized that I wasn't going to fight it anymore and entwined his fingers with mine. His breaths were quick and coming fast against my open mouth, as if we were about to kiss again and again...We both were inhaling and exhaling so deeply, as our bodies moved at a pace. "I love you" his voice strained "I don't want to lose you. I won't!" I felt his teardrops falling like rain on my skin. Tears fell from my eyes and began to stream down my cheeks "I love you too. I really do" I cried out softly. The orgasm inside me was building and rising so high, until I was completely dizzy with ecstasy. His body trembled and shook with mine...as his warm honey released deep inside of me...and we both felt it together. Afterwards, we lay there...our lips pressing against each other sweetly...

"Do you still want me to take you home?" he asked in a whisper, while kissing my neck.

"No...not now. Not tonight" I sighed. He pulled thick quilted blankets over our bodies, and we lay beneath beneath embracing...

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