The Ultimate Getaway For Lovers

By Lovely Lady
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Two long time friends, a secret love and a romance waiting to bloom. The only thing in their way is their partner in life. The passion between the two is very strong. Resisting it is next to impossible. Day after day the sexual desire to be together grows between them. Then it happens.

Itís a beautiful day in July and the sun is blazing hot. The couples have gathered together for a bbq. The two lovers canít keep their mind off what is about to happen the following weekend. But all goes well and know one is the wiser of their feelings for one another. The days go by and the weekend has arrived. Its time for the two to set in place their plans to be together. Both lovers have planned a weekend get away separately. Time for themselves they told their partners. They board a plane separately but get off together. There is a driver waiting for them at the airport. They set forth on a journey that neither will ever forget. Their destinationÖa log cabin in the mountains.

To their amazement the cabin was everything they thought it would be. It was fully equipped with all that lovers would need. Food, candles, wine, fruit, hot tub and a fireplace. It was all there. She walks over and sits down on a soft rug in front of the fireplace. He joins her with two glasses of wine. They sit in amazement that they are finally there.

Looking into each otherís eyes he softly brushes her cheek with his hand leaning forward they kiss. Both feeling the urge from within to be together, he starts to remove her blouse. Kissing her shoulder as her blouse falls to her waist. She softly moans. Her hands running through his hair. She lefts his face and kisses him. Removing his shirt she kisses his chest, while running her hands over his body. She can feel his manhood awakening. Removing his shorts to set him free, she looks into his eyes and smiles. He returns the gesture as he helps her out off her skirt.

Their bodies become entangled with the passion between them. He cups her breast in his hands and sucks them. Her nipples have grown hard and erect. She can feel the stiffness of his erect penis pushing against her vagina. She lowers her hand and massages his balls rubbing her hand over his shaft, he moans. Placing her hands on his chest she pushes slightly as he lies out on the floor. She starts kissing his body. Working her way downward. She gentle slides her body over his. Nibbling and kissing, teasing his body with her tongue. Her finger tips softly pinching his skin. She softly sucks the tip of his cock once just to tease. Her hands moving up and down his shaft, massaging his balls in one hand and stroking him with the other she gentle sucks the tip of his cock once again. He places his hands on her head hinting for more. She glances up at him and smiles as she takes the tip of his cock in her mouth with lips wrapped tight, pumping his shaft. Sucking his pre-cum. Hmmm! He moans a little louder. He reaches for her to come forward as he sits upward. He kisses her laying her on the rug, his hands moving all over her body. Her body slightly twitches as she moans softly. His tongue teasing her as he nibbles her breast. He slides his fingers towards her pussy. Gentle penetrating her she moans a little harder. He moves downward, sliding his tongue around the edges of her pussy just barely touching her. Then he places his tongue inside her already swollen lips of her pussy. Stroking her up and down with the tip of his tongue. Slowly then rapidly. She moans louder. Wanting him inside her. She sits up towards him and glides his body up over hers he enters her body. Hmmm! Pumping his cock in and out. Their juices mixing together. Bodies entwined she rolls him over and now she's on top. Pumping his cock in and out of her swollen wet pussy. Bringing the tip of his cock to the very edge of her pussy, it seems as though it is going to slip out then she rams it deep with in her. The pressure has build up in both of them and they both start to cum together. The sweet smell of sex fills the air as they fall into one anotherís arms and just lay there breathing hard. Looking into each otherís eyes they smile and exchange a soft kiss. She places her head on his chest and they sleep, cuddled together till morning.

To be continuedÖ



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