Make Up Sex

By LiloquoiStarMoon


My lover and I are in an interracial relationship. He is an Asian man from Mandalay. And I am a Hispanic mixed female from Puerto Rico. He and I have gone through alot in our relationship. We have even disagreed so many times and have argued. But the sex between us has always been muy PERFECTO! Something that happens betweens us quite often...........................

It was a humid summer night and I had just finished taking a shower and toweling off. I sat on the livingroom couch, brushing my long wet hair, and wearing only panties and no top. The telephone range, his voice always sent such chills throughout my body.

"Hi baby, I miss you" he said.

"I miss you too" I groaned as my hands began rubbing the inside of my bare thighs. My fingers rubbed my swollen, light brown nipples very softly.
"I want you so fucking bad! I just can't stay away from you. I need you" he said eagerly.

"I need you too...ohhh...come over and get me. Please!" I breathed into the phone, suddenly feeling so tingly all over. He drove over to my place immediately, and I slid on a pair of shorts, a tank top and sandals...and got into his car without a word between us. His eyes were such dark, sexy almonds. My mouth went to his and I began to taste his soft lips. I couldn't control myself, I was all over him...My hands quickly discovered the noticeable hardon between his legs.

"Ive missed you" I moaned. I was so addicted to the feel of his mouth and his kisses.

"Ive missed you too baby. Lets go to my place" he said. It felt as if we'd gotten there in 2 mintues flat. His apartment was quite far really. We went into his bedroom and sat down on the bed. I slid off my shorts, panties and sandals and started kissing the back of his neck...while he took off his shorts. His skin was so supple and soft. I could feel my kisses were making his temperature rise...he was hot and ready for me. He turned around and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me so close against him. He pressed his lips to mine again, sliding his tongue softly into my mouth. I could feel my nipples throbbing hard under my tank top. I couldn't take it anymore!

"Lie back" I breathed.

"What?" he asked.

"Lie back" I said, pushing him down onto the mattress. I got on my knees and slid his boxers off. His shaft was so smooth and so was always so damn clean...and tasted so wonderful in my mouth! I put my warm wet mouth over his stiffened cock and began to suck on it and kiss it so sweetly...gently gliding my tongue very firmly down the sides and down to the tightness of his balls. I began to lick them in such circular motions and suck tenderly. His hands reached out and grabbed my hair, pulling me closer. His body was tensing up, "Oh yeah! Ohh yeah!" he moaned in throaty pleasure. I felt the tension in his muscles beginning to rise so strong to the occasion. He was almost crying out "God!" as my mouth went up and down on his rock hard cock. I was tasting every inch of him with my tongue...with my mouth. He sat up quickly and pulled me to him. He began to kiss lightly over my neck and shoulders, trailing goose bumps across my body. I pulled my top off furiously, and tossed it. My breasts were directly in his face, and my nipples were sticking out extremely excited. His mouth felt so incredible, as he kissed all over my breasts...and sucked firmly on my erect nipples. He was driving me so crazy! I could feel my clit having such a sensation, the more he sucked. My fingers were racing wildly through the softness of his long, black hair. He then told me to lie down flat on my belly. His hands caressed my ass "Your round ass is so soft. Spread your legs for me." Then he slid his hardness into my pussy and began pushing it in deeper and deeper. My damp hair covered my face as I bent my head down. My fingers grasped in desperation at the sheets "Oh God...Oh God!" I sobbed "Ohhh yesss yesss!!!" He felt so damn good inside me! My pussy was gripping him so tightly, with a mixture of pleasure and he pumped in and out of me faster and faster. I'd been craving him all day! "Mmmm...your little pussy is always so tight!" he murmured softly. I whimpered as he thrusted into me harder, while gripping my full hips. I could feel him very deep inside...completely filling!

"Ohhh Mi DIOS MIO! Ohh Papi que rico que RICO!! Si Si!" I couldn't stop screaming, it felt overwhelming! He was beginning to swell and leak inside of me, and collapsed onto my back. His dick was still buried deep inside wetness, as his hands massaged my breasts. He firmly pinched my nipples and continued to spurt his warm milk inside...grunting loudly with each spasm. The intensity of the moment was strong, as we both cried out. Afterwards, we lay there savouring our experience, covered in each others sweat and completely breathless. He lay his cheek against mine, "Lets never argue again. I can't stand it when we are apart." After a few minutes he asked me..."Guess what?" I was still lying on my belly, enjoying that lasting euphoric-bliss that comes with being given multiple orgasms.

"What?" I asked.

"I want some more" he whispered.

"No Way" I moaned feeling completely exhausted.

"Oh yes mamasita" his lips my ear as he whispered..."Now lets get in the shower so that I can taste that sweet pussy of yours."

Now how could I possibly say no to that?

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