Long Time Friends

By Jeannie
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We had invited the Flitners, over for diner one night and we were drinking pretty heavily and sitting and watching the Gators game. Linda was sitting next to me and we were chatting about the olden days, the guys got loud and Linda and I decided to go for a swim in the pool. I told her that I didnít have a swimsuit that would fit her so we decided to go skinny-dipping since the guys were so occupied with their game that I doubted that they would even miss us. Even though we were both hoping they would.

When we got out to the pool we slipped out of our clothes and sank into the cool water of the pool. We swam back and forth for a few minutes I told Linda that the water was a little cold for my blood and that I wanted to get into the hot tub. As I got out of the pool and into the hot tub Jeff and Craig came out and asked us what we were doing. We told them that the water was to cold so we decided to get in to the Hot tub. They stripped off seeing that we were both naked and joined us. Linda scooted closer so that we could continue to talk while the guys talked about the game that the Gators had won.

I turned my attention to what Jeff was saying when I felt a had on my thigh, I knew it was Lindaís hand but I didnít want to say anything plus I was getting so turned on that she was touching me. She kept getting a little higher till she reached my pussy, then she stopped and waited to see what my reaction was, I groaned because she had stopped so she slipped one finger into my wet crevice, Jeff realized what was going on and scooted closer and started nibbling on my neck. I looked at Craig worried that he might get upset and saw that he was sucking Jeanneís tits. I told them that I was getting a little hot for a hot tub and suggested that we go in the house.

Jeff stepped out first and helped me out of the tub; Craig said that they would be in, in a few minutes. Jeff grabbed my hand and dragged me inside. I wanted to watch Craig and Linda and told Jeff so. I walked over to the window and leaned over the sink, Jeff walked up behind me and rubbed his hard cock against my ass. I watched as Craig sat on the side of the tub and Linda slipped his cock into her mouth. As I started getting wetter and wetter Jeff slipped his in my ass. It was so tight and hurt a little but what I was watching and Jeffís playing with my pussy was well worth the hurt. He started pumping a little more and I saw that Craig was coming in with Linda following. I jumped out of the window and turned around. Jeff dropped to his knees and started licking my already drenched pussy; I grabbed the counter top to keep from melting to the floor. Craig came in and got in behind me and stuck his dick in my ass and Linda came over and sucked so slowly on my tits.

I was being eaten, gobbled and fuck at every angle and I was loving it. I started to cum and screamed my release. I slipped to my knees and Craig came over me and kept on pumping. Jeanne slipped under me so that she could munch on my pussy while I was being fucked and Jeff sat down in front of me so that I could suck his cock. I sucked until he started to come then I sucked harder, the harder I sucked the harder Craig fucked me.

It seemed to last forever, I enjoyed the over empowerment by so many people that my head started to spin. When my release came this time I was so involved that I just groaned and sucked a little harder and Jeff spewed in my mouth. Craig came in my ass and Jeanne was licking up the cum, that was dripping from my pussy.


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