Exhibitionist's Experience - Part II


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After just receiving my new dresses and new 7" heels from Tony wear by mail, I began to think where to go explore next. Looking at the lime color dress, I decided to replace the two ties on each side of the dress with one round 1" rings on each side. It look more sexy and cleaner that way. 

This time was July 1st, 2001 Canada day. I put on my new 7" heels, wow it it ever high. My new lime color split sides mini dress with the whole back expose only a small piece of material at the fanny 12" X 10" (no panties). 

My boy friend said my fanny was showing approx 1" as was walking. I tied my hair back to a short tail at back. Lots of make up . I also picked up two round stainless balls from the sex shop mail order in the web-site. I have never try before. I have decided to go out for the whole day like this, it was my biggest challenge yet. 

Before heading out ,I slipped the 3/4 " stainless steel balls in my already wet pussy. Looking at the mirror I look like a beautiful Chinese doll gone slutty. This time I was to meet my boyfriend in a Chinese mall for dim-sum a Chinese brunch. I got out of my car felling so helpless, horny walking for the first time with 2 round balls in my pussy. 

As normal & innocent as I look, I still have the big hickey mark my  boy friend gave me  about a week ago on the side of my neck. It was still very visible and I love it. Walking with the new micro mini dress & 7" heels with my small white LV purse, Trying to keep the balls in was the hard part ,I had to take very small criss cross steps to keep it in . 

The mall was full of people at 11:15am I just love the attention the people gave. I love it when I heard many Chinese say in Cantonese to each other, look at that (banana ) It means a born in Canada Chinese person who do not speak or understand Cantonese, They think only Canadian Chinese dress that way, but I understand every word they say. 

Some say what a slut, some Wow she got guts, I do not think she wearing panties said one girl ,the other said I see not even a thong line between the side rings  . The other girl came up to me in English and asked me where I got my sexy dress & 7 " heels .I can see she was more interested in my heels ,so I gave her a How cool web site to buy it. She was also wearing a small mini dress with 4" heels dress not as short as my.

 I came a little waiting in line with my leg standing crossed. After finishing brunch my boy friend took me to the beach , it was packed with people so he dropped me off. To find a parking space. The bastard then call me on the cell saying that he will pick me up in 2 -3 hours . I felt helpless ,nervous, shiver in my spine and yet a part of me enjoying it. 

I went to the beach washroom to look at my self in the mirror my dress was so short my fanny was showing 1 inch. I said to myself Linda. I will walk from beach to down town in 7"heels ,no panties, will not pull my dress down. Yes I can ,Yes I can. I got so psyched up. So I did .it was  1:45pm sunny 30C. 

On my way walking to downtown I just love seeing people looking at me ,honking , comments like ,awesome, love that heels & dress yelled by a few guys, lots of thumbs up, lots of whistling. Only one girl yelled out you slut ! I can not explain the feeling I get with trying to keep the balls in my pussy while walking all day. It is a real horny feeling ,nipples very hard wanting some guy to suck on it. 

Knowing that I have no panties on while walking always sends shivers to my spine, Heart pounding with excitement every time I take the escalators. 3pm I finally arrive in downtown, I must of come 4 times while walking to downtown. I can see the juices dried up at both my inner mid thigh 

.While taking the escalator up to Eaton's my cell rang. packed with shopper behind me on the escalator and lots of tails. ( guys who has been following me for hours looking up at my dress trying to look up at my wet pussy ).I told my boyfriend I walked all the way from the beach to downtown. I got him very exited, he did not believe me but I told him to meet me downstairs of Eaton to pick me up in  10 minutes corner of Robson & Grandville bus stop.

 As for the tails, I think there were 7 , 3 Asians, 3 white guys & one good looking Canadian east Indian guy all about 4to5 steps behind me with a 3 step gap you know why. I then decided to go up two more level before coming down to the bus stop. I wanted to give the tail a good look of my wet pussy. The last level up I love it when, one guy said" Nice pussy" the others were yelling "Yah". 

Quarter way up the last level ,I crossed my legs, my body was burning hot , nipples was about to explode, BANG I Came! the juices came running down the side of my leg all the way  to my heels with a little bit of pee I think. I then look back to give the guys behind a quick smile ( I hope they can spot my juices coming out) and quickly strut to the elevator down to the street level to meet my boy friend waiting in the car by the bus stop. 

We then drove to Queen Elizabeth Park, a popular place for people to take wedding pictures. This time my boy friend was dress very sharp, he was in a nice sharp suite. It look like he was part of one of wedding parties. And me you know how I dress like. As we walk to the water fall area there were 4 weddings together waiting to take pictures at the water fall area. When we walked into the area I can see all the eyes were at me not at the brides. I think they are wondering which wedding party I am with. That got me so excited.

He took a few pictures of me at the water fall .I did not stay long there because I feel bad stealing the show for the brides big day . I stayed only 20 minutes at the park. On our way to the car my boyfriend said to me again that most of the guys who saw me today will go home to release themselves. 

I said to him I sure you do too. I had to release him in the car by giving him a blow job while driving me to his place. I spent an hour at his place all tied up again with the vibrator in me. screaming with joy.  7pm time for dinner I got dressed in another one of my micro short dress. This is my first time with a lace flair dress (yellow) no split sides but also short up to my fanny & no panties, Dress # ss71 . To make the story short , It has been a wild summer for me after I discover Basic Exhibitionism . I now have about 15 sexy dress ,with the 2 long dress being only 2-3 inches below my fanny , I wear that only go out with good friends I know. I threw all my panties away as of June20th ,2001. Five pairs of heels the lowest being 4 " the highest  7". I will dress sexy  this way every day for the next 2 month. ,Which then I will be back in Hong Kong. Back in H.K. the shortest I can wear  is probably 4-5 inches above my knees, my family is very strict.  You can view some of the dresses I bought from the net ( www.wickedtemptations.com )

# 27-1502, (www.sensualstyles.com ) minidress 2 at #ss47  Minidress 4 # ss71, # sh-hol-1000,  (www.forplaycatalog.com ) under minidress ID F730, ID F8072,  (www.cathywilliamsny.com ) #169D, #121D. 

The thing that get me going is that I enjoy people ,especially guys , getting a small 1" glimpse at my fanny (ass) no higher, that when I walk they can see my long legs doing small criss crossing as I walk slowly with my 7" heels. 

When I go up the escalators they can see my wet pussy. That is my biggest turn on. I am not into intermediate or advance exhibitionist,  do not like to walk naked in public or flash people. I like to tease in mini dress and let people wonder for a while until they can see my pussy after following to the escalators. 

When there is children behind me in the escalator I will turn to the side I respect young kids. I consider my self a 9 out of 10 in looks . I'm a very good A student just finding out that I have a wild exhibitionist side I have just discover early this summer .

 My boy friend is the first guy I have sex with and he is the only guy. I know I look good because I have many guys over 20 in the past wanting me to date me. This will come to an end soon, my boy friend is from Iran he is good looking and is 23 years old. I know his parents and my parents will never approve of us you can see why. He is from Iran and is Muslim ,I am from Hong Kong , We can never be together even we love each other. Chinese and Iranians do not mix in both of our parents minds. 

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