My First SM Experience - Part I

By Amanda Marais
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It all started on vacation 2 years ago . I was 23 years old and my girlfriends convinced me to go on vacation for two weeks to the Island Ibiza . At that moment I was single cause my boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks before our plane took off to the sun So , with no strings attached , me and 3 other girls went on vacation with only one mission : Have the time of our lives !

On vacation our schedule for each day was always the same . Each day we got up around 10 am , we put on our bikini and went to the beach where we slept again till around 4 pm ...we slept on the beach so sleeping would at least be useful , getting a tan . Around 4 pm we went back to our hotel rooms and showered and stuff so we prepared ourselves for dinner . After dinner we went to do some shopping in all the small shops everywhere in town . And in the evening we went partying till in the early morning . We were welcome in every club cause who would not let 4 good looking single girls in their club ?

The first party night was rather calm. Not too many guys harassing us . But on the second night we could not keep them away , the whole night they were hanging around us , offering us drinks and drugs . The drinks were very welcome cause it saved us lots a money , but we did not really want drugs . But no problem there.

hat evening I met a guy , he was from England , 27 years old , very handsome and muscled . I first saw him when he was dancing with another girl , later I found out it was just a girl he met on vacation too . Oh god he was tasty , he was not wearing a shirt so I could not keep my eyes off his sexy tanned body . He had black long hair and brown eyes and he had a small tribal tattoo on his shoulder . He was so sexy I could not barely stop myself from drooling . Till he noticed me looking , he winked at me . My face turned red and I smiled at him . My hands started to tingle when he started walking in my direction .

He said hi to me and told my his name was John . What a sexy name , John , mmmh I liked him already . He offered me a drink which I could not reject of course so he ordered us 2 cocktails . We started talking and before I knew it was already 5 am . He asked me if I would go with him to take a walk on the beach . I nodded and he took my hand and walked with me outside to the beach . Hand in hand we walked along the shore , a nice breeze running through my hair as we walked barefooted in the sand . We talked some more and suddenly John stopped and turned to me . He asked if he could kiss me. If only he knew how I was longing for that to come Our lips touched as our mouths opened , tongues swirling around as I closed my eyes and enjoyed this moment . He wrapped his arms around me while we kissed . His arms felt strong , I liked it . After kissing for a while he asked me to come to his hotel room . I doubted for a second cause my girlfriends did not know where I was cause they left an hour before me and John did . But hey , what was I here for huh, so I decided to go with him .

Not long later we arrived at his hotel room . A very clean room , not that I had much time to look around cause once inside we started kissing again . This time it was more passionate I laid my arms around his shoulders while we kissed . His hands were moving all over my back , probable searching for the zipper cause not much later I felt how he unzipped my dress all the way . He grabbed the strings on my shoulder and slowly pulled my dress down . With a soft noise it felt on the floor . My body shivered when he touched my bare skin again as he caressed my shoulders . I was not wearing a bra and something in me said he liked that cause he stopped kissing to take a look at my breasts . He smiled at me and laid one hand on my left breast and softly started to rub it , mmh that felt good , I closed my eyes and tilted my head backwards . John moved forward and started nibbling in my neck . This guy knew what makes me hot cause he moved his tongue all around in my neck , moving up , sucking slowly on my earlobes . I do not know for sure but I think he knew it was make me hot cause with his free hand he slowly reached between my legs and moved his hand into my thong He was a little surprised that the girl he brought to his room tonight was completely shaven bald down there . He whispered in my ears how much he liked that . His hand started rubbing my moist pussy , followed by a finger running up my slit . Wetted by my juice , this finger started rubbing my clit , making me tremble on my feet , moaning softly as his finger started to move around in little circles . I asked him if we could and go lay down on the bed . He nodded and like a gentleman he grabbed me in his arms and carried me to the bed , laid me down . He kneeled down between my legs as I spread them wide , he lowered his head and finally he started to give me the best oral sex I had in years . He made me cum with his tongue so good that I surely must have waken up the neighbours with my moaning . After my orgasm he unzipped his pants and took them off , he was not wearing any boxers . I was surprised my the big meat popping out off his pants . I do not think I had one that big before , and I have had my share , believe me . He laid himself next to me and grabbed my hand to lay it on his dick . Softly I started to rub it , feeling it harden even more in my hand . I smiled and sat down next to him on my knees , lowering my head to give a kiss on the head of his cock , he smiled back at me . I opened my mouth and lowered myself to let his cock slip into my mouth . My lips wrapped firmly around his shaft as I looked up at him . He was enjoying this , his eyes closed as my tongue swirled around his dickhead . Damn his cock was big cause I could only take it up half into my mouth , at least this is what I Was thinking till he laid his and on my head and suddenly pulled my head down , causing me to gag on his cock as it almost disappeared all the way down my throat .

I was surprised and he apologized . I told him there was no need to apologize and I continued giving him a good blowjob . He asked me if I had any condoms . I never go out without them so I grabbed my purse and gave him one which he applied on his shaft . I was laying on the bed as he lowered himself between me legs . The head of his cock touched the entry of my pussy as he slowly moved his big warm cock into my moist pussy . I had not had any cock for weeks so it hurt a little bit , maybe cause he was so big , I do not know . But not much later it was all the way in my pussy and he started moving his body up and down . This felt so good , my pussy filled up all the way as this handsome guy was making love to me . After a while he started to pick up the pace , making my hips shake up and down for more pleasure . I felt an orgasm building up inside me till the disappointment was there , suddenly he started moaning loudly and he came , his sperm filled the condom . After his orgasm he laid down next to me and grabbed a cigarette . There I was , waiting for my orgasm with the guy I wanted to give it to me , smoking his cigarette next to me ! He asked me if he was good , of course I said yes cause he was , only I wanted it to last a little bit longer if that was possible . So a little mad I grabbed my clothes and after giving him a kiss goodbye I went back to my own hotel Before I left he gave me his phone number and asked me to call him tomorrow.
Luckily my hotel was not far from his so about 10 minutes later I arrived in my room and went to sleep . And you know how girls are , so the next morning I told my girlfriends everything that happened last night.

Still recovering from last night I was tanning on the beach the day after . It gave me some time to think about what happened and think about John . Maybe he was not a bad guy after all , maybe it has been a long time since he had sex , maybe , well who knows , maybe he deserved another chance . But I decided not to call him.

I was standing in front of the mirror , applying make up on my face , putting on a sexy dress , a nice black thong underneath . I nodded , yes , this girl is ready for the night . So me and my girlfriends went out again to hunt for some nice sexy guys willing to give us a good time . As we were walking on the streets that evening , a nice fellow came to us , handing is over some flyers . He was giving away flyers for a special club which you can only enter if you had one of these flyers . Afterwards we found out that he was only allowed to give those flyers to single girls and single guys . The flyer said something about a show being given tonight , a show with a touch of sado-masochism . Of course this touched our imagination so it did not take us long to decide this was the place we were going to visit tonight .

A big bouncer was standing at the entry of the club . We showed him the flyers and he let us in . It was a very dark club , not much light , just enough to see each other. Lounge music playing through the speakers as we placed ourselves at the bar , ordering some drinks . Twenty minutes later a guy came on stage , speaking in the microphone , telling the people in the club that the show was going to start.

We took place close to the stage so we would not miss a thing. The music dimmed and a guy in leather and with a mask came on the stage . He had an assistant , a very good looking female , also in leather on high heels . Very curious what they were going to bring for us tonight. The masked guy took the microphone and told his assistant to get him a female out off the crowd cause he needed a victim for the show . My girlfriends , the bitches they are , all pointed at me Pick her, pick her they said . And of course , what more do they need to find a nice victim? The assistant pointed out at me , and told me to come on the stage . I nodded no , but the crowd started cheering so I decided to give it a try.

I walked on the stage as the masked guy walked up to me. He told me to relax myself and enjoy the show, he told me he was going to be nice to me and that everything was going to be okay. This made me feel a little more comfortable . The assistant rolled out a wall, a wall with handcuffs attached to it. Two handcuffs on shoulder level and two on ankle level . A blindfold was hand over to the masked guy as he walked up to me . Blindfolds , mmh okay , that was not that bad , so no problem there for me . I placed the blindfold before my eyes and tied it tight around my head . The darkness was there now , nothing to see for me anymore . That made me the only one cause there were about sixty people in the club watching the show . I felt someone taking my hand and leading me to the wall . The assistant placed me with my back against the wall . She grabbed my hand and lifted it up to handcuff my arm against the wall , on shoulder level . She did the same with my other arm . Suddenly someone kicked against my foot . It was the masked guy , he told me to spread my legs , as I did . I felt my ankles handcuffed too against the wall , my legs spread open . I felt a little afraid to what was going to come . A hand caressed my face, moving down , slowly touching my breasts , moving more down , over my tummy , and to my surprise even more down as the hand moved over my thigh , slowly moving to the inside of my thigh as the hand moved up under my dress and quickly touched my pussy to move the hand away again The crowd must have seen how my face turned red . I felt a little bit humiliated by this action . And that was nothing yet ! The assistant walked up to me and whispered in my ear and asked me if I ever kissed a girl before . She did not even give me time to respond cause before I knew she placed her lips on mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth to give me a long wet kiss . Actually it felt good . I never kissed another female before , but lets say , I did not regret it , that it happened tonight . The masked guy shouted that the show was going to begin . I was thinking this was the show , but I guess I had not seen nothing yet .

Shocked I was when I felt two hands grab my dress and rip it off my body . Oh my god , there I was , in front of a crowd , naked , handcuffed and blindfolded , only wearing my thong and boots . I could not believe I was in this situation . No bra , you slut the masked guy shouted . The crowd applauded . I was so ashamed . Relax , the assistant whispered in my ear , its going to be alright . The masked guy told his assistant to get out the candle wax . I was scared cause I never been into that kind of stuff . I have heard about it , yeah , but that is all . I was trembling on my legs . The suspense was killing me and after a while , I felt some hot drops of candle wax falling on my breasts . And to my surprise , I liked it ! I can actually say , I enjoyed it . I wanted more , but of course I did not show that too much , but the masked guy noticed it , and continued to candle wax my breasts I heard the crowd enjoying the show and I also heard camera's flashing I did not like that but well , I was not in the situation to do anything about it anyway . After about 40 minutes the masked guy told the crowd that this part of the show was over and they applauded . They uncuffed me and took the blindfold off . My eyes hurt to see light again after such a while .

The assistant wrapped a blanket around me and she took me into the backrooms so I could remove the candle wax . Meanwhile the show was going on , but I did not see a thing about that cause I was too busy to prepare myself to get decent again. Not much later my girlfriends joined me in the backrooms where we got free drinks all night . Ooh what a night it was . We went back to the hotel and talked about it till the early morning .

End Part 1

Ps. If I get many good responses , I will write more



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