The Ultimate Getaway For Lovers
Part II

By Lovely Lady
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Morning arises; he looks at his lady while she sleeps. Sunlight from the skylight above glistens across her cheek. He softly kisses her saying good-morning. She glances at him and smiles. She quickly freshens up then prepares breakfast. Standing in the kitchen she watches as he exercises in the nude on the deck. Her mind drifts to another time; she hesitates, smiles’ telling herself now is not the time. After breakfast they prepare to go for a walk in the woods. Packing a picnic and blanket to take along. They set out on their adventure once again.

Coming to a clearing they stop to admire the view from the mountains. Taking a deep breath, hmmm the mountain air! So crisp so clean! They decided this is would be a good place to picnic. Spreading the blanket under a big tree, the sunlight beaming across it, they relax. A toast to our days ahead, may there be more like these; he says, as they sip their wine. Reaching for some fruit he lightly caresses her shoulder. Sharing a glance, a smile, and a kiss. The sun becomes very hot. Beads of sweat glistens on their body as they become lost in each other’s eyes.

She stands taking great pleasure in his attentiveness, stripping as slowly as she pleased. It aroused her to see that flame of lust flickering in his naked eyes as they watched her remove her dress. She smiled as she observed his reaction to the sight of her nude body. Proud of her firm breasts and jutting nipples she slightly squeezes them. He wanted her badly and she could practically taste it.

Kneeling beside him she began to undress him. Removing his shirt over his head. Thrilled to the sight of his hard, muscular chest; eagerly awaiting the touch of that raw flesh against her tender breasts. As she unzipped the sipper of his shorts, she noticed the rippling muscles of his belly. An irresistible pathway to the manhood poised just inches below. She wasn’t disappointed. His cock was so huge, so stiff that its head protruded above the elastic waistband of his briefs. Removing his shorts then peeling down his briefs she proceeded to teach him the meaning of pleasure.

Running her soft lips straight up and down each of his legs, deliberately avoiding his throbbing prick that bobbed up and down each time her mouth grazed his thighs. Moving up to kiss his lips her lover moved to embrace her, stopping him she pinned him to the blanket by his wrist. Not resisting he surrendered his body to her absolute rule.

Her lips melted into his, her sweet tongue probing his mouth with an intimacy that sent shivers through his entire body. Releasing the grip on his wrist she tasted the cologne seeping from the pores of his neck and began to twitch as she twirled her tongue in his ear. Kissing his chest and licking his nipples, his hard meat wedged between her dangling tits. She then ran her sharp fingernails down the entire length of his body and raked his parted thighs as her mouth rested hungrily over the peak of his erect manhood. Her lips circling his rigid prick, teasing it unmercifully. Finally she unleashed her wet, wicked tongue, which slithered and whirled around the tip of his crown. Running her tongue up and down his shaft until his whole organ was drenched with her saliva.

While her tender lips nibbled on the knob of his juicy joint, her hands moved to fondle his balls. He gasped as she plunged her mouth over his erect rod, deeply sucking his cock in slow, smooth strokes, devouring every inch of his hard horn.
“Oh, yeah!” he groaned as his cock surged in and out of her throat. “Ah-h! That’s good! So good!”
The sensation was intense that he reached out and places his hands upon her head forcing her to slide up and down, faster and faster, pumping his prick deeper and deeper into her gulping mouth. Continuously sucking and pumping his red hot rod until it was on the verge of splattering its creamy load. Abruptly removing her mouth and reversing her body, twisting around and spreading her thighs, sliding her crotch up his chest until she straddled his face, offering a slice of her delectable slit. As her lover licked her juicy bush, she returned to feasting feverishly on his firm cock.

Her mouth stuffed with his throbbing meat, she moans with ecstasy as he twisted his tongue against her tingling clit. His twat-teasing prompted her to suck harder and faster on his tool, frantically bobbing her head as she gobbled his manhood. She tried hard to sustain the pleasure she felt from his nibble tongue, but soon the fire between her legs became unbearable as she started to cum over his face he erupted in her mouth.

Lying back on the blanket they huddled in each other’s arms as the soft gentle breeze blows over their naked bodies. Shortly afterwards sipping on a refreshing glass of wine. A toast; “To an unforgettable memory!” Cheers!
They gather their selves together and head back through the woods towards the cabin and for what lays ahead in days to come.

To be continued…



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