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Here we are again, a Saturday night after a hard week at work and an easier day working on the holiday house. Jenny and I have been able to get away for the weekend, with a very good friend of ours Peter, leaving the pressures of work and home far behind and enjoy some US time. As we walk in to the local hotel, for a meal, we are getting some curious looks from the locals. I am on Jenny's right and we are holding hands, nothing unusual, but she is also holding hands with Peter, on her left. The three of US have been getting together for many years to share our up's and down's. Over the meal we chat casually enough but there is tension, of a sexual kind, in the air.

Knowing glances and gentle kisses are exchanged and hands occasionally wander to laps to check arousal levels as we all know what is to come when we get back to the house afterwards. Jenny kisses Peter and then me and the locals are puzzled. Both Peter and I have found that Jenny's crotch is getting wetter and wetter with anticipation, and we all decide, it's time to leave. On the way back we have a laugh about the little game we play with the locals because it's as much a turn on for us as it is a puzzlement for them.

Luckily the trip home is short as we are all very ready for some serious love making. Once inside with the curtains closed Jenny turns to Peter and, opening her mouth kisses him passionately. He responds with a low moan as their lips met and tongues entwine. I walk up behind Jenny and rest my cock in her jeans covered butt. As she feels me rising to the occasion she turns her head and kisses me with a fire I have loved for many years. Our lips crush and tongues slide into each others mouth as I slides my hands around to massage her breasts and tweak her enlarging nipples. She is also rubbing herself up and down on Peter's cock in front and my cock behind.

Peter then slides his hands down and undoes her jeans. His fingers find their way inside her panties, and now, she is the one moaning as his probing fingers find, and slip into soaking pussy. As she is distracted from me by Peters fingers I pull her jeans and knickers to the floor and she happily steps out of them. In one quick lift I am able to remove her top and she smiles, knowing that we both have full access to her. Peter's hands move up her breasts and his head moves down to engulf her hard and erect nipples. Now I move my hand to her crotch and slide 2 fingers in very easily and use a 3rd to tickle her clit.

After a short time Jenny pulls away and says "This isn't fair I'm the only one naked here". She turn to me and lifts my jumper over my head and then gently scrapes her fingers down my chest and latches onto and gentle bits my nipple for a moment and then drops to her knees. She grabs my jeans and boxers and in one swift pull they are at my ankles and her mouth is wrapped around the end of my cock. That's what I've been waiting for. Her lips and tongue work on the end but it's too touchy so she slides her mouth slowly down and down till I can feel the back of her throat. After many years of practice she is a demon at cock sucking and the feel of her hot wet mouth sliding up and down gives great pleasure to both of us.

After a few minutes of deep throating me Jenny realised the Peter was standing there with his clothes off and his cock in hand just next to her left ear. Almost without missing a beat she swung around for me and greedily engulfed Peters slightly bigger dick in her mouth. He let out a load groan as her nose hit is pubic bone and he was swallowed to the base and she started massaging his heavy and very full balls. As Jenny's head bobbed up and down I lifted her from a squatting position so that I could have access to her neatly trimmed bush. I knelt down and buried by face in her saturated pussy, then I started rubbing and flicking at her clit, which got her juices flowing even more and she gasped as much as you can with a mouth full of cock. Her pussy tasted sweet as always and her juices were dribbling down my chin. When I took a quick break and looked between her legs I could she was really getting into sucking Peters tool as far down her throat as she could.

We had only just made it inside the front door and now it was time to move to the bedroom. Peter and I laid Jenny on the bed . I dived back between Jenny's legs and Peter started licking and nibbling on Jenny's boobs. It wasn't long before Jenny pulled me up the bed, rolled me over and got into a 69 position on me so she could have another turn at sucking on my cock. This was fantastic for us but I noticed Peter was a little left out, so I motioned him over with my hand. He moved around behind Jenny, I moved up slightly to work my tongue on Jenny's clit and Peter eased his cock into place and started to push himself into her waiting pussy. Wow, what a combination, Jenny working her head on my cock, me licking on her clit and Peter sliding his engorged cock into her pussy only inches away, I did mention we were good friends didn't I. As Peter pushed in Jenny, she pushed down on me and I licked faster on her. Jenny was being stretched open with every thrust , and I could feel her moans vibrating on me a she swallowed my member down to my balls.

We all knew we wouldn't last long like this. I moved up the bed and laid on my back with cock in hand as Jenny lowered herself down to receive it, she leaned forward and we kissed passionately as I pushed up into her. The heat inside her was so intense I knew she would cum soon as would Peter and I. We fucked together like that for a couple of minutes, building on the excitement, then the moment we had all been anticipating came. Peter moved in behind Jenny again, she lowered herself down on to my chest which then gave Peter the angle he need to be able to slip his cock into her as well.

Here we are, both of her favourite men slamming their swollen cocks into her at the same time. As I pushed in, Peter pulled back, then I pulled back and he pushed in. Jenny's eyes were wide open as she was being filled by one the then other, my pubic bone rubbing on her clit and she was being pounded by 2 cocks in rhythm, what more could we ask for. I could feel my balls swelling with excitement and Jenny was getting wetter by the second. We locked our mouths together and I could feel the pressure of Peters hands pushing on Jenny's back as his movements started to get less controlled. We were all getting to the point of no return and fucking each other frantically as out climaxes got closer and closer.

Then it happened, Jenny's eyes rolled back in her head as she was over come with wave after wave of orgasm , her mouth opened as she screamed with delight at being fucked in her favourite way by her favourite men. Seeing this I was only seconds behind and flooded her pussy with days worth of stored up cum. My cock pumped and pumped as Jenny kept cumming, spurred on by my release, then by Peter slamming himself as deep as he could and shooting his load into her as well. We were all within seconds of each other and nobody wanted it to stop, so we kept pushing and thrusting and writhing for several minutes until all our energy was gone.

I slipped out first and was rewarded with globs of our mixed cum oozing out of Jenny onto my pubics and down my butt cheeks. We just lay there for a while, Peter on top, me on the bottom and Jenny in the middle, we guys had supplied the meat and the sandwich.

Once again we three had definitely made the most of our time together and were looking forward to our next chance for a quiet weekend away. But that's another story for another time.



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