My First SM Experience - Part II

By Amanda Marais
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The morning arrived quicker as we expected as we were woken up by a loud noise outside . After checking it out through the window we found out it was a beach party . But after two heavy nights I decided to take it easy for a few days . So the next 3 days were planned as following : Sleeping , eating , swimming and tanning , thatís it . Nothing more cause I wanted to recover a little bit emotionally . On the fourth day I was walking with one of my girlfriends in a local street , doing some clothes shopping when suddenly a guy behind me said my name . I turned around and to my surprise , there was John . For a moment I did not know what to say to him cause I didnít give him a call or anything so I was a little scared that he was angry at me for dropping him like that . But actually he was happy to see me . How I noticed ? Well cause he gave me a big hug and a kiss on my check . He wasnít alone , he had 4 friends with him and they asked John if I was that special girl he told them about . I blushed as my girlfriend pinched me in my back . I knew what she was thinking about , I am pretty sure it was about the disappointment earlier that week . After some chatting they invited us to come to their hotel room that evening . Well we didnít have anything planned that night so we decided to give it a go .

About six hours later , 9 pm on the clock , me and my girlfriends went on our way to John and his friends . Not expecting much of course . It couldnít get any worse as that other night . What an anti climax that was . We knocked on the hotel room door . John opened the door , letting us in . We were dressed sexy as always on these kind of vacations . Party vacations as we like to call them . The guys were wearing jeans and shirts like guys always do . John and his friends took care of the alcohol . The bought lots of beer and other spiritual drinks Not much later they turned on some nice dance music and our little private party began . One of Johns friend was David . He was not as handsome as John but he was good enough to get even with John . So the tease I am , I started dancing with David . I loved the jealous face John made when I danced really close to David . Rubbing myself on his knee , dancing sensually with a bottle of beer in my hand , getting drunk like everybody . But I didnít want to get John too angry so I started to dance with him but I still sensed a way of jealousy in how he looked at me while we danced . But I didnít care at all . No strings attached anyway .

A few hours and many alcohol later we were all so drunk that the dancing sucked big time . Lets say we were moving around , but not at all to the rhythm of the beat . The hotel room we were in was Johns and Davidís room , his other friends slept in another room . At a moment 2 of my girlfriends decided to go back to our hotel and the left . They told us they were tired and wanted to go to the beach early next morning . To my surprise Jessy, my best girlfriend decided to go to a club with the 3 other guys so the left me alone with John and David , all drunk .

At a moment I didnít know what to say or do till John walked up to me and grabbed me , kissed me on the lips . I pushed him away and he asked me what was wrong . I told him nothing was wrong and I walked to the bed and laid down . John walked away mad into the bathroom . David was watching all this and laid down next to me on the bed . He asked me what was going on between me and John so I told him we had sex and how he disappointed me . David didnít know what to say , instead he started caressing my arm . I smiled at him . I felt attracted to him , but I was also in love with John , I just didnít show my love to him cause I was mad bout the sex we had . Maybe I could do some payback time now so I pushed David on his back and sat on top of him , I bent forward and started kissing him fully on the lips , sticking my tongue into his mouth , swirling around fast . I grabbed his shirt by the edges and pulled it off , revealing a nice sexy body , not too muscled , just fine . I started kissing him in his neck , what he seemed to like , my lips moving down over his chest . He had a little bit of chest hair , sexy that is . My lips reached his belly as I unbuttoned his pants , taking them off . A cute red boxers short was revealed , but not for long till it also reached the floor . I softly grabbed his cock as slipped it into my mouth . My tongue moved around his shaft as it hardened fast . I looked up at him while giving him a good blowjob . My hand gently rubbing his shaven balls . Our little oral pleasure stopped when John walked back in . David was speechless and looked at me , me sitting there with a stiff one in my hand , drool on my lips , smiling at John , revenge was mine . But it turned out not how I expected . John walked up at me and took place behind me , laying on his back he moved his head between my legs as I sat down on his face , he slipped aside my thong and started to give my pussy a good tongue bath . Maybe now some of your think this is also my first 3-some but thatís not true , I had one before , maybe in another story I will tell you about that time .

Davidís cock into my mouth and Johns tongue flicking over my clit , sensational , as I moaned with a stiff one in my mouth . I felt a finger slipping into my pussy , followed by another one quickly . Yeah I loved this . My head moving up and down on that shaft , working him good as his hip were bucking up and down . Johns fingers went out of my juicy cunt and I felt how he placed his index finger on my asshole and softly rubbed my rosebud in circles , mmh , slowly he started pushing his finger inside my ass , as he kept on licking my clit hard , making me moan hard . This went on for a few more minutes till John stopped and took off all his clothes and took place behind me on his knees . He slipped off my thong and lifted my skirt around my waist . I pushed my ass backwards a little and lifted it so he had a better view . He made his cock wet with some spit and guided it into my pussy , starting to fuck me from behind , what I enjoy very much His balls were slapping against my clit as he bucked back and forwards I almost gagged on Davidís cock cause I wasnít paying attention to my blowjob activities and John fucked me so hard he pushed me to far forward , making Davidís cock slip inside my mouth deep , the head of his dick touching the back of my throat . John started fucking me even harder , slipping his finger back in my ass , as I felt my orgasm building up again , hoping he wasnít going to stop before I came . But this time was the right time , there was my long awaited orgasm , it felt so good I arched my back , screaming it out , juiced running down on the insides of my thigh . This was so good my knees were shaking , not much later John started to cum too and right before his orgasm he slipped his cock out and released his load all over my skirt and my back with loud moans . John milked out the last drops till he got off the bed and sat down in a couch to recover . I laid down next to David on my belly ,face down , legs open , juices running out off my pussy , exhausted , big smile on my face . Finally my orgasm , it was over , at least that was what I was thinking , and now what David was thinking , he got up and climbed on top of me , laying down on top of me , slipping his cock into my pussy from behind as I was laying flat on the bed . He thrusted deep , pushing it all the way in . I couldnít take it anymore but it seemed I had too go for more as David was thrusting my pussy with his hard cock , long hard and deep strokes . Lucky for me he didnít need much cause he had some good oral and after a few minutes his orgasm was about to cum . I encouraged him by telling him to shoot his warm load inside me but instead he slipped his dick out and sat down next to my face . Surprised as I was he blew his load into my face , covering my face with his warm hot juice . After I licked his cock clean he laid down next to me and all 3 of us were recovering from our very hot 3-some

I didnít want to go back to my hotel this late and surely not this messy so me , David and John took a nice shower together to was each others exhausted bodies . We were lucky they are a large shower . It was too late to go back by myself so John suggested to spend the night with them so I agreed to sleep that night in their bed , John on my left , David on my right , I felt like a sandwich . But I did not mind at all .

End Part 2

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