The Voyeur Gets Caught
Part I

By Georgepat
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I had waited all week for this evening. If I was lucky I might be able to see Sarah nude. Sarah is my neighbor and is a real fox! With her blond hair and killer body, man, like I said, a real foxy chick. She usually goes out with the girls on Thursday evenings, comes home around 10:30 and is normally a little bit tipsy. Her bedroom window is at ground level towards the rear of the house. There are bushes planted around the perimeter to give me the necessary cover I will need to spy on her. As it is warm I’m wearing dark shorts and a dark t shirt. I also have a digital video camera that I’m going to try to use too. It would be great to look at it later on my computer and jack off remembering what I might see.
My name is Pat and my seventeenth birthday is day after tomorrow. My parents are out of town right now but will return to take me out for my birthday dinner. We have a summer place at the lake and they wanted me to go with them but I chose to stay here because I had several people’s yards to mow for a little spending money.

As it approached nine thirty, I gathered all my stuff, went out our backdoor heading towards her house. In a few minutes I was there. A light was on in the front room but as I mover around towards the rear of her home I saw that her bedroom was dark. I snuck in between the shrubs and set my tripod up, mounted the camera and covered the red record light with a piece of dark tape so it wouldn’t be seen. I checked to see that my remote switch worked and it did. Ok, I was almost ready. I looked at her window and as usual, there was about a two inch gap at the bottom where her curtain didn’t quite reach the sill and that was where my camera was aimed. I turned on the night vision thing and checked to see where my camera was focused. Good! Right towards the bed. I switched back to regular mode and turned off the cam. I was now ready for whatever might happen.

As I had a little time to kill, I lit a cigarette I had swiped from my Dad and thought ahead to what I might get to see tonight. I was hoping it would be good. I had spied on several of the other neighbors but they were mostly my Mom’s age and sort of fleshy. But seeing pussy is seeing pussy and I was content.

I heard a car come up the road and turn into the drive way. A few minutes later I heard the car door open and then to my horror, heard another door open too. “Shit, I thought, “She has someone with her tonight.” Fuck! I was just about ready to abandon my plan when I heard two women chatting and giggling. I heard one of them say that she didn’t mind driving Sarah home because she was sort of fucked up and she shouldn’t be driving. “Yeah, said Sarah, “and your not?” “Well, not as bad as you” They both laughed and I heard the front door open, then close. I thought perhaps that the other woman would leave in a few minutes, but as a little time passed and she didn’t come out of the house, I carefully walked towards the side window and peeked in. They were sitting at a table with a couple of beers in front of them just talking and giggling the way women do sometimes. They were talking about some guy that had been at the bar tonight and that they would have liked it if he had come home with them. They would have shown him a thing or two, they said.

They finished the beer and her friend stood up to leave but Sarah told her that she might need help getting to bed cause she was really messed up now. Her friend, Mary, as I had overheard her name to be, said she’d help get her to bed if she wanted. She helped Sarah get up and then put her arm around Sarah’s waist and helped her walk towards the bedroom. I quietly hurried back to my secret spot and had just turned the cam on when the bedroom light came on. I stood and looked through he window from about a foot away. I knew that I couldn’t be seen from inside the lighted room and the bushes gave me enough cover so I was basically invisible to anyone that might look in this direction.

I saw Sarah undo her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it leaving it where it was. She was fumbling with the buttons on her blouse so Mary asked if she wanted help with those. “Yeah, I guess I do,” Sarah replied. From my vantage point I could see Mary start to unbutton Sarah’s blouse, then slide it off her shoulders and toss it to a nearby chair. Sarah was standing there in just her bra and panties. My cock took notice of this immediately and started to tingle. Sarah kept trying to reach behind her back to unhook her bra but wasn’t having much luck with that either. Mary stood in front of her and reached her arms around Sarah and undid it with, of course, no problem. As her bra slid off, I could hear Mary’s intake of breath. “God, Sarah,” she said “You have great looking tits.”“You think so?” Sarah replied. She then took her hands and playfully cupped her breasts and said “34C.” Mary was staring hard at Sarah’s tits and said, “I wish mine were shaped that nice.”“ But you have nice ones too Mary”, Sarah told her. “No I don’t,” Mary replied, “That’s just my bra.” “I have smaller pointed ones”. “Some of the guys I’ve dated said that they were puffy and it kind of turned them off” “Puffy?” Sarah asked, “what do you mean?” Mary said, “You know when you first start developing breasts, how they just look like bumps on a log?” Sarah nodded her head and Mary continued. “Well, mine never got much past that stage. Just a little bigger but not nice and full like yours.” Sarah hiccupped and said, “Let me see them Mary, I’ve never seen ones like those. “Well, Ok.” Mary shrugged, “but don’t laugh.” “I would never laugh at you Mary, you’re my best friend.” Sarah told her. Mary turned away from Sarah and was standing facing me at the window. I saw her as she lifted her t shirt over her head and then took off her bra. She turned slowly toward Sarah again and Sarah said, “Mary,” “there’s nothing wrong with those.” “I might be a little bit buzzed but I think they look ...well, they look sexy.” “Your nipples are so big; they almost cover the entire top of your tit.” “I bet they are real sensitive aren’t they?” Sarah asked. “Shit”, Mary said, “No guy has touched them except for a second or two and I didn’t feel a thing from that.” “I told you that they thought they were ugly.” Sarah said that she had to sit down and sat on the end of the bed. Mary was right in front of her and her tits were right in front of Sarah’s face.
I couldn’t believe what happened next. I was going to get a lot more that I had planned on my cam tonight.


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