Jar of Wishes

By Elmer
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In the corner of Tom and Karen’s bedroom, on a small undignified table, sits two jars. Both jars are of the innocuous type, both spaghetti sauce. The original labels were removed some time ago; when Karen had suggested the idea to limit Toms’ continued requests for certain “favours.” Each is labelled in different writing; the first, chicken scratched, reads Toms’ wishes, the second is written in delicate penmanship, reads Karen’s Wishes; these are the ‘Wish Jars.’

The rules for access to these jars are complicated. Tom is pretty sure he doesn’t have a full grasp of them since he doesn’t get access to his very often, where as Karen does. Perhaps Tom doesn't get access to his jar since he doesn’t follow the rules of access as laid out by Karen. Tom on the other hand tends to be over generous with his doling out of wishes. This arrangement is not entirely disagreeable to Karen. Tom doesn’t wish to upset the apple cart and endanger the concept, so hasn’t questioned the arrangement.

Tom has finished his Saturday chores, showered, is shaven, and moderately well dressed for a weekend day. The newest book by his favourite author is out and he is reading quietly, versus the usual afternoon of sports TV. Karen noticed this oddity has retrieved the Tom's jar of wishes from the table. Tom's ears, normally attuned only to swats aside the head, are sensitive to the rattle of the tiny folded pieces of paper in the jar as they are shaken. Each of these folded pieces of three inch by four inch notebook sheets of paper hold specials favours to be granted to the wishee. The payee of the wish gets one caveat against that wish, if he or she chooses to make one, sort of like the elimination process of potentially unsavoury jurors during voir dire. The author of the wish gets no time to prepare and must affect this wish with no notice.

Karen offers him a chance to shake the jar containing his wishes. He hasn’t a clue what he’s done to deserve this wish and has no inclination to ask why. Tom declines the opportunity. Karen opens the jar, and closes her eyes, a rule. She slides two opposing fingers into the jar and pulls out a single folded note. Without reading it, another rule, she hands it to Tom, the author reads it at his or her leisure, and in his case - usually with zeal. He/she must read it out loud so the payee has time to acclimate him or herself to the event that will follow. In the time of the jar of wished neither of them has refused an opportunity to accept a wish grant.

“We shall have on outing and you shall wear whatever,” Tom emphasizes whatever, “I wish.” He looks up at Karen who is now sporting a wry look and smiles a wily smile at him. Tom is now too keyed up, and thinking ahead about what she'll wear. He has yet to figure out an error in his wish. He pretty much already knew the items of clothing he had in mind when he wrote the wish.

Karen immediately noted to herself he had neglected to make any mention of sex. So it will be at her whim and desire; she smiles at Tom broadly, again, “Ok, Let's get to it.”

Tom is rummaging through Karen's dresser and closet searching for the specific items she’ll wear out tonight nearly before she enunciates the ‘k.’ He would prefer this happen during the day, but he’s gotten a wish, so it’s no major problem, night will do.

While we wait for him to find the clothes we’ll discuss the wishes in these jar's. When Karen suggested the idea Tom was entirely approving, however, when it came to writing down the wishes Tom was done long before Karen, which surprised him. “Popped early I see,” Karen said to him, grinning, and proceeded to fish out the weaker of her ideas, so they had the same number of wishes.

“Ok,” Tom said poking his head out of the bedroom, “ready.” He selected a white, v-back, g-string, so the sides, but not the back could be seen above the waist band of the skirt. The skirt was a 12 inch, waist to hem, polyester spandex blend, never before worn type. He would later be pleased to see the g-string could be seen lightly through the fabric. Lying rumpled on the bed is a white half cup bra that lifts and displays. Folded neatly on the bed, as he'd found it in the drawer, was the top for the evening; a sheer acetate top with satin breast pockets to cover the treasures that ought not be displayed, but would be ever so slightly. Tom held his hand out like one of the hostess's on The Price is Right showing the items for Karen.

“I have the same skirt with a 10 inch hem,” Karen said and immediately her eyes widened and eyebrows reached for her hairline. She grimaced, that was an uncalled for comment on her part she thought, a comment for which she thought she might or might not regret.

Tom yanked back the skirt he'd picked as Karen lunged for it. He held out his hand, “Fork it over,” he demanded and asked at the same time.

Karen went to her dresser and pulled it off the top of the first stack of skirts Tom has searched through.

Tom nodded his approval. He tossed the 12 inch skirt in the drawer and shoved it closed. He picked up the remainder of the clothes he’d had chosen to her and held them out to her. Karen took them and retired to the bathroom to shower and “dress.” Tom searched for attire for himself for the nights festivities, khakis and a short sleeve shirt; no underwear. Tom slapped his forehead as the shower turned on. He realized he’d forgotten to mention sex in the wish. He grinned a wicked grin, he'd get it anyway, so he stuck with the ‘no drawers for the night’ thought.

Tom dressed quickly and went out to the porch to gauge the weather; pleasant. He tried to sleep in the rocking chair on the back porch while he waited for Karen to appear.

Karen washed all her parts thoroughly, partially dreading that she’d decided to grant a wish, and yet excited about the possibilities. I could use a shave, she thought as she washed her pride and joy and felt the stubble, it had been several days, but opted out. No mention in the wish, she thought, and knocked on the shower faucet knob. She opened the shower door and grabbed her towel. She patted herself dry and put on her various odor preventers and enhancers. Without thought she picked up the g-string and pulled them on. She did think about it after they were on, she turned to examine her ass in the mirror, she grimaced again. Her thong suntan lines went higher than the g-string. Not a look she cherished, but she knew it’d give Tom a quick hard-on. She put on the bra and made sure the display was adequate, she pushed her breasts up and hiking the bra up, shortening the shoulder strap, as much as she could bear for a full and pleasing look. She picked up the skirt and held it out in front of her face and shook her head at her lack of brain engagement on her part. After hesitating for a small moment she pulled the skirt on. And as she wished and dreaded, at the same time, it failed to cover much. She discovered she had either butt cleavage or the bottom of her bottom hung out. She thought about which part to cover while she buttoned the shirt. She was semi-grateful the shirt, albeit sheer, save the pockets, was long. She turned her attention to her butt again and looking over her shoulder, in the mirror, examined the problem.

Having done what she could with what little she had on, Karen stood before Tom as he sat in the rocking chair. She touched his shoulder. His dick stiffened immediately. He reached up to tweak her pointers, the dark spots showing, but not promiscuously, if that was possible.

Karen slapped his hand, “The caveat, sir” she smiled broadly, “no touchee, feeeeeleee.”

At least she didn’t say no sex, he thought. Tom twirled his finger, wanting her to turn around. Tom's eyes brightened; not only was there cleavage back there, there were creases underneath, and thong tan lines showing vaguely through the shirt. Tom sighed and looked up and thanked the guy in heaven.

Karen grinned, “Let’s go, horny.”

Tom followed her everywhere until they got to the car. He opened her door and marveled at the smooth mound as she sat, (it is dark.)

Let us forward the tale to the walk through the mall, Tom smartly chose one in the next town over. That precaution ensured sex in Karen’s mind. Embarrassment is a downer.

Before they entered the mall Karen stepped in front of Tom and put her hand on his chest to stop him. “We make one walk through and we leave.”

Tom agreed eagerly and stepped around her and reached for the door.

Karen pulled his hand back, “and, you follow.”

Tom nodded quickly, “Now?” He asked.

“Now.” Karen stepped through the door Tom held open for her.

It was a bit on the chilly side, a plus for Tom. Her ogled and leered at her as they pointed and showed to be proud. Karen was definitely an eye catching site as she walked she knew.

Tom hung out at the door watching her ass twitch and sachet as she walked away from him. He had seen the suntan line barely, but the white g-string sides were very obvious against her tanned skin. The further she got away the less he could see the butt cleavage and down under crease fill and crack, fill and crack. Tom pulled at his cock as it strained against the zipper; he repositioned himself to stop the scratching. He followed her, trying to be nonchalant and non-obvious. Soon he found himself being joined by other guys, some not so obvious, some trying desperately to be coy. When Karen would get to one of the turning points Tom would quickly switch sides of the mall and post himself on a wall to watch her coming toward him and pass-by as she turned the corner.

At the second turn she stopped in front of him, “I have to go to the ladies room. I have to do some clean up.” She looked down at Tom's zipper and cocked her head down, “You should, too.”

Tom looked down and slowly slipped a hand down to cover the wet spot. “I could join you in the bathroom for a few minutes.”


“I can assure you – it won’t take long,” he was begging.

“No.” She hissed and walked away, smiling slyly.

Tom grinned and the crowd moved on, less obvious now that Tom had been identified; it even thinned slightly. He noticed the skirt had slipped in her walking and the top part of the V in the g-string was showing; her bottom was gone. Her walk was now sexier than ever, the top of the skirt moved up and down left and right.

Karen disappeared into the Ladies room.

Tom dashed into the men’s room. He was glad he was alone. He locked himself into a stall. With in the course of less than ten strokes Tom dumped a load into the toilet, on the floor, and the seat; which he had failed to lift. He unrolled some toilet paper and cleaned the mess. He hustled out of the stall looking under the stalls to be sure he was alone. He washed his hands and was glad he was still the only one in there, he was sure he’d made some noise.

When Tom came out the men’s room two guys were hanging out at the hallway entrance. Tom used a hand motion to shoo them away. He waited for Karen.

Karen came out of the ladies room, a little girl squealed from inside. Karen looked down the hallway, no one was there. She lifted her shirt and flashed her pert tits at him, she dropped the shirt again so her tits’ were semi covered by the satin pockets as a Grandmother ‘tsked’ her way past them with the little girl.

They both laughed.

“We can leave now,” Tom smiled.

“Ok,” she took his arm, “You may have to save me from the maniacs.”

“You're safe from all but one.”

“You’re the one I’m most worried about.”

“I’m safe.”

“You didn’t? In there?”

“I didn’t mention it on the note.”

“TOM!!” Karen exaggerated. She was glad though because now he would have a bit more staying power when the time was right.”

In the back of Toms’ mind he still thought of sex. His cock had only mildly softened and was back to full tilt as they began the hour and a half drive home.

Karen saw a sign that was an obvious longer way home and suggested Tom take it. Now, normally Tom would shoot a look over at her, hmmmph, sigh, then ask why, and before she could answer tell her why not. Tonight he puts the turn signal on a half mile away from the turn.

About 15 minutes after the last house light Karen offers that perhaps Tom should pull over to the side of the road. We could say whiplash might have resulted.

“Wish over,” leave the car running and get out.

Tom tries to get out, but is locked in by the electric door locks. He fumbles with the button and manages to get the door unlocked and opened. He tries to put his foot out of the car, but is restrained by the seat belt. Tom groans and unlatches the seatbelt and then is finally able to get out. He doesn’t notice the towel on the seat when Karen gets out.

“Parking lights only Tom,” Karen warns.

Tom runs back around to the door, opens it, turns off the headlight darkness sensor and turns on the parking lights.

When he returns to the front of the car Karen smiles at him, “Drop ‘em, dude,”

With no hesitation he does so.

Karen pulls up her shirt exposing her taught breasts and hard nipples, highlighted by the white, half cup, bra and the orange of the car lights. “Lick my nipples, Tom, please,” Karen says driven by the urge to be fucked.

Tom leans against her and tries to put his dick between her legs as he puts his tongue to her hard points.

Karen pushes him away, “No, I’ll cum. Lick my nipples,’ she whispers.”

Toms steps up to her, but keeps in mind to keep his dick to himself and begins to ravage her nipples with his lips and tongue.

“No more,” Karen cries immediately. She pulls her skirt up to her stomach and then her drops the g-string and kicks it off her foot. Karen bends over the front of the car and lays her half covered tits on the vibrating, pulsing, warm hood. “Go, Tom, NOW!”

Tom easily slides into Karen's smoothness and begins riding in and out of her.
Her velvet lips are soaked and ready for the hard skin ride. Karen moans before the second trip of Tom's cock into the dark wonder she holds.

“Hold me up, Tom” Karen growled in lust. She tries her best to meet him as he strokes into her. The warmth of the car permeates her tits; the vibration of the motor intensified the feeling of her coming orgasm. She groans as Tom plunges into her and slowly slides out of the warmth he treasures.

“Car’s coming,” Tom whispered.

“Don’t stop,” Karen growled as she nears her peak.

The car slows as it approaches.

Tom continues the royal fucking of Karen as the car gets close.

The driver recognizes the goings on. She steps hard on the accelerator.

That was when Karen hit her stride and screamed in long awaited pleasure. She arched her back, just enough so that by coincidence only her nipples touched the warm vibrating hood. She screamed in pleasure and another explosion rocked her pussy and rolled outwards.

Knowing Karen's stride Tom matched her motion and drive as she screams in delight, then slowed as her motion slowed to a steady purr again.

Tom steps back and pulls Karen up from the car. Tom looks at her glowing in the cars lights and orgasm.

Karen smiles faintly and her shirt slides down. She bends to pull her g-string up, then tugs her skirt down.

“I’m a mess. I can’t get in the car like this,” He said, being honest. “I have nothing to clean up with.”

“I do,” she smirked, and licked her lips.


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