Sex After Sixty II

By Anonymous

Ellen had met Phil on the golf course. They had played golf several times and had gone on to a comfortable dinner and easy conversation. Nothing more. However, the brush on the cheek had been more lingering each time Phil brought Ellen to her apartment. On their last encounter the brush on the cheek had resulted in an awkward hug followed by an embarrassed goodnight.

Ellen was smart and analytical. She was totally unprepared for a rush of hormonal feelings—sexual feelings--that she could only remember from her teenage and courting years. Seniors were not supposed to “fall in love”—or were they. She doubted that she was “in love” but she could not put Phil out of her mind. He was kind and considerate and seemed to be financially secure. He was well read and articulate and certainly not on the prowl. If there was a sexual spark between them it was dim but not nonexistent.

Ellen had regained the ability to pleasure herself. Each date with Phil was followed by an intense, self-induced orgasm. She had concentrated on the pleasure and there was little else in her mind when her fingers worked her nipples and her clitoris to a climax. But, lately, her mind had gone to Phil. What would it be like to be with him? What would it be like to have Phil rather than her fingers do these things to her? During her latest session she saw Phil’s kind face as she reached an intense orgasm.

Phil and Ellen had gone to a gala concert. Ellen had dressed in a smart woman’s tuxedo and Phil was elegant in his back tie. They made a handsome couple. The concert was followed by dinner and dancing. They were in the company of mutual golfing friends and there was much joking and teasing around the table. The teasing settled on Phil and Ellen and soon there was more sexual innuendo than both would have liked. Phil took the teasing in stride and gave back as good as he got. His repartee was never in bad taste and showed the intelligence, good judgment and good humour that Ellen liked about him. When Phil and Ellen got up to dance they held each other a little closer than each had intended. Ellen felt the firmness of his body and it appeared that Phil was enjoying the small bit of intimacy between them. The dance was long and slow and when it ended it was obvious that a little spark of electricity had passed between them. The sexual spark, it seemed, was getting less dim.

The drive home was unusually quiet. Both were deep in thought. Ellen had made a decision that she wanted to go to another level of intimacy but did not know how to get there. She imagined that Phil was thinking the same thing. In her days of courting the girl signalled interest by sliding over in the car to sit close to the boy. Seatbelt laws put an end to that. She decided to start a conversation by putting her hand on his arm and talking about the splendid evening. She responded by putting his hand, ever so lightly, on her thigh. It was an unspoken signal between them that spoke volumes about where each of them wanted their relationship to go.

When they got to Ellen’s apartment Phil reached over and kissed Ellen on the lips. It was tentative at first and then settled into a comfortable exchange. When Ellen had kissed her husband it was almost normal that she did so open-mouthed with a little flick of her tongue on his. She did so instinctively now and Phil returned the intimacy. She wanted to ask Phil in for coffee but was concerned that the invitation would be misconstrued as an offer of sex. She was not sure that she wanted to go that far at this time. But the kiss had ignited a vision of Phil that Ellen had when she was pleasuring herself. The kisses became more ardent and it was evident that each wanted more than a platonic relationship.

Phil asked if he could come in and Ellen eagerly agreed. Her indecision about sex was melting but her analytical mind went to issues of safe sex. She smiled as she thought about the reasoning of a senior in this position. Hormones were great but reason had to prevail before pleasure. She decided that she would talk to Phil and set up the ground rules for their continued relationship. That is what women do—talk it out.

Once inside her apartment she busied herself with making coffee while Phil prowled the living room. Ellen was a take-charge woman and she decided to take charge. When they were comfortably settled in Ellen decided to take the initiative. She told Phil that she had enjoyed their times together but it was becoming obvious that their relationship was moving to a new level. She was not looking for a commitment for marriage but she wanted to make it clear that she did not sleep around. She told Phil that she had been faithful to her husband and had not had sex with another partner since his death. It would take a serious emotional commitment for her to begin doing so now. Phil told her that he had been monogamous during his forty five year marriage and had a similar take on having sex. Phil admitted that he still had strong sexual urges that he relieved manually. It was better, he said, than some of his friends who patronized a prostitute. Ellen was amazed to hear herself explain to Phil that she pleasured herself regularly. So, it appeared that they were both having sexual experiences—but not with each other. Phil explained that some of the medication he was on made it difficult to maintain an erection. If it appeared that sex was going to be part of their future he would see a doctor about getting a prescription for Viagra. Ellen heard herself say that she thought that this was a good idea. They both agreed to have an AIDS test—not because they had been intimate with others but because they wanted to reassure the other that there was nothing to fear. Ellen and Phil shared a quiet, intimate kiss. He ran his hands over her back and shoulders but did not touch her in any intimate place—yet.

If Phil had gone to his doctor for Viagra he had not told her about it. They had gone to a small intimate restaurant for dinner and Phil handed Ellen an envelope. In it was a medical lab certificate that indicated that Phil was free of any sexually transmitted disease. In the envelope there was a trial package of six Viagra tablets. One had been opened and Ellen was curious about the absence of one pill. Phil sensed the confusion and quietly explained that he had used a pill to see if there were any side effects. The pill had worked as advertised. Ellen explained that she had a similar document but no Viagra pills. Ellen smiled at the thought that current romance consisted of an exchange of medical lab results and a Viagra six-pack. However, the exchange did ratchet up their relationship a notch. Ellen, being the direct person that she was left no doubt about the next step. She fully expected the evening to end with sex. And she said, with a small enigmatic smile, that they would have “dessert” at her apartment. Phil smiled back and had no doubt about what that meant. Ellen reached into the envelope and extracted a little blue pill. Phil opened his mouth and Ellen placed the pill on his tongue. Phil washed it down with water as they left the restaurant.

Ellen felt comfortable about her body. She had been blessed by genes that gave her a lean, taught body for her age. No facelifts for her. She was assured enough not be concerned about revealing her body to Phil. Phil had no outward anxiety about what was to follow. He expected that primeval forces would work their magic as they had always done for him. Neither Ellen nor Phil thought about their spouses. Nature has a way of getting you ready and, ready they were.

They were both determined to take their time. If the events of the evening did not end in full intercourse, so be it. They both decided that time was on their side and what was not done today could be done tomorrow—and the morrow after that. It started with intimate kissing while still in her living room. She tacitly gave Phil permission to touch her breasts. This was done over her sweater but immediately produce the desired effect of defining and engorging her nipple and sending delicious shards of excitement to her vagina. She saw that the Viagra was having its desired effect. Phil was producing a solid erection that even loose fitting slacks could not hide.

As if by a discreet signal they left for the bedroom. Ellen had a duvet that could be swept back from the bed with little effort. The bedroom was in semi-darkness but light enough so that each of them was acutely aware that they were undressing. Ellen smiled at the thought that years of marriage had produced a reflex action of carefully folding clothes and laying them aside. She turned from placing her clothes to see Phil, fully erect, with an equally lean body. He held her at arms length and pronounced her beautiful. She smiled demurely and led him to her bed.

At first, they lay side by side. He, tracing delicious round patterns around and over her nipples. He ran his fingers over the entire breast area. Teasing. Feeling. Knowing that he was giving her intense pleasure. She, responding by lightly rubbing his nipples. She could feel a catch in his breath. They kissed lightly and then more deeply. He placed his knee between her legs and she began to rub her mound on his thigh. He took this as a signal that she wanted to be touched there. He moved his hand between her legs and felt the moisture that anticipated sex between them. She spread her legs and used her fingers to spread the lips of her vagina. Phil, it appeared, knew the sexual anatomy of woman. He began to explore her vagina with his fingers and moved to her clitoris. She was already engorged and welcomed his touch with ever-increasing moans of encouragement. His fingers worked faster but with the sure touch that brought on waves of pleasure. She could feel her orgasm start from deep inside her and was unsure if she wanted to experience a climax with his fingers. She decided to live out her fantasy and have Phil make her come with his hands. She surrendered to the pleasure and had an intense, satisfying orgasm.

She came down from her orgasm with a sense that she had to give Phil the same pleasure that she had experienced. She took his penis in her hand and began to play, lightly, with the head. She heard him moan and wondered if such playfulness would be followed by an early ejaculation. But she remembered that he had used the first pill “to see if it worked” so that Phil had almost certainly masturbated within the past few days. She had never given her husband oral sex but decided that this was a new life—a new start. She had read about how to do this but was unprepared for the act itself. She lowered her head near his penis and began to lick the head. She took the entire head in her mouth and ran her tongue over the head and shaft. Phil moaned with pleasure.

Ellen decided that she wanted Phil inside her and she climbed on top of him to initiate sex. She reached behind her, took his penis and guided it into her very wet vagina. It slid in as if it has always meant to be there. She began to rise and fall on him. In one position she could feel his shaft tug against her clitoris. In another position she could feel his penis-head rub against the rough patch on the roof of her vagina that gave her such intense pleasure. He was looking into her eyes and playing with her breasts. They began a dance that was as old as creation.

One of the advantages of senior sex for a man is that it takes longer to orgasm that it did when he was younger. Whether it is because there is less sperm made or sexual feelings are somewhat blunted with age, seniors experience delayed orgasms or, sometimes, none at all. Delayed male orgasms work to the benefit of the female partner. He can usually last until his partner has her orgasm.

The primal dance that engaged Phil and Ellen was coming, literally, to a climax. Phil wanted to change position and rolled Ellen on her back. He felt more intense pleasure in the on-top position. He plunged deep into her vagina while continuing to massage her clitoris with his hands. She pinched his hard nipples. She gasped with the pleasure of multiple orgasms and he could feel the contractions of the walls of her vagina on his penis.

Phil could feel that the intensity in his loins was coming to a climax. He plunged faster and deeper and could hear Ellen call his name. Finally, he could feel the exquisite pleasure of the semen surge from his testicles, along his shaft and into her body. He called out as spurt after spurt left his body. Ellen raised her legs to take all of him in. They fell on one another exhausted but happier than they had been in a long, long time. They held each other for a long time and they decided, by unspoken mutual consent, that Phil would stay the night.

And so, Ellen and Phil started the odyssey of an intimate relationship. The twists and turns that they would encounter in this wonderful adventure will be recounted in future episodes.


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