Elisa's Night In

By Anonymous


"Bring back some beer!", Elisa hollers cheerfully as she leads her friends out of the dorm. She closes the door and there is nothing but silence, she has the whole dorm to herself all night, so she thinks she might have a little fun. She glances around to see if she might have missed something, then slowly slips away her black evening dress and slivers onto the bed in her underwear. She reaches into the bedside drawer and pulls out her friend Alex's porno magazine.

She slowly draws her fingers up to her mouth and lets her tongue form a moist layer on her two fingers. She slides her fingers into her panties and begins to slowly rub her clitoris until it becomes moist. It feels so good that she tilts her head back in pleasure. This is the first time she ever done anything like this but she felt so good. She forces her two wet fingers up into her cunt and bites her upper lip in pleasure, then slides her fingers in and out, increasing with speed, until *BAM*, the door opens and her friend Alex bursts in. Alex stares at her with awe as Elisa shyly closes her legs up to her soft breasts. Neither of them say anything, they just stare at each other.

Elisa smiles seductively at Alex, then Alex slams the door violently whilst ripping off his shirt and slipping down his pants, revealing his semi hard cock. Elisa immediately, without saying anything slams Alex's warm penis into her mouth, sucking and blowing violently until his cock becomes fully erect in her mouth. She is amazed at the size of his hot, throbbing cock, and she slowly slips it into her wet cunt. "Holy shit!" she screams as Alex pushes harder and harder into her begging cunt, her breasts now shaking up and down violently, "Fuck me!" she cries as Elisa's juices flow onto Alex's pumping cock, the warm liquid flowing wildly down her legs as she begs for more. Alex feels her vaginal juice flow onto his throbbing cock, and with a large breath he cums rapidly. Elisa feels the pulse of Alex's cum deep inside of her cunt and it feels so good that she ejaculates again and again, the juice pouring down her legs. Alex is still so horny that he pulls out his massive cock from her vagina and pumps all over her soft breasts. She smiles with delight and tastes the cum that jumps into her mouth. She sees the semen on Alex's cock and sucks it off gently with her tongue.

Alex, seeing that Elisa wanted more, slides down the bed and starts to gently pull Elisa's panties down her legs, revealing her shiny, moist vagina. He pulls out his tongue and starts caress her moist flaps with it. He could see Elisa was still having an orgasm, so he cupped his mouth around her clitoris and started to suck gently with his tongue still tickling her, the juices squirting into his mouth. Elisa just kept cumming and cumming, she sighed with pleasure whilst her juices splashed against Alex's face. Alex took one last suck on her clit then licked all the way up her gentle body, sucking and licking her erect nipples. Elisa's orgasm starts to fade slowly, and she smiles to herself slyly, knowing that she had her fun tonight.


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