The Scenic Route

By Zuke
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We pick up the Olds, made in the days when size and power meant everything in a car. You have never ridden in a car quite this big and are amazed at the size of the interior and the long bench seat. We hit the expressway and can easily overtake anything in our path. The ride is smooth and quite and the jazz fills the cabin as the margaritas we enjoyed earlier start to work their magic on you.

You give me that glassy eyed look I’ve seen many times before as you lift the arm rest and slide closer and closer to me, your dress gently rising on your thighs. You lay your head on my shoulder and start nibbling on my neck and ears, flicking your tongue around my earlobe knowing this drives me crazy. You whisper that you feel like you want to keep driving forever.

You reach down and rub my crotch trying to get my attention and whisper again…I’m getting wet…

I look at you and you put your lips to mine and force your tongue into my mouth with a hunger and longing that I haven’t felt in a long time. I put my arm around you and start to caress your breasts and you respond as never before. I put my hand under your bra and your nipples are straining to be touched as a low guttural moan escapes your lips. I release the clasp allowing them to be free and you remove your bra effortlessly throwing it into the back seat and resume kissing me and getting yourself further excited.

You whisper again… touch me…….I said touch me.

I reach down and slide my hand under your panties sliding into the wettest, hottest cunt I’ve ever felt. You sigh….Oh godddddd! I insert my fingers, rub your clit, jack you off, but not satisfying you. You can’t get enough. You come and moan and come again.

You want more.

I keep working you as I pull from behind the Semi we’ve been following. I call you a slut and you seem to thrive on it, moaning as your juices flow on my hand and trickle down your leg. The trucker is watching you I say. You’ve been so worked up you hadn’t even noticed. You’ve always been shy but tonight it doesn’t seem to bother you. You seem to come again at the thought of it. I yell at you to pull your dress off.

The first hesitation I see in you dissipates as I push down on the accelerator and slowly approach the cab. You rip off the dress and toss it aside as I shove three fingers into your insatiable pussy and you moan even louder. I slowly close in on the trucker. He will soon be within feet of viewing the wettest, horniest bitch on the road. Spread your legs wide and let him see you come for me I taunt. You comply by spreading wider. As I accelerate to within inches of you exposing your fully engorged, dripping cunt, I pull my hand away. You don’t want it to stop and don’t know why I do this until you realize I want you to fuck yourself for our amusement.

You can’t take it and reach down and finger yourself like a mad woman closing in on the most body wrenching orgasm you’ve ever had, you butt rises in anticipation of this stranger watching you come, as if for the first time! I reach under you and start to rub your hole, until now a foreign and off limit transgression that now feels like a new virginity about to be broken. A new taboo to embrace.

You jump at the new sensation but start to enjoy the intensity of the newly aroused nerve endings as they build and shoot into your pussy. Your ass is well lubricated from your come and as your splayed orgasming pussy is exposed to this new man as you give into yourself and let your weight force my finger into your virgin hole, screaming as you go over the edge into a body shuddering orgasm never experienced before, coming for me, coming again for yourself and again for a trucker who will never forget this run.

I ride along side the cab for a while letting everyone enjoy the moment, and you a moment to revel in your exhibition as your body reduces itself to a slightly quivering satisfied essence of sexuality. Your screaming subsides to a low sighing of pleasure as I gradually accelerate past the truck looking into my rear view to a very appreciative trucker and down at my very appreciative wife.

In the back of my mind, I wonder what I have just unleash as a new mischievous grin gradually works its way onto your face…


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