The Voyeur Gets Caught
Part II

By Georgepat
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As Sarah sat there with Mary’s tits just a few inches away from her face, I saw a look come into Mary’s eyes and with out warning she leaned towards Sarah and her breast brushed her lips. Sarah put her arms around Mary’s waist and pressed her face into Mary’s tit. Her mouth opened and she flicked her tongue out and started slowly to circle Mary’s puffy nipple. Mary put her head back and moaned out loud.
I couldn’t believe what was happening right in front of me. My plans of seeing Sarah nude had now turned into something completely different. I looked to see that my cam was still running and I sure hoped that I had enough tape to get everything that might happen. I drew closer to the window and looked back inside.

Mary’s arms were around Sarah’s back and she was leaning down and kissing the top of Sarah’s head then drifting down and kissing her cheek. Sarah turned her head slightly and they met in a kiss. Sarah broke the kiss and asked Mary if she could remove her jeans as the rough material was causing discomfort. Mary stood up and removed her belt and unbuttoned her pants and slipped them down her legs. Sarah then started to give Mary little kisses down from her tits towards her flat belly. Sarah hooked her thumbs into the waist band of Mary’s panties and pulled them down also. Mary’s cunt was as smooth as a baby’s ass. Not a hair to be seen. Sarah told her that she also kept her pussy shaved because she liked the feel of it when she played with it at night. “Oh, Sarah,” Mary said, “I feel so horny and hot right now and I’ve never been with another woman before, but this just seems so right with you tonight.” Can you show me how you do it to yourself?” Mary asked. “Oh, Mary,” “Were going to have some fun now” Sarah breathed. “Lay down here on the bed and I’ll lie beside you.” Sarah stood and removed her panties, then slid her hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy for a few moments.

From my spot outside the window, when they reclined on the bed, I could see right into their open legs! “This is fuckin great!” I said to myself. I watched as Sarah told Mary to open her legs wider and to watch what she did and then do the same thing to herself.

Sarah opened her legs until her knees were almost touching the bed and started to rub her fingers up and down her slit. Her nipples began to stiffen as I watched her touch herself. Mary followed suit and soon they were both rubbing away at their pussies. I could hear them moaning and groaning and my cock was hard as a rock and getting very uncomfortable so I pulled my shorts down and took my cock out and slowly started to jack myself off as I watched those two lovely ladies.
Sarah looked at Mary’s hands moving in her pussy and asked if she could to that for her. Mary replied, “Oh yes, Sarah, Please do it for me.” Sarah removed her hand from her own pussy and leaned over and got on her side facing Mary’s open legs. She slowly started to kiss Mary’s thigh’s and under her knee’s. Mary squirmed around and was breathing faster as Sarah touched her pussy with her tongue.
Sarah licked Mary’s cunt slit forwards and backwards, then found Mary’s clit and sucked it into her mouth. Mary shouted out that she was on fire and wanted to cum. Sarah then put two fingers into her pussy and started to fuck her with her hand. Mary’s ass was lifting off the bed as Sarah kept up with her pussy eating and finger fucking. Mary was going wild and told Sarah, “Put more fingers in my cunt.” Her ass lifted off the bed again and Mary shouted for Sarah to “Cram my cunt full.” Sarah looked up at Mary’s face and then took her hand and wiped it between her own legs and scooped up some of her pussy’s freely flowing cunt juice and lubricated her hand, then returned it to Mary’s cunt and started to push her whole hand into Mary’s quivering hole. “OH GOD’” Mary cried. “OH GOD, Sarah, It feels so goooood” “More” Mary begged, “More”. Sarah pushed her entire hand. All the way to the wrist into Mary s sopping wet pussy. Mary screamed once again and told Sarah she was cumming and not to stop licking and sucking her cunt. Mary’s back arched off the bed and she started to shake all over as Sarah kept pumping her fist in and out of Mary’s cunt. Finally Mary collapsed back onto the bed and pulled her pointed tits very hard and then shouted to Sarah to remove her hand now. Sarah did and just then Mary’s cunt gushed her cum out with such force that it splashed onto Sarah’s face. Sarah licked her face and then used her hand to wipe it all up and licked it off her hand.

Sarah licked Mary’s pussy juice and cum off her face and then used her hand to wipe the rest of it all up and licked it off her hand. After several minutes Sarah asked Mary if she enjoyed that. Mary told her that she sure did as it was the best cum she had ever had. Sarah looked at her and smiled. “Good, because now it’s my turn to have you make me cum like you did.”

I was stroking my cock as I watched Sarah fisting Mary’s pussy and I couldn’t hold back any longer. My cum boiled out of my cock and splattered against the side of Sarah’s house. Being young I guess, just because I had just cum did not make my cock shrink. If fact it was as hard now as it was before I had shot my wad. I checked my cam and saw that I was almost out of tape. Fuck, I thought, I need to get more tape. I don’t want to miss Sarah getting her’s. I turned to make my way quickly back to my house and grab another tape. As I went between the bushes one of the damn branches flipped back towards the house and lightly smacked the window. I didn’t think it was loud enough for them to have heard so I didn’t worry about it.


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