The Adventures of Jinx
Episode I - The Beginning

By Amanda Marais
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Introduction :

Before you start reading, I want you to understand and realize that these stories are completely fantasy and not based on real experiences. So if it seems like it is based on a true experience or fact, that’s a coincidence. This is one story out of a series of stories, based on the adventures of Jinx. She is a luxurious call girl and in these stories you can read about all the things she experienced so far in her life.

Story :

It was early when I woke up, still dark outside. The mailman had already delivered our mail. How did I know? Because the neighbour’s dog always barks when the mailman passes. The barking had awakened me.

I looked at the empty spot in bed next to me. Edwin was already gone. Like every morning he left to go to work around 7 am. My eyes barely open, I got out off bed. Wandering around the room searching for the pile of clothes that we made before falling onto the bed last night, I worked to open my eyes fully and shake off the slumber.

It had been a steamy evening yesterday. Like most of the past few weeks, we had sex almost every day. We really wanted to have a baby and we wanted to do everything we could to achieve this. Last week, we even went to a doctor to have some tests to see if we both were fertile.

I was too lazy to get dressed yet. First I went to the toilet to refresh myself. In my black thong and barefooted I walked along the hallway, the cold radiating upward from the tiles on the floor made my nipples hard and gave me goose bumps on my skin. I rubbed my arms with my hands to warm up.

Once in our bathroom I noticed a towel was still lying in front of our shower. Typically, Edwin never cleans up after taking a shower leaving things everywhere and it can really annoy me sometimes. But this time, I didn’t mind because I was going to take a shower myself.

The water started to turn into steam and that was a sign for me that it was hot enough. I grabbed the edges of my thong and slipped it down. The thong dropped around my ankles and yawning, I stepped out off it. I closed the shower door behind me and stepped under the hot jet of water. My goose bumps disappeared and my nipples softened as I was standing soaking beneath the showerhead.

I took some shampoo and washed my hair. After rinsing all the soap from my hair, I did the same with my body. I turned around and grabbed the razor from the shelf and quickly shaved my legs as the hot water kept pouring over my body. After I turned my rough legs into smooth silk, I stayed a few more minutes under the shower to relax.

Finally, I turned off the water and got out off the shower. I snatched up the towel and dried my hair and wrapped it around my head so no drops of water would drip on my body. I used another towel to dry my body. I had not bothered to take any clothes with me so I walked bare naked through the house. There was nobody home and I wasn’t ashamed of my body.

I opened the drawer of my closet and got a thong out. Slowly I slipped it on and pulled it up. I opened the closet and pulled an old pair of jeans out and an old blouse. I wasn’t expecting any company so it didn’t matter was I was wearing. It didn’t take me long to put the jeans and the blouse on.

I looked outside and it seemed to be less dark now. The sun was rising at the horizon. After I opened the front door, I made my way to our mailbox. Spring had started yesterday and you could sense that already. The air was warm and the birds were whistling. I grabbed the mail and made my way back into the house.

After I sat down at Edwin’s desk I went through the mail. Some advertisement, some bills, some professional mail for Edwin, probably something to do with his work and one envelope addressed to us so I guess it was okay for me to open it. I looked at the back of the letter and it came from the hospital. Were these the results of our tests already? Quickly I opened the mail and pulled the letter out. My eyes ran over the letter to search for the most important information. My eyes stopped at the part of text that was concerning about me. The conclusion was that there was some problem with my ovaries and that that was the reason why we couldn’t have any children of our own in a natural way. The Doctor also mentioned that we had to contact him for more information.

After reading those words, my world collapsed. I started to cry instantly. Tears were streaming from my eyes and running between my fingers and over my hands which were covering my face. A dream of ours had just been shattered and it was all my fault. I would never be able to have any children. We had been trying for years to have kids and now I knew why I didn’t get pregnant.

This meant I also took away Edwin’s dream to have a son one day. And I loved Edwin so much, he was the love of my life. The person I wanted to share the rest of my life with. And if was going to stay with him, I would ruin his dreams.

I loved him too much to take that away from him so I decided to write a make a change. I opened a drawer and grabbed pen and paper and started writing:

“Dear Edwin,

First of all I want to tell you that you are the love of my life. I have never loved anybody as much as I love you. It’s because of my great love for you, that I have made the decision to leave you. Under this note is a letter from the hospital with the results of our tests. As you can read, it’s my fault we can’t have any children.
Because I don’t want to take your dream away, I will give you the chance to find yourself another love who can fulfil your dreams. I hope she can succeed where I have failed you. By now I will already be gone. Please don’t come looking for me.
I want you to go on with your life. If you love me, you will do that. Don’t worry about me. I will be fine.
Love, Amanda.

I laid my note on top of the letter and walked back to our bedroom. Tears kept pouring from my eyes as I grabbed a suitcase from the top of our closet. I opened the doors and packed all my clothes and belongings. I had plenty of time to pack because Edwin wasn’t coming home before 6 pm. When I had finished packing, I had three suitcases filled and a bunch of bags with all my stuff.

After I had placed all the bags and suitcases into my car, I went back into the house again to check to make sure I didn’t forget anything. I walked to the desk again and laid all my keys with the note as I wiped my tears from my face. On my way back to my car I stopped at a picture of Edwin and I, posing in our garden. When I had packed, I didn’t pack any things that would remind me of Edwin, but something inside me made me take the picture with me as I walked outside and closed the door behind me.

The sun was rising as I drove away from our house in my BMW. I didn’t even know where I was going. My heart was broken. Four years I had shared with Edwin and now I had left him. I was afraid to go to my parents. My brother and Edwin were close friends and Edwin would surely search for me at his place so that wasn’t an option either. I wanted to go to my sister Jessy, but she still lived at my parents’ house so there went my third option. I grabbed my cell phone and went through my phonebook. As I scrolled through my phonebook I stumbled on Sarah’s name.

After I thought about it, I realized she was the only option I had; because Edwin and Sarah had never met and he didn’t know where she lived. He didn’t even know her last name. I had known Sarah from the time when I was studying at the university. We had shared a room and even had a sexual relationship together for a while. After university we lost contact with each other. She got married and moved to Brussels. The last thing I heard from her was that she was pregnant. I decided to phone her and pulled over to the side of the road.

She was really surprised when she heard my voice on the other end of the phone. I started crying again when I heard her voice. She comforted me and I told her what had happened and that I was looking for a place to stay till I had found something of my own. Sarah told me that it was no problem at all for me to spend a while at her apartment and after she gave me directions to her place, I pulled back onto the road.

Two hours later I stopped in front of a large building in Brussels. I parked my car and grabbed my phone and purse. After I had locked my car I made my way into the building. I searched through all the names on the large list and found her name and then realized that something was wrong. She had her maiden name on the tag. That was weird cause last thing I knew was that she was married. I pushed the button and a few seconds later the door opened and Sarah spoke through the speaker telling me to come to the ninth floor.

Once I arrived at the ninth floor, I stepped out off the elevator and made my way to her door. I knocked and waited as tears started to rise up within me again. A few seconds later, Sarah opened the door.

I couldn’t help it and tears poured from my eyes. She opened her arms and I fell into them. She took me inside and closed the door behind us. We were hugging for long minutes while she comforted me. I looked up at her, my eyes all red and sore from the tears and I noticed she was crying too.

She lead us into her living room and we sat down on her couch. She wanted me to explain everything again to her and so I did. During my story we didn’t stop crying. After I finished my story, she told me hers. Her husband had left her for another girl and she was divorced. When he left, they’d had a fight causing Sarah to have a miscarriage. So she was living alone now. It was no problem at all for her to have me as her guest.

After we had brought all my bags and suitcases up to her apartment, she wanted me to refresh myself because I looked horrible. While I was showering, Sarah unpacked all my stuff in the spare room. I was feeling a little better when I had showered and Sarah decided that we were going to have a drink in the city so we could distract ourselves from all of our problems.

I decided to get myself a new phone number because I knew for sure that Edwin was going to phone me. I bought another sim-card and threw my old one away. I copied the phonebook to my new card. My new life had begun.


Weeks passed by and slowly I was getting over my emotional troubles. Days after I had left Edwin, I had been crying all day and night long. Sarah did all she could to make me feel comfortable at her place. I was so happy we got back in touch. After all we had our great moments years ago at university. That’s something you don’t forget very easily.

Sarah had never been very talkative about her job. Every time I asked her what she did for a living , she told me she was into public relations. But the weird thing was that she never worked during the day. And she didn’t work every day of the week either. Instead she was gone 2 or 3 days a week and she always left to work around 6 pm and came back at night. When I wanted to find out more about her job she always changed the subject so I would leave it alone.

Months passed by and I wanted to look for a job. I didn’t need the money yet cause I had a well filled bank account but I was getting bored and needed something to do. I told Sarah about it and she told me that she was going to ask around for me. She told me she knew many people so that was handy. She made it clear to me that she didn’t want me to look for another apartment and that I was very welcome to stay with her as long as I wanted.

A few days later Sarah invited me to go along to a exclusive party. It was a party organized by her boss who she had always been calling Madame Elaine. Because I need something to get my mind of the passed, I agreed to go along with her. Sarah told me that I had to wear a gala outfit because there were going to be many upper-class people at the party. We were leaving around 7 pm that evening so I had two more hours to get ready.

Sarah told me that she was heading for the store quickly. In the meantime I showered and washed my hair and shaved the necessary parts. I stepped out of the shower and dried myself. With a towel around my hair I made my way to my bedroom. On my way I bumped into Sarah who obviously was already back from the store. She smiled and looked at my naked body. “Nothing has changed since the last time I saw you naked.“ She smiled and continued her way to her room. The last time she had seen me naked was about five years ago. Her compliment made me blush.

I opened my closet and pulled a dark red gala dress out and laid it on the bed. It was a 6000 dollars luxurious evening dress that my dad had bought for me last year. The dress was made out of dark red silk with lustrous beading. It had a tonal beading on the halter straps and bust with a scoop neckline and a fishtail hem. It was made in Italy. I hardly ever wore it but this would be the perfect occasion.

First I slipped a black silk thong on and after that I slipped into the dress and pulled it up so everything was on the right place. I didn’t need to wear a bra underneath. I turned towards the mirror and smiled. The dress was fabulous. The only thing missing was a nice necklace and a pair of high heels. After going through my jewellery I found a very beautiful gold necklace and hooked it around my neck.

I walked towards Sarah’s room and showed her my outfit. With a big smile she told me I looked fantastic and that I was going to steal the show tonight. This had made me happy and quickly I searched for a matching pair of high heels. After spending thirty more minutes in the bathroom to apply some make up, I headed to the living room where Sarah was already waiting for me. I grabbed my purse from the counter and we left to the party.

As we arrived at the party, the first thing that I noticed were all the expensive cars parked at the parking lot. Once inside, everybody was wearing expensive outfits and tuxedo’s. This surely was a very exclusive party. Everybody was looking at us as we walked into the party room. There was only soft music and waiters were going round to make sure everybody had a drink. Champagne was the only option.

It came to my attention that the females in the room all appeared to be in their twenties and early thirties. But the males were from all different ages, some seemed to be in their early thirties, others forty or even older. After we both received a glass of champagne, Sarah told me that she had to say hi to somebody and left me standing there by myself. A little uncomfortable, I was standing there alone and sipping from my glass. I checked my dress to make sure everything was still in the right place. Somebody walked in my direction but I didn’t know he was walking towards me. I thought he was walking towards the group of people that was standing behind me. I was a little surprised as he started talking to me. He was a guy in his late thirties and he told me that he hadn’t seen me before. I told him this was my first time at a party like this. With a smile he asked me how long I had been in the business. I told him that a friend of mine had brought me along to this party.

He nodded and reached into his pocket and pulled a business card out and handed it to me. “If you need any work, call me.“ I accepted the card and looked at it. His name was Dennis Ducroix and he seemed to be a commercial director of some bank company. He took my free hand and kissed it. “It was nice meeting you Miss ….” he asked.

“Amanda, Sir.“ I giggled.

“Nice name, Miss Amanda.“ He released my hand and walked away.

I was flattered by the way this guy had spoken to me and looked at me. He was barely gone and there was Sarah again. Behind her was an older lady. She seemed to be around age sixty. Sarah introduced me to her telling me this was her boss, Madame Elaine. I offered my hand and, politely, Madame Elaine greeted me. Her eyes checked me out from top to bottom like I was at some kind of beauty contest. I looked at Sarah and she seemed to be nervous. Madame Elaine pulled out a gold card with only an address on it. “I want you to come to this address tomorrow at 3 pm.“ And she walked away to mingle with the other guests.

I placed her card away with the one I received from Mr. Ducroix into my purse. Sarah smiled at me and told me that Madame Elaine liked me. I was full of questions and asked her what this was all about. Sarah comforted me and said that she was going to explain it all tomorrow. We mingled with the other guests and that night I met many new people who gave me their cards and all asked how long I was in the business. I don’t know why but I had a weird feeling about this and the feeling got stronger each time I looked at the bunch of business cards that were laying in my purse.

The next morning I woke up with a headache. Last night it was 3 am when we got home. The champagne had got to my head and I felt miserable. I desperately needed an aspirin. After a searched through the medical cabin, I found one and dropped it into the water where it sat dissolving. With one swallow I tossed it down. It tasted disgusting. I walked to the couch and laid down.

I must had been fallen back asleep because Sarah woke me up again as she opened the curtains to let the sun in. I rubbed my eyes and sat straight up. “Rise and shine sweetie.“ she giggled. She asked if I had a good time last night. I nodded, my head seemed to have cleared up now but it was still filled with questions so I told Sarah she had some explaining to do. She sat down in front of me on the opposing couch.

“Okay, are you sure you are ready for this?“

I opened my eyes and looked at her “Uhm, sure.”

She started with a little background “Well after I got divorced, I needed a job real bad. A friend of mine introduced me to Madame Elaine and she offered me a job. The job pays real well and I can choose my own hours. Sometimes we travel to other countries but that doesn’t happen a lot. Maybe once every two months or so.“

I still didn’t understand a thing about her job “But what do you do actually?“

“Well, uhm we serve our clients. We escort them on their business trips or escort them to parties. We pretend to be their girlfriends or wives so that they can make a good impression on their clients. But sometimes we just meet them for a conversation or something else. And it pays very well.“

“Ohhh my god Sarah! Are you telling me you are a whore?” I exclaimed as my mouth dropped open.

“No, sweetie, you are seeing it all wrong. I like to call it public relations. Our clients are all very important people, mostly businessmen or politicians. We make the rules and not them. And we don’t always make love with them.“ Sarah explained.

“Well, that explains a lot about last night.“ I said. “And that Madame Elaine, is she to uhm …?”

“No, not at all. She is our Madame. Our boss who takes cares of us and arranges everything to make sure we are safe.“

“ I don’t know if I should go to the address she gave me last evening.” I said to Sarah. She told me I should go because maybe this would be a nice job for me. If I didn’t want to do it, I was free to go. She didn’t want to push me into it, only wanted to help me.

The clocked ticked away rapidly while I was questioning going or not. It was already 2 pm and I decided to go to the address. Sarah suggested dropping me off and waiting outside while I had a talk with Madame Elaine. I agreed and around 2.40 pm we left to the address that was mentioned on the golden card. Sarah didn’t need the card because she knew the address out of her head. Ten minutes later we drove onto a large property. There was this huge mansion on it. I was impressed. Sarah stopped at the door and looked at me.

“Go ahead sweetie, you’ll be fine. “

I opened the car door and made my way to the mansion’s front door. I pushed the bell and waited. A butler opened the door and let me in “Madame was expecting you.“

I followed him towards a large living room. The room was filled with old painting and antique. I was really impressed by all this wealth. Madame Elaine was sitting on an antique sofa. She offered me a seat in front of her. I sat down and laid my hands on my knees. I was trembling a little.

“Don’t be afraid child.“ she smiled at me. I smiled back, a little uncomfortable. The butler came by and offered us a refreshing drink. I took the glass and placed it on the table after sipping from it. Madame Elaine asked me if Sarah had explained everything to me. I told her that she did and now she wanted to know if I wanted to work for her. I told her that I had doubts about it because I didn’t want to be known as a whore. She comforted me and told me that I wasn’t a whore. Madame Elaine explained it to me in a way that made it sound more enjoyable. She liked to call her girls public relations specialists. Madame Elaine told me that I was perfect to work for her and become her newest, luxury call girl.

I agreed to give it a try and she assured me that everything was going to be all right. She also told me that if I had any questions, Sarah would be there for me. I told her that Sarah was one of my closest friends and that she had supported me after a difficult time in my life. Madame Elaine said that Sarah had told her everything about it. She called the butler who would let me out and she said “I’ll phone you when I have your first client.” At the sound of those words, I became very nervous.

Once I was sitting back in the car, Sarah wanted to know all about our conversation. I told her everything on our way home. Once we were back inside her apartment she opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate my new career. Though I wasn’t fully convinced about my choice, I felt my life had started again.

Days had passed without a sign of Madame Elaine. Sarah told me that it took some time to introduce me into Madame’s network of clients. Most clients are a little shy and afraid of new girls. They first need to create a bond of trust with the girls because for them there is too much at stake. Most of the clients are married and have a blooming career and they can’t risk a scandal.

The clock showed 7 pm and I was watching TV. Sarah was away, she had to go to a client who wanted to take her out on a dinner. Suddenly, my cell phone rang.

I grabbed it from the table and looked at the number, it was Madame Elaine. I answered the phone with a trembling voice. She didn’t say much on the phone. She just told me she had a first client for me. It was a 32-year old married businessman who was looking for an inexperienced girl for the evening. He was known to be a talker and mostly didn’t even have sex with the girl he wanted. Madame Elaine told me that he was picking me up at the entrance of our apartment at 8.30 pm. Before she laid the phone down she also told me that the guy was a lingerie lover. First I didn’t hear from her in days and now I had to hurry to get ready. A lingerie lover? I even had to wear something special too now.

I got up from the couch and quickly took a shower and made sure I was shaven everywhere. Naked I ran through the apartment into my bedroom. I didn’t know what to wear. What does a luxurious call girl wear? I didn’t want to look like a slut because that would make me feel like a whore, but I didn’t want to look nerdish either. One thing was for sure... it had to be sexy. After going through all my clothes, I decided to wear a skirt. Not a short skirt, one that reached till my kneecaps with a small slit on the side. Next I chose a conservative, but silky, blouse. I didn’t want to give away too much. Now for the lingerie part I picked out a black thong with a matching bra and a pair of thigh high stockings. Finally, as a finishing touch, high heels. As I searched through my drawers for some accessories, I stumbled on Edwin’s picture that I had grabbed alone when I left. I took a good look at it and laid it back in the drawer underneath some socks, far away and out of sight.

8.25 pm and the clock was ticking. I was still standing in front of the mirror, dressed and applying my make up. I finished ‘the look’ by spraying some perfume on my blouse. Quickly I grabbed my purse from the counter and hurried my way to the elevator. As the elevator made his way down, I was tapping my heel on the floor. I was so nervous. What was I going to say to this man? I didn’t even know him. And I couldn’t bail out anymore.

I tried to calm down as I walked out of the building. A black Mercedes Benz was waiting for me. I walked to the passenger side and stepped in. First I was afraid to look at him but something inside me made me turn my head. I looked at him and, to my surprise he was a very good-looking guy.

He introduced himself as Jake. As he started driving we started to talk. He asked me if I was nervous for my first time. I told him that it had been years since I’d been this nervous.

He kept asking me all kind of things while we were driving. Madame Elaine was right, he sure was a talker. A little while later we arrived at the Hilton in Brussels. This was the first time I’d ever entered this luxurious hotel. He parked his car and like a true gentleman he opened the door for me and let me step out off the car. He offered his hand. I accepted it and, together we walked into the hotel. The decor was fabulous. Jake booked a room for one night. He paid cash to the guy at the desk who couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

After Jake received a key, we made our way to the room. While we were in the elevator he kept talking and made some compliments on my looks. He even made me blush a few times. I didn’t know that these clients could be so sweet and gentle. I had a totally wrong image about the job. Jake opened the door and we walked inside. Well, this was it, my first time with a client. I hoped he was going to be gentle with me.

Jake walked towards the bed and took a seat on the side. He patted next to him and asked me to sit down. I took my place besides him on the bed.

“I can see you are nervous Amanda.“

I smiled and reminded him simply that it was my first time. He said he knew and that he wanted me to feel comfortable with him. “Why don’t you lay down on the bed and I will try to make you feel comfortable.“

I nodded and I crawled on the bed and lay down in the middle of it.

“I meant on your stomach sweetie.“ he grinned. I felt stupid and quickly turned over so I was facing the bed.

Jake got up from the bed and turned on the small spotlights beside the bed. He turned out the big lights so the room was kind of dimmed. He sat down on the bed and laid his hand on my head. Gently he started running his fingers through my hair.

“You are so beautiful Amanda.“

I blushed again and closed my eyes while he massaged my head.

He moved his fingers through my hair and cleared my face by laying my hair to one side. His index finger ran over my ear to my earlobe. It made me purr like a cat. His finger continued towards my neck. Gently he placed both his hands on my neck and slowly started to massage my neck. “You are tensed, sweetie. Relax.“

I tried to relax but it wasn’t easy. But Jake was doing a very good job trying to make me feel comfortable. I was enjoying the massage he was giving me.

“Is it okay if I take your blouse off, sweetie?“ I said it was okay, surprised that he even asked me. Normally, I expected a client to have his way with a girl, after all he was paying for it all. Talking about payment. I didn’t even know what I was going to get for this. I totally forgot to talk about this with Madame Elaine.

Jake gently took the hem of my blouse and slowly slipped it over my head. With care he laid my blouse on the bed. He ran the tips of his fingers from my neck all over to the bottom of my back. This made me shiver for a second. He seemed to enjoy that and did it again. I was enjoying every second of it.

Jake bent over and placed a kiss on my shoulder. I smiled. This was a sign for him to continue his kissing and he placed more kisses on my shoulders. His lips moved over to my neck while his hands were rubbing my lower back.

His mouth moved over to my ear and I felt his warm breath “I think you are going to be one of my favourite girls.“ This cause me to giggle, I couldn’t help it.

He smiled and gently bit on my earlobe, sucking it gently into his mouth to nibble on it for a few seconds. He moved his head away from my ear and his fingers ran down my spine towards my skirt, lightly over it and continued all the way to my feet.

Slowly he took my ankle in his hand and lifted it up. With his other hand he slipped off my high-heeled shoe very gently. He laid my leg back down and did the same with my other shoe.

Jake laid one hand on my ass and with his other hand he rubbed my ankle, “Are you feeling a little more comfortable already Amanda?“

I nodded. “Yes Sir.“

He smiled and said softly “Oh, please call me Jake.“

His finger ran over my thigh high stockings from my ankle upwards over my calf. It tickled for a second but he quickly continued up until his fingers were running over the inside of my thigh. With his fingers, he traced the edge of my stocking, he moved his finger over the edge where the fabric turns into skin.

He smiled at me. “It seems, somebody told you my little secret.“ I smiled and thought about the hint Madame Elaine had given me earlier today.

With his free hand Jake slid the zipper of my skirt down. Gently he took my skirt with both his hands and slid it slowly off. To make it easier for him, I lifted up my body a few inches. He laid my skirt with my blouse. Now I was laying there, my body only covered by my bra, thong and a pair of thigh high stockings. Jake got up from the bed and walked to the other side of the room and picked up a chair. He came back with the chair and placed it close to the bed. He sat, crossed his arms and legs and looked at me.
I smiled at him and was wondering what was going to happen next.

“You know Amanda, I love to watch a beautiful lady like yourself covered in lingerie. I even love it more to see her play with herself while I watch. And you don’t have to worry about me, I am not going to masturbate or something like that. I get my pleasure from seeing you enjoying yourself.“ Jake explained to me.

I turned on my side so I was facing him. At that moment I really felt comfortable with him. How could I be not after he has been so sweet and gentle with me?

One hand was supporting my head as I way lying on my side and with my other hand I cupped one of my breasts while I looked at him. He smiled at me and nodded to approve what I was doing. I guess he wanted me to continue so I moved my hand into my bra and pulled it down so that my breast came out.

“No please Amanda, keep your lingerie on.” he smiled.

I placed my breast back into my bra and rubbed my breasts through the fabric. He seemed to be a real lingerie lover, that’s for sure.

After rubbing my breasts for a while, I ran my fingers down over my tummy towards my thong. I wanted to tease him so I started to rub my thighs first. As I ran my fingers over my stockings, a smile turned on his face. My fingers ran over my flesh back towards my thong. I licked my lips and slipped my hand into my thong.

To my surprise I was soaking wet. I ran a finger up between my pussy lips to cover it with my juice. Jake couldn’t see that very clearly but I think he had a good idea of what I was doing. I pulled my hand back out off my thong and brought my juice covered finger towards my mouth. I wrapped my lips around my finger and slowly but explicitly licked the juice off my finger.

“Very good darling, very good indeed.“ Jake grinned while he crossed his legs the other way. (I think I woke something up in his pants.) My hand moved back into my thong. After I covered my index finger with juice again, I slowly started playing with my clitoris. I closed my eyes and licked my lips as I rubbed my finger around in circles. A few minutes later I was really soaking wet and slipped two fingers into my vagina. I was biting on my lower lips as I slowly started moving them in and out.

I peeked out between my nearly closed lids and, by the look on his face I could see that Jake was enjoying the slurping sound of my fingers inside my cunt. I could smell the scent of my own juices, heightening the experience. I was sighing and whimpering while I masturbated myself. It was a turn on to know that Jake was watching me. Too bad he couldn’t see my pussy lips glistening and dripping with my liquid lust. The squishing sound of my fingers thrusting in and out of my tight fleshy hole made Jake squirm on his chair.

I removed my fingers from my twat and started rubbing my clitoris again. I could feel that I was bringing myself to an orgasm. Furiously, I fingered around and over my clitoris. I looked at Jake and licked my lips again. Neither one of us said a word.
I was coming, waves of pleasure released more and more of my sweet smelling liquid passion. I was moaning out loud now and Jake loved it. I could tell by the big smile on his face. I removed my hand from between my legs and rolled over on my back, exhausted and satisfied.

Jake stood up from his chair and sat down beside me. He bent over and gave me a kiss on my forehead and smiled, saying “You have done a very good job sweetie, you earned it all.” He pulled out a white envelope from his jacket and laid it on my tummy. “I have to leave you sweetie, it was a real pleasure for me. The room is paid for the whole night so if you want, you can spend the night here. You can take a shower if you want. If you decide to go home, just leave the key at the front desk. You will hear from me again. I have put some extra money in the envelope for a cab. Just asked the guy at the desk to order a cab to take you home.“

He smiled again and gave me another kiss, this time on my lips.

Jake walked out of the room and blew me a kiss goodbye before he closed the door behind him. There I was, all alone in a luxurious Hilton hotel. In lingerie and with an envelope on my stomach.

I was afraid to open it. I took the envelope and placed it into my purse after I got off the bed. Being alone in this hotel room gave me the creeps so I decided to get dressed and go home. But first I wanted to take a shower. While I was standing in the shower, I was really curious about the amount of money in the envelope, but I decided to wait until I was home before I opened it.

Like Jake told me, the guy at the front desk ordered me a cab. Not much later I was on my way back to Sarah’s apartment. The taxi dropped me off in front of the apartment. I walked into her apartment, it was already 1 am. Probably she was already sleeping. I walked into the living room where the lights were still on. Sarah was sitting in the couch with her arms crossed “Where have you been?“

Oh my god, I had totally forgotten to tell her or leave her a note. I told her all about what happened this evening. She was so worried that something had happened to me, but now she was glad and happy for me. I told her about the envelope.

I grabbed the envelope from my purse and gave it to Sarah. “You open it, I am afraid to look.“ I hadn’t looked inside yet cause I paid the taxi with my own money.

Sarah took the envelope and opened it. Her jaw dropped as she pulled out 5 hundred Euro bills. “I can’t believe he paid you 500 Euros for your first job!” she laughed all excited. In the envelope was also Jake’s business card.

I couldn’t believe it either. I had just earned myself 500 Euros and all I had to do was masturbate and talk? This was easy money and ‘tasted like more’. I decided to give half to Sarah because after all she was the one who had helped me to get this job. She refused but I insisted and because I was the most stubborn of us, she finally accepted the money. I asked Sarah if I had to give a share to Madame Elaine but she explained me that the clients pay her a monthly fee for her services and she provides them with girls. The clients also have to pay the girl who services him. That’s how it works.

“Oh and Amanda, uhm we still need a name for you.”

I smiled at her questioningly, “A name?“

“Yes, a name you are going to be know as among the, not your real name.“

“Jinx!“ I shouted. “I want to be called Jinx!”

And from that day on, I have been known as Jinx, a high luxury call girl. After my first client, my new life had started. The life of a high class luxury call girl. And my first job made me hungry for more. It was easy money and it was fun to do. What else could a young woman like I wish for?

Two days had passed since my first encounter with Jake. He had made a very good impression on me. His wife was a lucky person to have such a sweet, caring husband. Too bad he had a special need that only girls like me could fulfil. But I didn’t care cause he was giving me good money for it.

I hadn’t seen Sarah all day. She had left the apartment even before I woke up that morning. After I took a refreshing shower, I found a note on the table from her, saying she was not going to be home till late that evening. So I had the apartment to myself. But the sun was already shining bright so I decided that the day was way too pretty to stay inside all day.

It seemed warm outside so I was wearing a sheer summer dress. Underneath a pink bra with the matching thong and some slippers on my feet finished my look. My hair was laying freely on my shoulders. I grabbed my purse and car keys and decided to go for a ride to explore my new habitat.

Ten minutes later I was driving in my BMW through Brussels. The streets were crowded with people who were enjoying the warm sun, the first signs of the summer that was laying ahead of us. Women wearing skirts and men with bare upper chests were no exception at those kind of days. Because it was too busy around this part of the city, I decided to search for some more quiet parts, maybe a park or something like that. I drove around for more than an hour, sometimes passing through the same streets twice, till I found a road that lead me to a forest.

Well the road wasn’t really leading through the forest but it passed by it. Smaller roads were accessible, but weren’t paved or anything. They were small country roads, normally only suited for people who had to be there and not for city slickers like me. A buzzing sound came from my purse. It was my cell phone. I pulled over to the side of the road and grabbed my purse. After searching through all the stuff, I found my cell phone. The number on the screen didn’t sound familiar. For a second I thought it might be Edwin who somehow managed to find me new number.

Slightly scared and irritated I answered the phone with a single “Hello”.

“Amanda, is that you? “ , a voice said on the other end. “ Uhm, yes, and this is? “

“ Its Jake. I hope you haven’t forgotten me yet?

I was surprised to hear Jake. How did he get my number? Probably through Madame Elaine :” No Jake, how could I forget about you.”

“Aaaah that’s good sweetie, cause I missed you. You gave me a very good time that evening. I told you would become one of my favourite girls.”

I giggled as he continued: “ Are you alone? “

The cars kept driving by as I told him that I was in my car, at the side of a road close to a forest at the outskirts of Brussels. I looked around for a street name but didn’t see any tags around. I tried to explain the roads I took to get here and obviously Jake knew his way better as I do around Brussels cause he knew were I was. He asked me if I had seen the small country roads leading into the forest. I told Jake that I had seen them, actually I was standing opposite of the entrance of one.

“ Why don’t you drive into one of those roads and drive like half a mile into the forest. Would you do that for me Amanda? And call be back when you are there.“

“Uhm okay Jake, I call you back in a few minutes.” : and I closed my cell phone.

What was on this guys mind? Whatever it was, it could be fun. I started my car and checked the road so I could cross the street. Quickly I crossed and drove my car into the country road that was leading into the forest. After I drove deep enough into the forest, far away from the busy road, I stopped my car. I phoned Jake back, curious what was going on in his brains, what were his plans with me?

In the next adventure of Jinx:

- What kind of kinky thoughts does Jake have on his mind?
- Amanda gets invited to a very exclusive party.
- Is Amanda strong enough to resist the call of drugs ?

Find out in the next adventure of Jinx, available soon !!


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