A Ruthless Tease

By Scott


I am your average male…loves football, loves a nice cold one, and absolutely loves hot women! I know, how predictable, yes? Well, so be it. I’m happy and find my way into the arms of more than a fair share of the women I find attractive. But something, or rather, someONE happened to me a year and a half ago, that has forever changed me, and in some ways come to own me. I recently moved out of the field of operations for my company and into the corporate office. This also entailed moving in general, so after six years of renting, I finally muscled up a down payment on a modest home and purchased my first piece of real estate. I WAS somebody.

Now, how was I to know that who lived next door to me would alter my life completely? And that I would fall into an almost trapped state of arousal because of it. It happened the second day in my new house. I was moving two boxes of stuff from the foyer toward the stairs leading to the second floor. As it was, I couldn’t see over the boxes, but was craning my neck around the corner so I could see the bottom stair. And then she spoke. Soft, almost as if a giggle had been wrapped in velvet, and asked if I needed any help.

I turned, but the boxes were still blocking my view. All I could see were prettily painted toes and miles of tan leg. Turning more, the rest of her came into view. Oh hell, I was done from that moment. There in front of me was lust inside of skin. Long, auburn tinted brunette hair fell around her shoulders, chest and back, and she was grinning slyly at me, as if she knew what first impressions of her did to men. She was wearing torn denim shorts and a hint of a pink tank top that must have fit her tight at age 12. Her tummy was exposed beneath the frayed hem of her top, and it was copper-brown tanned and tight, with a dangling belly ring with something sparkling on it. But where I died and was reborn was her amazing tits! So large and perfect…round past her sides, but high on her torso, with a huge cavern of cleavage, just lightly dappled with perspiration, as it was warm.

I struggled to moan something, when she beat me to it. “Hi, I’m Sabrina, I live next door and saw your moving van. Thought I might wish you a neighborly hello!”

I realized I was at a disadvantage, finally, and clumsily let the boxes fall to the floor with a thud. She jumped and giggled, causing her amazing chest to shake, making her nipples harden right in front of me. I know I tried my best to not stare, but I think she saw my eyes glance toward her heavenly body. Her smile widened. I should have run screaming.

“I’m Scott, happy to meet y-you,” I stammered at the very end. Dammit!

She stepped closer, and offered her hand, her LEFT hand, which had a kiwi-sized diamond perched on her very obvious wedding ring. Dammit again! I thought it strange, but gave her my left hand to return the soft handshake. Well, that was it then, she was politely showing me her status without having to say it. She was off limits. She loved that--I would soon learn. But I figured, HELL, I have never in my life seen a woman so straight out of my fantasies, that I would live with the fact she was taken, and enjoy the occasional friendly hello, and perhaps nocturnal lust session with myself.

She then did something that made me catch my breath, and she heard it. She asked me, “do you have anything to drink?” I said, “well, yes, if water is OK, I don’t have any ice either…still m-moving in.” My second stammer made her switch her eyes to me quickly. The left side of her grin inched upwards a notch, and she then said, “that’ll be fine, I just need a little something…been busy doing my thing today…you know…” I didn’t, but I was happy to break the close proximity of the sexy lady that was my new neihbor. When I came back with a glass, she was turned sideways to me, her body lit from behind by the front bay window, pulling her hair away from her neck and up. The effect was devastating. It only highlighted the amazing size of her breasts, compared to her tiny waist and teenager-firm ass. She kept running her hands through her hair, arms above her shoulders. That’s when I caught my breath, sharply!

It made her turn, but she didn’t turn like someone startled would turn. She turned slow, sensually moving her body without turning her hips. This pulled her tank top tight against her chest, the round swells of sweet tits were pushing outside the edge of the shirt, and her nipples were completely hard and begging for attention. “Are you ok, Scott?” She asked smiling still.

“uh, yes, Sabrina…sorry…I”, I trailed off, not knowing where to go, and realizing I was also turning very aroused in her presence. I didn’t know what to do, I had never quite been this captive before, hating the flush of my cheeks, the lack of confidence and the insistent pulsing that was hardening my cock against my wishes.

I needed to be away from her to calm down, but she had other plans. I later would remember this scene in slow motion, as she recognized another man who would kill to be with her, and she used it to further tease and excite him (me). She walked slowly towards me, swaying her sexy hips and tits as she moved. She stopped painfully close to me, taking the glass from my somewhat shaking hand, and brought it to her lips, sipping lazily at the edge of the glass and sighing as if being touched intimately. As she tipped the glass back down, water escaped ever so slightly, some staying on her lips and chin, while a few drops trickled onto her amazing chest and dribbled painfully into her cleavage.

“Oops…oh my…I’m a bit sloppy, aren’t I?”, she said, taking two finger and wiping upwards from the bottom of her cleavage to the top, then placing the two finger in her mouth and closing her lips around them to suck them dry. Her eyes flicked up at mine just then and I’m sure she saw me staring longingly between her impossible breasts to her sexy mouth. I felt my cock reach the height of arousal, and knew it would be a visible ridge in my shorts.

So, right then, she backs up a step and says, “SO…let’s get a look at the new man in town, shall we?” Her eyes started at my face then appeared to appraise me from head to toe…and, I believe, she lingered at my crotch where my lust was rampant and obvious. I was dying, and wanted to cover my erection, but had no way of being discreet about it. And then she delivers the bomb.

“So, Scooter…can I call you Scooter? It’s a cute nickname. I should probably get home soon, as my husband is furiously jealous of me. Says I am too forward with men, that I am…well, a bit of a cocktease, what with my oversized chest and tiny butt, and all…” She stopped. Tugged at the bottom of her lifted tank top, only killing me more. I felt myself pulse and leak at the same time. Hey eyes twitched toward my misery. I could not move if I wanted to. She was going to play this her way, and I was a passenger in the erotically charged scenario.

“I, uh…well, Sabrina, if you must go…” How pathetic did that sound??? Oh hell, I thought, ask her to stay, do anything!

“Awww, you’re smitten with me…how sweet!” And she stepped forward and put the glass on the cabinet next to me, coming literally fractions of an inch from pressing her tits into my body. “Well, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around. Perhaps you can come join us for a swim or hot tub some time?” The idea of this body in a bikini pushed me to new levels of arousal I wasn’t prepared to deal with. I saw her sneak another look at the cock she hardened so masterfully, and realized that was her thrill…to totally drive men crazy with lust for her. To see the effect she was having on men, and relishing in it.

She giggled, and quickly kissed my cheek, brushing her luscious globes and nipples against my t-shirt, saying, “you know, you are just like my husband….so sweet! It’s fun to drive him crazy Scott! I love it. You should see how hot and bothered he gets when we go out on the town. Now, I’m a little proud of my body…it’s nice enough, right?” She turned and showed her curves to me some more.

“I, uh, Sabrina, have never seen a sexier woman…” Well, at least that was true.

“Well, I think I dress more provocative than my husband wants me too at times…although I can SEE he likes it, if you know what I mean!” She laughed at that, knowing I would get it. “I mean, so I dance with an occasional man or two…it’s all in fun”, she chided. Pretending to tell me a story of how she would tease her husband, but really teasing me at the same time. Brutal. “And can I help it if they are excited by me? Or want to touch me, or parts of my body?” She said the last part while dragging her hands up her sides, and smiling.

“Maybe it’s my fault…perhaps I am a bit of a nasty tease at times. But it’s all in good fun, right? I know men can be so helpless when they are excited. And besides, my husband literally loses it. Can I tell you a secret, Scott?” She edged closer still, killing me as I twitched in my shorts, almost losing control of my excitement.


“Awwww, you really do need to loosen up…we’re just talking here,” she urged. “After all, we’re neighbors, I would love to confide in you, get a man’s opinion.”

Then, while twisting a lock of her hair around a finger, she confessed something that rocked me, and made me know I was hers forever, or as long as I could be. “My husband is horribly, horribly jealous of how excited I make men. And, frankly, I don’t give a shit! When he tries to control me, I just let him see how much he has to lose, and you know what?” She stopped to look me in the eyes, then deliberately dragged her gaze to my hardened cock, and the stain that was damp and spreading at the end of the thick ridge there. “He shuts up fast!” She laughed hard and her tits bounced so sexily, I caught my breath again, and felt the beginnings of something terrible (amazing). “Just last week he was giving me a hard time about dancing too close to one guy, or something like that. Well, he pissed me off, so I led the guy close to where my husband was standing, and while staring at my him, ground right against this guy, you know?” She looked off in the distance, as if picturing her torture vividly.

“Well, the guy I was with was so into my body…I mean, Scott, SO into my body, he was uh…well, I know we just met, but let’s say I KNEW how hot he was for me!” She giggled…more bouncing, more twitching from me. “I pushed into this guy, staring at my husband, and you know what? My damn husband started getting aroused! Think of it!! Here I am making a stranger cum in his pants…sorry Scott, but I want to tell someone this…and my damn husband is getting hard…right in front of me!”

I started to feel dizzy. This third person tease was absolute torture…so much woman, and so much body, and the brains to know I wanted both. I felt the beginning twitches of a pending climax…she was making me cum without touching me, and without me touching myself. I tried in vain to quell the urge to cum for this sexy cocktease, but it was as if she and I both knew what would happen. Meanwhile she danced around the obvious and kept killing me with her story.

“So I decided to test the limits of this sexy scene and did what I knew would push them both too far. I started to press my kind of large breasts into the stranger, all the while looking at my poor husband hard as a rock in his pants. Well that did it, I’ll tell you!! The guy I was dancing with shook for a second, then squeezed me tight to him, and I felt him…well, you know…start to cum in his pants! What a rush! Just from letting my body rub against him! I felt the wetness begin to soak into my little mini skirt I was wearing, and even though it was obvious this guy lost his load in his pants, I walked him over to my shaking husband and introduced them! HA! The strange guy was red in the face and sporting a huge cum covered erection, meeting the husband of the woman who did that to him, and there was my husband so in lust with me, that he couldn’t be jealous or stand up for himself!” She was so damn hot as she told this to me that I didn’t want to even breathe for fear of stopping her!

“So, Scott, get this, the guy runs off, and there is my husband, hard and twitching from the scene, and I look right at his cock, and while squeezing my arms together and leaning slightly forward, whisper in his ear…baby, your girls got that strange cock all hard and cumming…isn’t that great??” She turned towards me fully now, and demonstrated, licking her lips and staring at my blatantly engorged dick. Then she continued, “and when I did that…he lost it! Started squirting buckets of cum in his pants…and I NEVER touched him! God that was great!” And she smiled and started to stand up, arching her back and glancing to see the effect she had on my dick.

That was it. I started to spurt my cum in my pants, just like she had done to her husband. Midway through my cumming, which was wrenching my guts, she started to leave, turning her fabulous ass my way, and walking towards the door. I couldn’t walk and was busy filling my shorts with the largest load I’ve ever been coaxed to, when she suddenly stopped and twirled.

“I do hope we can stay friends, I truly have no one to talk to as my poor jealous husband just gets too bent out of shape! You are a dear for letting me be so candid, I hope you don’t mind!” She blew a kiss at me, and glanced at the dark puddle on the front of my shorts and the enormous shaft hard and pulsing below it and smiled fully. Dazzling! The hottest body, and the most wicked mind, had attacked me without even touching me. She knew full well I had been another victim of her perfect ruthless teasing. And that I would willingly succumb to more…at her dispensing.

It was two hours later before I even had the energy to begin the unpacking of my van again, and even still had been forced to go “relieve some tension” twice more as I thought of the perfect sex vixen that I would spend my days and nights dreaming about. Where this would go, I didn’t know…but I knew there would be more amazing scenarios at the hands of my favorite (hated?), brutal teasing neighborhood wife. And I wasn’t wrong. It only got deeper and more vicious as the months went by. IF only I had run when I had the chance!


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