Exhibitionist's Experience - Part III


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Ever since I discover basic exhibition early this summer I never wore panties or thongs. Only in micro mini dress,  6 to 7 inch high heels, and knee high 6 inch boots. 

I enjoy it because my boyfriend like to see me like that every time I go out the door. He had just finished school last month and will be going back to Dubai (Saudi Arabia) in 2 days. I know I will never see him again.

We went shopping on his last 2 days. We would have wild sex before we head out. He always tie me to the bed with my arms to each side of the bed and my legs spread to each side of the bed. He would eat my shaved pussy for 15 minutes, slowly nibble on my nipples and very lightly lick & lightly suck on it. I was screaming mad ,moaning & begging him to F me.

Then he would lightly lick & suck my neck giving me a big red ( salty feeling hickey
).After about 1/2 hour of fore play he then  F me for only 5 minutes then he comes. I guess he comes very fast. I do not mind because I love the foreplay all tied up helpless & screaming. 

After he is done he will give me the vibrator treatment till I come. Is funny I come easier when I ,am in public strutting in my micro mini dress no panties and people staring at me and whistling at me when I go up the escalators.

The last two days with him ,we had sex about 10 times. Last day, his flight is at 8pm , Now is only 11am my last sex with him at 10:45am, He then show me a dress he bought for me to wear for him it was a very short turquoise color ring dress 14-48j(wickedtemptations.com) He wanted to follow me 30ft behind me, as I pretend to be shopping. I painted my finger & toe nails hot pink. Pink lip stick with strong cherry smell lip gloss. My favourite 7 inch heels & mini  white LV purse, and Big red sexy hickey  on my neck.

It was September 2nd a few days before school starts there for there are loads of people in the mall . It was downtown Eaton center again lots of escalators. This time I also have two 3/4 inch  round balls I put in my vagina. 

As I got out of the car  to walk across the street I can see all the eyes was on me ,I was so turn on when I hear guys honk at me yet I look so calm pretending not to notice them . One guy yelled out :I love seeing daring girls with no panties You are my dream come true ,I love your dress: Whistling as his car pass me. My face turn red and I came instantly standing with my legs crossed at the crosswalk waiting for the light to turn green to cross. 

One of the round balls in my vagina almost fell out as I walked across, I can feel the juice flowing out 1/4 down my thigh. About an hour strutting in the mall with lots of tails behind me ( people who following me around ).I was so shocked that ran into my  Korean classmate Jenny at the makeup section in Eaton's .She was wearing a halter mini dress short also up to her bum line with also 6 to 7 inch thick heels. She was shaking her head with a big smile on her face when she saw me in my dress. She hugged me and said ,you are like me, you enjoy dress sexy too. ( in Korean accent) she only been in Canada one yr and half .

After talking to her in the mall at the food court for almost 2 hours ,I can see guys are waiting for us to get up to walk again. I learned that she is a basic exhibitionist like me ,she started when she was 16, now she is 22, Jenny enjoy  males looking at her ,she also never wears panties and have a shaved pussy with a clit ring. we have so much in common. 

She have very big boobs a DD, I think she had a boob job but she denies it ,she is only about 5,6  120lbs like me. I told her I was doing it for my boyfriend it was his last day. She said I was doing it for myself, that I enjoy the attention people give me . I told her she is right . How can I argue with someone who is more experience than me .Jenny said I should have a dare show down next week with her .I said Ok. My poor boyfriend was waiting up stairs looking down at us for almost 2 hours and about 10 others horn dogs all spread out waiting for us to get up.

I told Jenny to go with me to take the escalator up to the 6th floor from the ground ,so all the tails can look up our mini dress to see our shaved pussy. So we strutted to the escalator and the tails followed. I kept my legs crossed as I traveled up
the escalators. I can not explain the rush feeling I get, with the tingle in my spine. Jenny also said the same. 

We then left the mall she had to go home. I will see her next week (grin). Arriving at the airport ,we had dinner there in a Chinese restaurant. While waiting for dinner to come, I strutted to the washroom one of the waiter bumped into his manager while looking at my sexy dress .He spilled coke over his manager pants ,I did not look back.

Then as I was coming out of the washroom another waiter was also staring at
me as I walk back to my table ,he tripped and fell spilling the fried rice. I feel thrilled they enjoy looking at me because I am Chinese and they are Chinese too, Yet I feel sorry for them ,I hope they do not get fired. We finished dinner and ask for the bill. The manager said the dinner is on him. He said Thank You MIS is a pleasure to have you here ,please come again. My boy friend then said see they enjoy looking at you . I bet they will go home masturbating about you. WoooooooH. 

Well the time has come. We kissed for 5 minutes before  he headed into the gate. Saying good buy was the hard part. We both  had fun with each other. And we both  know we will never work out. I got over it the next day .I am sure he did too. Life will move on. 

Many oriental girls I know come to North America for school love to have sex with
other race to explore themselves and get more experience. My Japanese & Korean students  friends all love to date  other race . When they finish school here they will go back home almost always end marrying their own kind who is rich and very boring. I know I will marry rich in HK but I hope the guy is not boring . Will be back in HK soon. Hope you enjoy my experience.  

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