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It was Olga Schultz's first anniversary, but she didn't expect her husband to remember or even to speak to her that hot August day in 1844.

Olga Svenson had married the German merchant in her home town of Tromso, Norway. He was 35 years her senior, but her parents insisted he could provide for her better than the young Norwegian boys in Tromso with no prospects. Olga followed her parents wishes and married the stern faced old man.

On their wedding night, he made a feeble attempt to make love to her and failed. Since that night he had not touched her and rarely spoke to her. He emigrated to the United States, bringing her with him. Olga was sure this was so she could never tell anyone back home what had happened, or rather not happened in their marital bed

So one year later, Olga is on the far western end of Minnesota. Her husband is homesteading 100 acres of farm land. From her home above the arctic circle, Minnesota seemed like the tropics. The August heat was too much for her to bear along with a loveless, sexless marriage that day.

Heinrich had left at dawn to continue plowing the primordial sod, as he had everyday since their sod house was finished. Olga decided that since she was the only one that would remember their anniversary, she would be the only one to celebrate. She felt that she would begin by taking a bath to beat the oppressive heat. Living in the wilderness she did not feel compelled to wear all of the layers of clothing that polite society considered proper in the 19th century. She left the house for the nearby river wearing only a light cotton gingham dress.

She picked her way through the scrubby trees near the river down to the water's edge. Being a Norwegian girl, used to sauna baths with family and friends, it never worried her that someone may be watching. She swept off her dress and hung it on a branch, kicked off her shoes and dove into the cool river.

Olga felt her nipples crinkle up from the cool water, and this brought her mind to her need. Life in northern Norway was not like so much of Victorian Europe. Although Christianity had finally made it to the land of the Norse a bare 3 centuries before, it hadn't been taken so seriously in the far northern areas where she was raised. Old men were still heard to swear oaths "By Odin". Her family and everyone she knew lived off the land and the sea, and moved with it's rhythms. When the rhythm of puberty had found her and her male peers, they felt no hesitation in exploring each other. So Olga had enjoyed the pleasures of the male body, and yearned for them again.

She swam to a rock in waist deep water and sat on the smooth stone. Olga leaned back on her elbows and let the sun dry her. As she sat naked in the sun she began to wonder, "Why couldn't Heinrich try again?" goodness knows, at this point she would take whatever she could get. Olga mulled that thought over, she would take a lover if there had been anyone living within 20 miles of them.

She opened her eyes and looked down her body, at her firm breasts with tight, hard, pink nipples. Between her breasts down to the honey blonde fluff between her legs. Olga sat up and held her breasts in her hands, the sun had warmed her, but the points were still so hard they ached. She squeezed the soft warm flesh, remembering what it was like to be touched by a man. She plucked at her nipples.

Oh, that was good. Olga knew she had to touch herself, "By Odin, somebody has to!" she reasoned. With that her right hand slipped between her legs. She began slowly, lightly stroking herself. As she began to feel slippery, her caress became more focused and firmer. With her other hand, Olga inserted a finger, thrusting it in and out and grunting. She was lost in thought. In her fantasy Erik, her neighbor in Tromso, had mounted her and was pounding at her in a rutting frenzy. Olga was gasping, eyes pinched shut. She felt as if she would soon burst. She strained toward it... and then.....in a rush... the relief came.

Olga leaned back again panting to catch her breath. When the glow of her orgasm faded she felt sad, sad that the only delight in her body she brought herself. Olga stood up and came out of the river. She pulled the cotton dress over her head, then she turned around to look for her shoes and gasped.

She was looking straight at a Lakota warrior, not 3 feet in front of her. He handed her shoes to her and motioned for her to put them on. Olga did as she was bid. She had never seen what the people in town referred to as an "Indian" before, but she had heard all manner of horrible stories. If they were to be believed, she would be raped, scalped, and possibly eaten.

When she had her shoes on the man took her by the arm and led her toward a horse. Olga struggled, she screamed, all to no avail. The strong brown man, wearing only a loincloth, forced her onto his horse and seated himself behind her. He spoke in his language to his right and another warrior on horseback answered and off they went at a trot toward the west.

Olga had no idea what to expect. She had not been harmed, and no weapons had been brandished. On the other hand, she wasn’t given any choice in coming with them. They rode off over the river and on into country that Olga had never seen before.

After an hour or so Olga began to think about what was happening. She doubted they intended to kill her out right, if that was their intent they would have done so by now. So what did they want with her? Well, she thought, they are men, she thought it more likely they wanted her for sex than for food.

Much as Olga yearned for a man, she had no desire to be taken by force. So how could she prevent it? She thought “They want sex. I want sex. All I need to do is to convey to him that force is not necessary, that I will give myself to him and he need not use violence. This may work out”

Olga began to form a plan. First, she reasoned, I need to get into the mood. She closed her eyes and thought back to the feelings she had at the river. She became aware of the movement of the horse under her. She found if she leaned forward just slightly the bounce of the horse’s gait sent a jolt up from her groin. She focused on the size and power of the animal between her legs, the rhythmic impact against her. Olga began to hum nearly silently to herself.

When she felt a little less afraid and a little bit aroused, she leaned back against the nearly naked man behind her. He looked down at her questioningly. Olga hummed a little louder and scooted her hips forward till her crotch rubbed against the horses withers. She groaned softly and lay her head back on the man’s bare shoulder. The warrior reached up and cupped her breasts in his hands. At this she moaned loud enough for both riders to hear it. Her nipples perked up and shown though the thin fabric of her dress.

The other rider spoke a few words and her rider chuckled and squeezed her breasts gently. Olga groaned deeply, and thought “That’s it, no need to be rough, you can have it without that”

He let go of her right breast and reached to a pouch at his belt. A few seconds later he offered a piece of dried meat to her. Olga took it in her mouth from his hand, sucking sensuously on his fingers for a few seconds.

Olga saw the clump of trees in a small valley in the distance, she knew that on the prairie, this indicated another river. As they approached her rider spoke again to his companion. She knew that soon she would have to make good on the promise of her provocative behavior.

This prospect sent a thrill through her. “A young, strong man, full of desire...” She thought to herself. Then it occurred to her, “There are TWO men! What if.....?” Olga was surprised to find that she was not only not frightened by the idea, but even more excited.

“I wonder which of them will take me first?” she thought. She hoped it would be the one she had come to think of as “her rider” as they had already shared some intimacy, and he had shown that he could be gentle with her.

They rode down into the valley, though the trees and stopped near a deep pool in the river. Her rider hopped down and helped her off the horse. He took a length of rawhide rope and tied her wrists together. Olga was dismayed, hadn’t she made it clear she was willing?

He held the long end of the rope and took a buffalo robe off his horse spreading it at the foot of a tree. He motioned for her to sit. When she did, he tied her wrists to the tree above her. Olga began to be frighted, but then realized that she was not tied in a position to be used sexually. Not yet anyway.

The men walked down to the river and stripped off what little they were wearing and waded into the river. Olga began to understand, they wished to be clean for her. She smiled and watched the two muscular, naked men swim about.
As they stood and walked out of the water, she could not help but look at their groins. Both men had impressive equipment. Olga smiled even wider, her year of celibacy was about to come to a spectacular end!

Her rider walked up to her. Standing right in front of her, his crotch was at eye level as he untied her. Olga looked directly at his penis, she saw beads of water glistening in his pubic hair. Aware of her gaze, he stood still and let her look as his member began to rise. Olga took him in her hands when she was freed. The shaft grew and hardened rapidly as she stroked it.

Olga wondered about the other rider, did he intend to watch them? She supposed it didn’t matter, it was no secret what was going to happen. She couldn’t see the other man as her view was limited to her rider’s large, pulsing erection.

He put his hands on her head and brought her face closer. Olga had heard whispered stories from her girlfriends about women that did that, but no-one had ever indicated that he wanted or expected her to take him in her mouth. She had never tried, but she thought she had best not disappoint. She opened her mouth and took in as much of him as she could sitting at his feet. He groaned deeply, and began to thrust slowly in and out of her mouth.

The thrusting motion reminded Olga of what she was looking forward to, and she groaned back at him and began to suck. Her rider put his hands on her shoulders and directed her to turn until he was leaning against the tree. She followed, keeping her lips around him as they moved. His hands returned to her head when he was in place and he guided her to bob her head up and down on his shaft. Olga found she enjoyed sucking him. He was hard and hot in her mouth and she knew that sooner or later that hot hardness would enter her and fulfill her need completely.

He began to sit down in front of her and Olga followed again, ending up on her hands and knees. Her riders head was thrown back against the tree, he moaned again and spoke a few words in his language. Olga had no idea what his meaning was, but she was sure he was pleased with what she was doing, so she continued.

Suddenly she felt her dress being lifted up over her bare rump. She made a startled noise around her rider’s erection. He held her head in place and said something in a soft, soothing tone. Once again Olga had no idea what was said, but this time she knew that it was her he was speaking to. From the tone, she gathered the meaning was roughly, “Don’t be scared honey. We won’t hurt you”. She began to understand that her men would be sharing her at the same time. Once again she found herself amazed that the previously unimaginable idea seemed very exciting.

The other rider stoked her buttocks and then reached between her legs. He was as gentle as her rider, and Olga relaxed and began to enjoy his touch. She bobbed her head faster on her rider and made little whimpering noises around his stiff shaft. Olga’s wetness slicked the other rider’s fingers. He slipped one inside her and she squealed. He found a place inside, she didn’t know what or where but it made her start to buck back against his hand.

Now! Olga thought. Then she spoke it aloud. She took her mouth off the man in front of her and said in a breathless, pleading tone, “Now! Please NOW!” Her rider spoke to his companion again and was answered by a leering laugh.

Olga might have been offended had she not felt the man rise up behind her and insert himself. “Yes!” she screamed and bucked back against him hard, taking him to the root in a powerful thrust. He gripped her hips and began a rapid, pounding rhythm.

Her rider guided her back to his pole and Olga took him deep in her mouth. She made a constant stream of whimpers, moans and squeals around the hard flesh in her mouth. She began to stroke with her mouth in the rhythm of the man that was taking her so beautifully from behind.

Olga was lost, she wanted to be taken forever by these men, to ride them and drown in their sperm. That thought brought to her mind that her rider was thrusting up at her mouth, tensing up. She knew that soon she would taste him. He tangled his fingers in her blonde hair. Olga felt him twitching in her mouth. He groaned loudly and began to blast his hot fluid into her mouth.

With a large gulp, Olga swallowed his seed. Then she lay her head on his thigh and began bucking back to meet the thrusts into her. She cried out her joy to the sky. The man held her tightly and drove himself at her.

Olga felt it coming. The sweet release. She gasped and rammed back at him as he hammered into her. Olga pleaded “Don’t stop! Oh PLEASE don’t stop!” Two more powerful thrusts and she felt herself clutch at him. She howled.

As she gasped for breath, the man pulled out of her quickly and spun her around, pulling her mouth to him. Olga sucked him in, slick with the liquid of her joy. Instantly his sperm filled her mouth and Olga swallowed it as before.

Olga collapsed on the buffalo robe, gasping for breath. She felt hot and flushed, so she pulled her dress off the rest of the way. She looked at the men, they looked at her seemingly fascinated. Forgetting that they did not truly understand each other, Olga said, “Oh my two handsome warriors, that was lovely, but it’s been far too long for me, and that wasn’t nearly enough!”

The men look at her with puzzled expressions. It was them Olga remember that communication was more a show and tell affair between them. So how could she show them that she needed more? She leaned back on the furry hide and spread her legs wide. She began to stroke her sex again as she had done at the river.

The one Olga called “her rider” began to stroke her thighs. She moaned and smiled. Her rider then began following his hands with his tongue. “Oooooo!” she responded.

The other rider sat cross legged and lay her head back in his lap. Just then her rider reached the apex of her thighs. As Olga felt his tongue stroke her, she lost all her breath. She had never even heard rumors about this. He meant to pleasure her with his mouth as she had done for him?

The sensation was overwhelming. It was so good, Olga could think of nothing but the wet warm tongue moving over her. She tangled her fingers in his long black hair, just as he had done to her. Now she understood. Olga held him tight to her. She looked down and saw his nose buried in her pubic hair. She started to rock her hips up to his mouth. He stroked faster and more firmly.

Olga began grunting with each thrust of her hips. The other man pinched her nipples lightly and Olga cried out. Just then her rider penetrated her with a finger. Her hips jerked in spasms and she wailed out her pleasure.

She pulled him up by her grip on his hair till they were face to face. Olga kissed him and tasted herself on his lips. Her rider was confused at first, as kissing was just as new to him as what he had just done was to Olga. He responded with similar enthusiasm though.

With her head still lying in the other mans lap, her rider shifted his hips slightly and entered her. Olga groaned into her riders mouth and wrapped her legs around his waist. She would not be denied at the last minute this time, this time she would make sure he emptied himself into her.

They broke their kiss and Olga looked up over his shoulder with shining eyes into the face of the man that still cradled her head in his lap. Her rider began a slow, grinding pace. She pulled him down into her with her legs on each in stroke. “Oh yessss!” she hissed.

It was a grueling dance. Having climaxed twice already, Olga was primed and felt as if she where a great wave crashing against the rocks back home on the North Sea. She had known men before, but never anything like this. The sensation began to flow through her, with no beginning and no ending.. He seemed able to ride her for hours.

Olga was senseless, she had no knowledge of anything except the men holding her, taking her. She reached up and pulled the other rider down to kiss her. He had watched his companion do this and seemed to have the idea.

Her riders pace quickened. Olga released the other rider and urged him on. “Yes, give it to me!” she cried. “Fill me!” A growl rumbled up from his chest and he splashed hotly inside her. Olga felt the flood overflow and spill out of her as he collapsed on top of her.

Her rider kissed her with tenderness, and rolled off of her. At this point Olga became aware that the other warrior had a firm erection resting against her neck. “Oh, just one more.” she smiled to herself.

Olga turned over and took the stiff phallus in her mouth. To her left the man who’s semen was still dripping out of her, lay exhausted. Olga pushed the warrior back till he lay flat with his penis straining up to her. She quickly straddled him. With her right hand, she guided him into her sperm slick depths.

She resumed the slow, grinding motion. Her lover was pined under her, he bucked up but could not increase the pace. He could only submit to be taken as Olga wanted. She giggled at this thought. A mere two hours ago she wished only to avoid being forced, now she was taking this man according to her will.

The brave, strong Lakota whimpered and made pleading noises. Olga smiled, and leaned forward, thrusting her breasts into his face. The warrior began to suckle her breast, this caused Olga to increase her speed rocking on him.

His hands gripped her hips and urged her onward. Olga sat up and looked down at him. His eyes were pinched shut and his face showed the strain. She began to ride him like a horse at full gallop. Olga reached down and touched herself again. In seconds she felt herself grip him inside her. She threw back her head and screamed

He joined her cry and exploded within her. Olga felt as if she were sitting atop a fountain., she thought surely he had erupted so hard she would taste him again.

She fell forward and kissed him again. It was clear that she could get no more from these men for the time being. Olga lay between her two lovers, and smiled. She knew that on her next anniversary she would not want for the touch of a man, or TWO, and she dosed off with that blissful smile on her lips.



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