Birthday Squared

By Sandra


I had just stepped out of the shower, in master bathroom which was mirrored on every possible surface. Which provided a evaluation of ones body from every angle...Good or Bad.

You want a word view of me... Well here goes. today is my thirty-second birthday. I tell people I am 5'9",but the tape indicates almost 5'11". Seems many or intimidated by tall women. I weigh 130 to 135 and have womans curves not typical of most tall women. My breast are smaller than most of my size 36C... capped with very long,fat and sensitive nipples. My stomach is still fairly flat,never stretched by a baby,but then I work at too. I am told I have a good looking ass... leave that to the ass experts. my hips are 37+ giving me slightly pear shape. I had kept my pussy shaved since college, until about two years before when I had my pubis lasered. You can't imagine how smooth that is unless you have experienced. Between my legs protecting my vagina is a set of fat, but short labia... so short infact that my Clitoris is fully exposed. To speak of my clit... it is the source of great joy, but also a lot of trouble. If you compare my fuck switch to a male infant, there would be little difference. Since it is always exposed any kind of garments provide a certain degree of stimulation. I have even features, nobody every called me beautiful, but a long way from plain. I do think I know how to package my asset to the maximum advantage..

I need sex frequently and I mean frequently. Taylor is a wonderful provider of sex, but not sufficient to meet my needs.

Before we married we agreed that our marriage was to be completely OPEN for my benefit. Never behind his back,I either give him advance notice or call him immediately after. Thus allowing absolute spontaneity. In return I relinquished full control over sexual lives and my wardrobe. Including WHO,WHEN,WHERE,HOW and HOW MANY.

Works for us and we both think we have the best of all worlds.

Still in the bathroom I was examining my body, not text book, but not one I am unhappy with either.

After we had had a good FUCK SESSION in the morning Taylor told my not to cumm again until he had approved.

He told me to do my hair and makeup, and to be ready by 7:00 P.M. He instructed me to do my makeup very sexual, but not that of a whore.

Taylor returned at about six and told me I could rest for a while and after he cleaned up he would lay my ensemble out in the guest room.

When he called me into the guest room there was a mid thigh ribbon skirt, the ribbons were red and eggshell and about 3/8 of an inch wide attached at the waist and completly freeflowing from there. In addition there was an transparent eggshell speghetti strapped top, which bottoned down the front and red sandles along with a eggshell coverup. He then left the room

He returned with a red shelf bra and and tiniest red G string. When I put them on my tits were clearly visable and the tiny G string just barely covered my lower frontal clevage.

We started to the City and when we turned away from the Bay and toward the Ocean I know we were headed to Sergio's the best Spanish restaurant, not Mexican, in California and likely the best outside of Spain. Sergio and Maria Christina the proprietors were very good friends and occasional fuckmates.

With my wrap in the back seat, when the young Valet opened my door I turned toward him and provided several seconds view of my had nipples for his evaluation, which got his full attention. I then while leaving my left foot in the car floor spread my right to give a full view of my all but bare cunt. His attention was complete; God I love to expose my body in Public I always wonder who enjoys it most.

His only comment, as he took my hand to help me out of the car was "Damn Mrs.B you look hot tonight."

When we entered the building Maria Christina was waiting for me and her only comment before we kissed was WOW. Her kiss was not of female friend kissing, rather a wonton sexual kiss.

Was Maria Christina, my birthday gift, which I surely love and it had been too long since I had buried my mouth between her legs. After giving Taylor a kiss and exploring his cock through the zipperless Tux Pants... my selection. She took us to a booth near the rear of the restaurant which took us by nearly every patron. Even though the almost full restaurant, it was now silent with every eye on me... Gees I was HOTT and I was sure the scent of my cunt sauce was clear to most.

The tables all had white tableclothes and good china and glassware. except the one we were to sit at, which only had the luncheon glasstop. I knew I was in for some serious play time.

Maria Christina brought over the waiter who was a twin for Sergio, except about 20 years younger. I later learned he was Sergio's out of wedlock son. Javier had a bottle of fine Spanish Sparkeling. Which we declined, need nothing to dull my senses, if this was going to be the kind of night I thought is was. Javier was devouring my nearly bare body and I knew at some point we would make wonderful music together.

Taylor turned my face to him and our mouth's locked together. I do so love the way he kisses and if that is all we ever did I would still be with this man. At he same time with his right hand he unbuttoned one more button of my top and reach for my left nipple. As hott as I was they were already hard, as he found my fat nipple he took it between his thumb and fingers and squeesed hard. Pain shot directly from my breast to my loins and I sexperienced my first mini O of the evening. Taylor continued to kiss me while sending several more shots of pain through my body. I am not really into pain, but this is prime enjoyment.

He then worked his hand up my completely bare legs with each inch he got closer to my honey pot I spread my legs further apart. He soon reach my soaked cunt and with little effort pushed the covering over and slipped a finger into my hole. I pushed the table away so we would have more room and asked him to insert more of his hand as I really need a Major O. Taylor accomodated my pussy with a full four fingers and after a sever workout I was cumming like a fire hose and just as wett.

Others had to know what was going on.

Taylor then instructed my to to take off both the G String as well as my Bra and leave them on the table. With our significant makeout , Taylor told me to go to the ladies room and redo my makeup. Now walking through the room and for all practical purposes nude, I noted several of the ladies were enjoying my show as much as the gentlemen. Always wonder if the woman wanted to FUCK me or just wished they had that kind of confidence.

When I returned Taylor said " Javier has agreed to Fuck You." All that came out of my mouth was when and where!! The reply was now and here.!!

Javier took me my the elbow and directed me to an alcove just across. He slipped on hand through the skirt and onto my bare ass. His index finger made a direct assault on my backdoor.. When we reach the area we pushed my back against the wall, as undid his pants and release his tool. The light was dimm and we were out of the view of most but not all. with his cock in my hand, I could tell he was not overly long but nice and thick. I wrapped one leg around his waist and pulled his cock to my heated need.

Javier was young and had little technique. But as hot and horney as I was technique was the last thing I needed. He slammed his fat cock into me so hard that I thought it could come out my asshole. I felt nice and full, you girls know what I mean full but not streched. We got into a good rhythm and in minutes I was about to cumm. I put my hand in my mouth and bite down hard to keep down the sound. Once this woman get to the O stage it takes little stimulus to keep at or near O. After about five or more minutes Javier said Mrs. B I am about to Cumm. Do you want me to pull out? Shit no I whispered give me your full load. At the same time I felt his body spasm and several shots of hot young sperm blast into my body.

As we remained lock together sweating and with our hearts pounding I looked at our table and both Taylor and Sergio had been watching the action. The two men talked and then Sergio started across the room until he was standing directly behind this son. While I could not see him removing his cloths, I knew he was bare from the waist down.

At this time Javiers cock softed and I could not longer hold him in my cunt. As he pulled away he said this has been Maria Christina's Birthday gift to you , she hopes you do not mind sharing.

Sergio asked me to stand on my inside leg to improve Taylors's view, which I did happily. As Sergio's familiar penis entered my pussy I know I would be there for a while as he has good staying power..

After my Birthday Fucking and some Tapa's. Taylor and I walked out of Sergios where there was a Limo waiting with an open door. Stepped was a man about 50, with a good body and only wearing a thong which hid nothing and a young woman only wearing a matching bottom. She had beautiful boobs, if store bought. She took my hand as she entered the car and I followed, with the man behind me.

As the door was closing Taylor Said " Have a wonderful Birthday My Darling" as the car pulled from the curb.

This is more Fact than Fiction.


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