She Remembered to Call

By SoCalMind
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Ring-ring. Ring-ring. When our phone rings at 10:30 PM, its either a wrong number or something has happened. In this case it was Saturday night and my wife was away at a friend's wedding, so I jumped out of bed to grab the phone before the machine picked it up.

"Hello," I grumbled.

"Hi," said my wife at the other end.

"Is everything OK?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well it's late and your call scared me. I didn't expect to hear from you until tomorrow morning. I figured you'd be at the wedding partying all night. Why are you calling?"

"Uh, remember what you have been telling me about your fantasy?" she asked.

"No. What do you mean?" I said, knowing full well what she was talking about. I played dumb to get her to say it.

"You know, about me being with another guy?"

Her words were sounding a little slow and slurred, and I figured she had been drinking, but the call still surprised me. "Are you drunk?" I asked.

"A little, maybe. I have had four or five glasses of wine and I am feeling good, but I think I am still thinking clearly. I have had enough to let my guard down and I am calling to see if you still want me to make your fantasy true. Let me know since I need to move now."

At this moment I didn't know what to say. My wife was 500 miles attending a friend's wedding staying at the hotel where the wedding was held. We had both been invited, but since we have four small children it would have been too difficult for both of us to go, so she went alone. She left Friday and drove a rental car since it worked out to be cheaper than flying. She arrived that evening, went to the rehearsal dinner, then spent Saturday afternoon driving around on her own sightseeing. She called me a few times to check on the kids and to let me know her progress. I last heard from her right before she left her room for the wedding.

Her call was still shocking and I needed to know all the details before I could give her an answer. My wife, Jennifer, is a very attractive woman, although she doesn't think so. She is 32 years old, 5'3", 115 pounds, and has a very well proportioned body. After having three kids in the past five years, her body bounced back nicely and looks very much like her pre-pregnancy figure. Everything except her breasts. What were firm, full 34B's were now soft and sensuous 36C's. I liked the change in them, but she thought they didn't look good anymore.

"What do you have to move on? Is the wedding over?" I asked.

"Pretty much. The people who are still left have moved into the hotel bar which has a dance floor. That's why I am calling you now to see what you think. There is someone I have been dancing with who has made it very clear he wants to be with me tonight," she said.

"And just how did he do that?"

"Well, we were dancing a slow dance and he was feeling up my ass pretty sexually and grinding himself into me. I could feel his penis through his pants and, uhh, he whispered in my ear and told me he wanted me. Then, when we walked off the floor, I ran my hand over his crotch to check. Are you angry with me for doing that?" she asked.

"Angry? No way! Right now I am wicked excited and have a hard-on that could break a two by four. I masturbated earlier tonight and I am about to blow again just from what you are telling me. Who is this guy and does he know you're married?" I asked her.

"I met him last night at the rehearsal dinner. His name is Ian. We were seated across from each other and spent the whole evening talking like old girlfriends. And yes, he knows about our whole family. He's from out of town and I will probably never see him again."

"What's he look like and why was he at the dinner?" I asked.

"He looks a little like you, maybe a little shorter, and he's younger, maybe 29. He was at the dinner for the same reason I was - we both arrived a day early and the families invited everyone who was there. After the dinner we went to the hotel lobby bar, had a few more drinks and just talked. We ended up closing the place, but nothing happened last night. I swear. I didn't even get any vibes from him then. Tonight it's been a whole different story. We have danced and talked and laughed a ton. He's a really good dancer and we move well together."

I was little jealous about the dancing part since we never dance together anymore, but it was interesting to hear my wife describing him as looking like me. I am 6' tall and weigh about 190 and like her, I am also 32 years old. Over the years I have noticed that any guy she ever found attractive shared similar features with me. I guess she likes my type. "But you called me at 9:30 last night to say goodnight. What time did the lobby bar close?"

"I was in my room when I called you because I needed to pee. I didn't tell you I was heading out since I didn't want you to get any ideas. I'm sorry."

"No problem, I'm just glad you called now." Now I had to make a decision. Did I want my wife to have sex with some other guy, her first time, while she was away and I couldn't watch? If I said yes, I would miss out on her first time - a prime part of my fantasy. If I said no, what was the chance it would ever happen again? I figured her being on her own gave her the freedom to enjoy herself. I was still in a little shock since I had only told her about this fantasy of mine six months ago and we had barely even talked about it. One shared story from the web we read together and that was it. I guess it hit home with her since normally she doesn't warm up to anything out of the ordinary this fast.

"Well," she asked, "do you want me to do this?"

"Do you want to?"

"I think so, on two accounts. One, I am intrigued by making your fantasy come true. The other is I am attracted to this guy and am interested. I have noticed guys like this ever since you told me your fantasy and have been thinking about it a lot."

"OK," I said, "then I want to you do it, but under a couple of conditions. First, you enjoy yourself. Let go and have fun. I don't want you holding back. Two, you make sure he wears a condom - we have enough kids already and you are the fertile type (I got fixed right after the birth of our fourth kid). Finally, I want to hear about it. Not in the morning or when you get home since you will probably forget all the juicy details which is what I want to hear. No, I want to hear it when it happens. I want you to call me as soon as you get started and leave the phone off the hook. I also want to you narrate things to me. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, I can do that, but I have another secret for you. Shortly after we read that story together, I went on the pill. Reading about that women having sex with some unknown guy while her husband was hiding in the closet turned me on so much I guess I knew this moment would come, so I went on the pill and didn't tell you."

"Holy shit! I think I just blew my load from you telling me that. Change it to make sure he leaves his load in you then. That's my ultimate fantasy, you know?"

"Yes, I know. That's why I went on the pill. You aren't mad I kept it a secret, are you?"

"I'm not mad at all, I guess timing is everything. If you had told me at another time I probably wouldn't feel the same. Man, I just wish I were there to be able to watch you, or join in. Hot Damn! OK, do you think he'll protest to the phone thing?"

"If he wants me, he won't have a choice. I don't know which room we'll be in, so I will call you on my cell phone. It's fully charged and since the minutes are free it won't cost anything. I'll call you soon. I love you."

"Have a great time, I am so looking forward to your call. I can't believe this is happening. I love you sooo much. Bye."

"I love you too. Thanks. I'll talk to you soon. Bye," she said then hung up.

I was in shock. My wife was going to have sex with some guy and I really hadn't tested my feelings about it yet. Well, it's too late now. I hope she remembers to call, and if not, I hope she remembers to tell me when I talk to her next.

About 45 minutes later the phone rang again. This time I was waiting for it, but I was still startled.

"Hello," I whispered.

"Are you still sure?" my wife asked.

"I guess so, where are you?"

"I'm in my room waiting for him. I invited him up for a 'night-cap' but he said he wanted to grab a quick shower first. He said the dancing made him all sweaty and he felt gross. The dancing made me sweaty too, so I showered as well."

"What are you wearing?"

"Just my favorite blue t-shirt and those kick around loose shorts I always wear."

"The really loose shorts? Are you wearing a bra? What about underwear? Are you wearing a thong?" I knew I was grilling her at this point, but I was so excited I couldn't help myself.

"Hee hee," she laughed, "you sound like a little kid in a candy store. To answer, yes, the really loose shorts, no bra or underwear."

"Wow - no underwear! I think you look so hot in a thong, but no underwear is even more sexy." This turned me on even more because the shorts in question have very large leg openings. Without underwear, depending on how she sat, you would be able to see her pussy. "It's a good thing I recently trimmed your crotch hair, huh? Too bad you're not shaved anymore." She hasn't shaved her pussy since before she was pregnant, even though I have been insisting, or more accurately, begging.

"I guess," she said then there was a knock on the door, "He's here, so I am going to put the phone down. Are you still sure?"

"Yes, I am. I can't wait. Don't forget to narrate when you can, OK?" She didn't answer but I could hear her stand up and open the door. While I couldn't make out any of the conversations, I knew she invited him in since I heard two voices talking.

For the next twenty or thirty minutes I could hear talking and laughing, but nothing was clear. A few times I heard drinks being poured and more laughing so I could tell she was enjoying Ian's company. Then it went quiet for a little while.

All of a sudden my wife picked up the phone and said, "Hello?"

"How are things going?" I asked. She told me Ian went out to get some ice but things had heated up. They had been holding hands and he had rubbed her leg. She was pretty sure he could tell she didn't have any underwear on by
the way he moved around and looked up her shorts. She told me it made her very wet and she had butterflies in her stomach. I asked if they had kissed at all, and she said only a little. Then she put the phone down since Ian had come back.

I guess she had placed the phone in a new location because I could hear them pretty well now. Ian had come back with the ice, but as he put it down, Jennifer had turned him around and kissed him. I could hear them kissing for long time, then I heard the bed rustle as they lay down.

Now I could hear the sounds of them kissing very deeply and passionately. I could tell that every so often they broke and one or the other would nibble on each other's neck and ears. I could hear my wife's breathing change and low sighs of pleasure come from her.

"Rich?" she sighed.

"I'm here," I replied

"He's kissing my neck and he has his hands inside my shirt. He's squeezing my nipples just right. It's making me so turned on. Oh hang on, he's taking my shirt off." Wow! Someone I didn't know, and my wife didn't until just recently, was going to experience my wife's wonderful breasts. I was flying.

She put down the phone and I heard more rustling. I think I heard my wife say to Ian that he had to take his shirt off now too.

"I'm back. He's sucking on my tits now. He's really good at it. His hand is working its way up my short leg. He just passed over my pussy ever so gently. God this is good!" I was in heaven thinking of the pleasure and feeling my wife was receiving. I was slowly rubbing my cock, but trying to hold off from coming.

She put the phone back down and I heard more rustling on the bed. I heard some sucking sounds and the sound of a man sighing. I figured Jennifer was now kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples. I could hear Ian tell Jennifer it felt good and he liked it. Then I heard Jennifer tell him to lift his hips up. I heard his pants unzip and more rustling. She was taking off his pants now. My head and heart were racing as my wife was turning this man on by being a sexually aggressive woman.

"Hello, Rich?" said a man's voice.


"Hi. Jennifer said I should talk to you and tell you what she was doing. It feels weird, but do you mind? You have a hell of a wife here let me tell you. She's really hot."

"Yeah, please tell me what she is doing, in great detail. I am sure you are enjoying it," I answered.

"Oh yeah, I am enjoying it. She just took off my pants and underwear and is stroking my cock. She is kissing my chest and sucking on my nipples. It feels incredible. She is awesome. Oh god, she's kissing her way down my belly and is starting to lick the head of my dick."

"Tell me, Ian, are you circumcised?" I asked. I am not and I think my wife secretly misses the taste of a circumcised penis.

"Yes, why?" But before I could answer, he started talking again. "Man, she is sucking my cock. She is taking the end into her mouth and licking it like a big lollipop. At the same time she is using her hand to stroke me. Ohhhh. Now she is licking the shaft up and down and rubbing my balls. Oooooh, it feels great. I can't talk at the same time, I'm sorry."

Ian put down the phone but I could still hear what was going on. Jennifer was sucking his cock and using her hand to stoke him at the same time. She sometimes does this with me where she makes her mouth feel like a wet, tight pussy moving up and down just on the head of my dick. She then uses her hand to rub the shaft at the same time. She must have been doing this since I know how I react and that was what I was hearing from Ian. He was groaning in rhythm to the movements I heard.

Just then I heard him cry out he was close. The movements picked up and he told Jennifer that if she kept it up she would get a mouthful. Things didn't slow down and I heard Ian groan loudly as he erupted. I could hear Jennifer sucking hard and not making any other noises and I figured she took his load in her mouth. I then heard her ask Ian if he liked that, so I knew she had swallowed it. Ian replied it was the best ever. This was incredible - my loving wife had sucked a man off and swallowed him completely. I always thought she gave one of the best blowjobs ever and this confirmed it.

After a few moments and some more rustling, I could hear them kissing a little again. Then I heard Ian say that turnabout was fair play. Could this mean that someone else was going to taste my wife's pussy? I was hoping.

Jennifer got back on the phone, "Are you still there?"

"Yes - did you swallow him?"

"Yeah, he was very tasty so I couldn't help myself."

"Is he bigger than me?"

"No, about the same size. Maybe a little bigger at the head. He's circumcised so it feels different."

"What's he doing now?"

"He's sucking my nipples again and starting to pull my shorts off. Oops hang on." She put the phone down and I heard the bed move again. "OK, I'm back. He just slid my shorts off. He's kissing my stomach and running his hand over my crotch. Ohhh, he just rubbed my clit and ran his fingers down my opening. I am so slick from being so turned on. He was playing with my crotch through my shorts when I was sucking him. He's got a finger in me now. Oooh, uunghhh, it's good. Oh, he's starting to kiss me down there. He's
licking on both sides and in the middle. Uhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh, he's licking my clit while putting a couple of fingers in. It's like he knew what I like it's so good. His other hand is underneath me lifting my ass. I don't know how he's doing this, but he's licking me up and down and flicking my clit, while he's got a few fingers in me moving in and out. Ooooh, uhhhh, he's pushing at my asshole just a little. Ohhh, he's fingering me there too. I feel out of control. I am so close to coming."

She stopped talking and I heard her breathing change. She was breathing in short pants and puffs and was groaning with the guttural sound she makes when she's about to come. She was no longer talking to me on the phone, but I could hear her grunt and moan hard as she came. Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uunghh, oooooh, oooohhhh. It sounded like she had a really big orgasm. After about a minute she stopped moaning and I heard her trying to catch her breath. I gathered from the sounds Ian moved up the bed and was laying next to her. It sounded like they were kissing again.

Neither of them talked for a little while. After a few minutes I heard Jennifer say to Ian she wanted him in her and I heard them moving on the bed.

She picked up the phone again and started talking, "He's in between my legs on top of me. He's rubbing his dick up and down my crotch. I can't believe he's hard again. My God, this is more than I ever expected."

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"I didn't think I would be this exciting. It's like the very first time all over again. Did you hear me come? Did you come yet?"

"It is the first time for you, and yes, I came when you came. Keep talking if you can."

"Ohhh, he's pushing into me. I am spreading for him. It feels good. I am getting that full feeling. He's going slow. Ohhhh, now he's all the way in filling me. He is grinding against my clit and it is sending electric shocks through me."

The sounds of the bed gave away Jennifer and Ian's movements. She wasn't talking anymore, but I could hear them moving together having sex. They were moving rhythmically with an occasional different sound throwing off the rhythm. I guessed Ian was driving into her deeper and pulling out farther during these movements. Jennifer was breathing harder and harder and making sounds like she would come for a second time. My wife was going to have another orgasm with this guy, this time with his hard cock buried deep inside her. She was full of his manhood and her sounds gave away she was enjoying it.

My cock was still hard and I was masturbating again. This would be my second time tonight and my third time today and I was getting sore, but I couldn't stop. I had soaked through the t-shirt I was using to catch my semen and had to find another. I was in ecstasy and was hoping Jennifer was too.

Their movements stopped for a minute and I heard them talking a little. It sounding like Ian was getting her to change positions. He asked her to get on her hands and knees so he could take her from behind. I heard some motions but didn't hear anything else for a little while when Jennifer suddenly cried out with a loud "Unghhh" as he entered her. I heard the bed start moving again and Jennifer picked up the phone.

"He's taking me the way you like, from behind."

"Do you like it from him?"

"Ohhh yessss," she cried out. "He's filling me and driving deep into me. I am so on the edge again. He's reaching around and playing with my clit. I am about to come again!" which was the last thing she said to me before she shouted out in more moans and grunts as she came.

She must have come for four minutes in what I figured was three orgasms back to back. As she settled down I heard her say to Ian to get on his back. I heard them move and I figured she was going to straddle him and bounce up and down. She does this with me when she wants to make me come. Ian was a lucky man if he was getting this treatment. I was amazed he held out from coming this long, but in this position, he would be finished soon. Jennifer was just too good like this. Ian would come, and he would have to shoot his load into my wife's pussy. I wish I was there to witness it and then follow up with one of my own, but this was the next best thing.

I heard the bed start moving and Jennifer start to moan some more. I heard Ian moan as well. Their actions kept up for awhile when Jennifer started to make sounds like she was going to have another orgasm. This was incredible - it would have been at least her fifth orgasm tonight. Ian then started to make sounds like he was going to come. The two of them were driving me crazy, I stopped stroking myself, but it didn't matter. I came without touching myself. Just as I did, I heard Ian call out he was coming. Jennifer increased the movements and I knew he came in her. His orgasm sounded huge and went on for at least 20 seconds. Right afterwards everything went quiet.

A few minutes had passed when I heard them move again. It sounded like they were separating from their position. After a little while Jennifer picked up the phone, "Did you get all that?"

"Yeah. How many times did you come?" I asked her.

"I lost count. There were many little ones between the big ones."

"Did he come inside you? Where is he now?"

"He came in me. It was huge, especially for a second one. It was gushing out of me while I was still moving on top of him. It was a fantastic feeling - I could feel him shoot it into me. It put me over the edge and made me come again. He's in the bathroom cleaning up a little now."

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked.

"Ohhhh yeahhhh! I wish you had been here for this since I would have liked to have you too tonight, but this was very satisfying. Maybe we can do this together some other night."

"You mean you'll do this again?"

"Hell yeah, but only with you next to me." I could tell by her voice she was trembling with excitement.

"Is he staying the night? I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe. I am a little worn out, so I am done for now, but I don't know. Are you sure you aren't mad at me."

"Jen, I am so excited and turned on, there is no way I could be mad. I came four times myself, once without touching myself. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself."

"OK, I am going to hang up. I may take a shower with him and the phone isn't waterproof. I love you. Thank you for letting this happen"

"I love you too, and thank you for doing this for me. If you guys shower and get started again, you don't have to call me. But if you do it again I will expect a full, detailed report in the morning, OK?"

"OK, I promise. I love you. Bye."

"I love you too, bye." We hung up. I was wired. I was so turned on and excited I didn't know if I would get to sleep. I looked at the clock and it was 1:30 AM. I had to try to sleep, but I was still hard as ever. I masturbated one more time and tried to sleep.

The phone ringing at 8:30 AM woke me from my slumber. It was my wife again and she had another story to tell.


She Remembered to Call Part Two – She Calls Back

“Hi! I didn’t expect to hear from you this early,” I said to my wife. It was 8:30 AM and her calling woke me from my slumber.

“Well, you told me to call you with a full detailed report in the morning, remember?” she reminded me. She sounded tired, but had a spark in her voice I hadn’t heard in a long time.

“Well, yeah, I did, but I really didn’t expect to hear from you until much later. You actually woke me up. I was so wired from your call last night I had a hard time falling asleep.”

“I am tired too, but since it’s an eight hour drive home, I knew I had to get up early if I wanted to get home at a reasonable hour. And I want to get home to see you as soon as possible.”

“So?” I asked. “How did the shower and the rest of the night go? What time did you get to sleep?” The previous night my wife had sex with another man for the first time since we were married. She did this to fulfill a fantasy of mine, but I think she enjoyed it as much, if not more, than I did. She had called me before things got started to clear it with me, and at my request, kept me on the line while she was with the guy. I was able to hear nearly everything, and she actually narrated some of the action to me. Needless to say, it was a very hot experience and I had an orgasm just listening to her – I didn’t even have to stroke myself.

“Ian left at about 2:30 AM, and I went to bed right away. I have a big surprise for you when I get home.”

“What? What is it?” I squealed. I’m not good with surprises.

“Calm down Rich, I’m not telling. You’ll have to wait for this one, but I think you’ll like it. Anyway, don’t you want the detailed report?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. You’ve got me so excited again. Go ahead.” This fantasy of mine was getting better all the time. My wife, Jennifer, is a very attractive woman, contrary to what she thinks. She stands 5’3”, and like me, is 32 years old. We have had three kids in the past five years and she has bounced back to within a few pounds of her pre-pregnancy weight and now weighs about 115 pounds. I think the extra weight went into her breasts which grew from a 34B to a 36C due to the kids. I find her very hot and part of my fantasy was getting her to realize that other men would too.

“OK, here goes,” she paused as she took a deep breath, “after I hung up with you, I joined Ian in the shower. I don’t think he was expecting me, but he didn’t seem to mind. As I climbed in he was washing his cock, which was still somewhat hard. I took over and helped him, which made him harder. I think he was ready to come right there, so he pulled my hand away and hugged me. We started kissing really deeply, but since he’s almost six feet tall, like you, the water from the shower was just flying in my face so we had to stop.”

“So, what next?” I gasped.

“I’m telling you. Let me finish,” she complained. I was so excited I had cut her off. I didn’t want to break her rhythm so I shut up. “He turned me around so he was facing my back and began to wash my front. We were really soapy and he was massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples again. The slipperiness of the soap made it fun. He then started to wash my crotch, but it wasn’t really washing – he was rubbing my clit and fingering me again. I could feel his cum rush out as he opened me up which really made me excited.”

I was hard again at hearing this. I could imagine the cum dripping out of her pussy.

“While he was rubbing my pussy,” she continued, “I could feel his cock pushing into the small of my back. I reached around and started to stroke it, but he crouched down so he could enter me standing up. We were still all soapy, so as he came up to enter me, I shifted my hips and let him in. The soap and his playing with me had me so turned on, I couldn’t help myself and let him go there.”

“So you guys had sex in the shower? How was it?” I asked.

“I don’t think you are getting what I am saying. I shifted and let him in there. In back,” she said quietly, almost sounding embarrassed.

“You mean in your ass? You had anal sex with him?”

“Yeah. I was so turned on, and we were so slippery with the soap, I just wanted to feel him in my ass.”

“Oh my God! How was it? You normally aren’t into that.”

“I know, but it was just right. He slid in so easily and it didn’t hurt. I guess I was just turned on so much I wanted him everywhere and I wanted to tell you about it. I didn’t want any part of your fantasy to go missing.”

“Did he know he was in your ass?” I asked.

“Oh yeah! He immediately started groaning and saying how good it felt. He was saying he loved my tight ass and started to move in and out. He was still rubbing my clit as well and I must have come twice within minutes. I thought I would fall over, but he was holding me up on his cock. It was so good, it makes me want to have more anal sex now.”

“I think I am about to come again. Hon, I am flyin’! This sounds so good. Did he come in your ass?”

“Let me finish, OK? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything. He kept moving in and out of me and I felt like my body was going to explode in ecstasy. He didn’t last long however, and let me tell you, when I felt him start to come it was wild! I could feel his cock enlarge as it filled up right before he shot into me, and the added pressure on my asshole caused me to come one more time. He must have come the most during this since he went on for a really long time and we almost collapsed in the shower. He slowly softened and slipped out, and I could fell his cum ooze out of my ass. It was outstanding.”

“Wow! Then what happened?”

“We were both pretty spent at this time, so we got cleaned up and got out of the shower. He hung around for a little while and we kissed some more, then he said goodnight and went back to his own room.”

“He didn’t stay the night?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t want him to. I wanted to rest and I was done with him. My love is with you – he was just passion and sex. You were right, because our commitment is so strong, I didn’t feel any type of attachment to him and only wanted him for the sex. He’s gone and I am coming home to you. I can come back, can’t I? You aren’t angry are you?”

“Angry? Ha! No way. I wish you were flying so I could see you sooner. I must have you. What is the surprise anyway?” I was trying to slip her up into telling me.

“Nope – you’ll have to wait for that. OK, I have to go so I can pack and head home. I want to get home soon too. Even though I am sore, I want you as well.”

“Are you seeing Ian again this morning before you go?” I asked.

“I don’t think so. Like I said, I am done and just want to come home to you.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?

“Yes I did. Very much so. Thank you for the opportunity. I love you.”

“Thank me? Uh-uh. Thank you. It was you fulfilling my fantasy. OK, I’ll let you go. Drive carefully and I will see you soon. I love you!”

“Love you too! See you soon,” she said, then she hung up.

About 7:30 that evening, she pulled into the driveway. I was a bundle of nerves. Not only did I miss her after being away for three days, I was so excited to see her I couldn’t contain myself. I met her at the door and took her bags as she walked in. I gave a quick kiss, but she seemed embarrassed, almost distant to me, which I guess is understandable after what had happened. I told her I loved her and was excited to see her, which perked her up a bit. She came to me and gave me a big kiss and just held me for awhile. We kissed each other for a little bit when she said wanted to go upstairs and grab a shower.

“But what about my surprise?” I asked.

“After my shower,” she replied as she walked upstairs to our bathroom.

“I can wait for my surprise for after the shower, but I need to have you now,” I told her.

“No, after I shower, I feel dirty,” she said.

“I don’t care, we can shower together, let’s get messy before you shower,” I said to her, in what was a very unromantic statement.

“No, you don’t want to. I am dirty down there,” she said aiming her eyes towards her crotch.

“What do you mean, down there?” I asked.

“I have more to tell. I was going to call from the car, but I didn’t think I could drive and talk.”

“What? Did something happen after we spoke this morning?”

“Sure did. I ran into Ian as I was putting my stuff in my car and we did it again.”

“What do you mean? Where?”

“In the rental car”

“Where? In a garage or did you go parking somewhere?” I was again acting like the kid in candy store. Here’s my wife, this time right in front of me telling me about her tryst in person. “Let’s hear it. With details.”

“All right, sit down and I will tell you the whole thing.”

I sat down on the edge of the bed and she sat cross legged on the floor in front of me.

“I was leaving with my bag after checking out and Ian saw me from the lobby breakfast bar. He came up and offered to carry my bag to my car. We talked a little and laughed, and after he put my bag in the trunk, he leaned over to give me a kiss goodbye. As his lips touched mine, I got wet again thinking of the fun he and I just had. I guess it caused me to kiss back with enthusiasm, because before I knew it, we were in a full makeout session right there leaning against the car. I asked if he still had his room and, oh, I am so horrible, look what kind of slut I have become,” she said with a little despair.

“Jenn, you’re no slut. You were just enjoying yourself. You were fulfilling a fantasy for me. You’re a great wife,” I told her trying to make her feel better.

“Rich, I think I enjoyed it more than you did and I feel horrible about it.”

“I don’t think so, look!” I said, pointing to my hard on pushing against my sweatpants. “Please, this is what I wanted too, so continue. You were making out at the car and you asked if he still had his room.”

“OK, I’ll continue. He told me he had checked out too and I felt a little disappointed. We kept kissing when I finally opened the car door and crawled into the back seat pulling him in with me. He didn’t hesitate for a minute.”

“So what happened next?”

“As soon as he shut the door, his hands were all over me and mine on him. We were kissing and he was feeling my breasts under my shirt. It had the same effect as the night before – I just had to have him again. I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down and started to give him another blowjob right there in the back seat of the car. As I was doing that, he had reached around me and was playing with my ass inside my pants.”

“Did he come in your mouth again?”

“No, he stopped me saying he didn’t have enough left and wanted to have me one more time before we never saw each other again. I sat up and he started to remove my shirt. I had on just a sweatshirt with no bra so as soon as he took that off, he started kissing and sucking on my nipples. I pulled his shirt off of him too. He then had me lay down on my back and started to pull my pants down – underwear and all in one shot. As soon as he got my pants past my knees and my legs were able to spread, he could see my wetness.”

“Where was the car parked? Could anyone see you guys? You were both pretty much naked at this point weren’t you?” I asked.

“That was the exciting part. This was broad daylight, and we were just in a regular parking spot. We were kind of at the back of the lot, which was pretty big, but anyone could have come by and seen us. Rich, this turned me on even more.”

Holy shit! Now not only did my wife experience the thrill of pure sex, she was becoming an exhibitionist. This was too much for me and I pulled my cock out so I could stroke it. I didn’t even think of the fact that my wife was three feet in front of me watching.

“Hey, put that away so we can save it for later,” she said as she leaned over and gave it a little kiss. “I still have a story to tell.”

“I’m about to come, so don’t touch it again unless you want me to shoot one all over you.”

“Let me finish then. Ian had me undressed and started to lick me again. I was already wet, but this just made me hotter. I guess I started to make noise like I was going to come, which made him really go at me. He had a couple of fingers in me and out of the blue, with no warning, I came. It was different since there was no build up – just an explosion. I had to pull away from him since it was so intense so I sat up and crawled on top of him. Now I was sitting in his lap facing him. I moved my hips so he could enter me and we fucked right there in the back seat of the car.”

“You were sitting upright now on him, right? I mean, people could see your naked body and know what you were doing if they just happened to drive by and look now, right?

“That was the best part. I was totally naked in broad day light fucking this guy in the backseat of a rental car and anyone walking by could have seen, or heard, the whole thing. I have to tell you, it brought me to a higher level and just thinking about it now has got me excited again.”

“Keep going with the details, please.”

“We didn’t last long this time. The possibility of being caught had me on the edge, and my blowjob had Ian ready to go, so after a few minutes I felt him tense up and drive into me deeper as he came. It must have been a good one since he relaxed immediately afterwards and we stopped. When he came, it was just like when we were in the shower – I could feel his cock expand inside me right before he came. I swear, he was cross eyed when we finished this one.”

That was all I could take in hearing. I had to have her right now and I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I leaned forward and started to take her shirt off.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she pleaded.

“No choice now, hon,” I said to her. “I am having you now, I can’t wait”

“But I am dirty. With him. Down there. I have been sitting in it all the way home.”

This turned me on even more to know that his load was still in her pussy.

“That’s fine with me, actually even better. It’s proof positive of your activities and I need to witness it.” I had her shirt off and was tweaking her nipples a little. “Stretch your legs out so I can pull your pants off.”

She did what I asked her, but as I pulled her pants off, she held onto her underwear. When her legs opened, I could see her crotch was wet through her panties. I figured this was a combination of Ian’s semen and her wetness from telling me. Her crotch looked different through her panties, but I couldn’t tell what it was.

“Wait, stop!” She said as I tried to take off her panties.


“Let me do this part,” she said as she stood up.

“All right, but hurry.”

She stood up and turned around so her back was to me. Keeping her legs close together, she slid her panties down and stepped out of them.

“Ready for your surprise?” she asked.


“Here it is!” she said as she turned around and faced me. I was sitting on the floor and my face was level to her crotch.

“YOU SHAVED!” I blurted in excitement. “Wow, just the way I like too, smooth all over, except for a small patch right above your lips. This is awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you. When did you do this?”

“I’m glad you like it. Ian and I did it together during our shower. We were done with the sex, but he picked up my razor and started teasing me with it. Since I know how much you like this look, I played back. He started with the top and I just let him keep going. For the close work we were out of the shower and I sat on the vanity top. He was really careful and thorough too, check it out,” she said as she turned around, spread her legs and bent over. She was perfectly smooth and clean. When she bent over I could see some of Ian’s come still in her. I couldn’t help myself and leaned forward and gave her a little lick.

“Hey!” she shouted as she jumped away. “You surprised me. You don’t want to lick me know. I am dirty.”

“Yes I do want to lick you, even more so now. I can see Ian’s deposit in you and I could taste it too. I want to lick you now.” I stood up and grabbed her and laid her down on the floor. She spread her legs and I went to town. He beautiful shaved pussy was glistening with her wetness and the leftover from Ian. I used my tongue on her like never before. She seemed to enjoy it and pushed back against my face as I liked her.

“Ian was a lucky bastard I have to say,” I said as I came up for a little air.

“Why is that?” she asked.

“Because not only did he get to experience you, get a blow job from you, have anal sex with you, but he got to see your shaved pussy too. That’s so erotic.”

“He didn’t just see it, Rich. He did what you’re doing to it now right after he shaved me and gave me another orgasm. I am going to keep it shaved now because you were right. I had forgotten how good oral sex is when I am shaved.”

This motivated me and I put a couple of fingers in her. She was so wet and open for me. My fingers caused her to moan a little like she was going to come, but I was using them to pull Ian’s semen out so I could clean her up.

“Ummm, ummm, uhhhhh, don’t stop. This is good.” She was moaning like she was going to come right away. I kept at it. “Ummm, unghhh, unghhh, ooooh, ooooh, uhh, UHHH, UHHH!” She bucked against my hand as I fingered and licked her. “Enter me, please, enter me now!” she demanded.

I stood up and quickly took off my shirt and sweatpants and got on top of her. I guided the head of my dick at her opening, which was dripping with wetness. I started to enter and it felt so hot and wet as well as a little loose. Knowing I was going to put a second load into her was a huge turn, on as was the feeling of her slippery, wet, shaven pussy.

“OH!” she grunted as I entered her. “Oooh, it feels good. I’m coming, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uunghh, oooooh, oooohhhh!” she cried out as she came. This put me over the edge and I shot my load into her as well.

As I pulled out I looked down at her pussy. It was shining with wetness and semen was dripping out of her still open hole. I couldn’t help myself and leaned over and started to lick her again.

“No, stop,” she said. “I am done and want to shower. Please?”

“All right, go.”

She took a long, hot shower. I cleaned up a little and got redressed. When she walked out she was naked and gorgeous with her newly shaved crotch. It looked like she evened out the little patch of hair that was left.

“Rich?” she asked.


“Are you angry at me?”

“Not at all. In fact, I am still excited.”

“Good. I am still excited too. I think you’ve woken a monster in me and I want to do this more, but with you. I want to try something else too.”

“What?” I asked.

“Do you have the digital camera nearby?”

“Yes, why?”

“When I was telling you the story about Ian and me in the car and possibly being seen, I could feel my juices flow.”

“Are you saying what I think?”

“Probably. I want to take some pictures – no head or face – and post them on those websites you tell me about. I want to see what kind of reaction they get.”

“What kind of pictures? Artistic shots? Full nudity? Sex? Hardcore?”

“Yes. All of them, then I’ll decide what to post.”

That was all it took for me. I was hard again and had to have her again. My formerly shy, reserved wife had turned into a hot, sexual animal. I just hope I could keep up with her now.


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