Exhibitionist's Experience - Part IV


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Well I am now back in Vancouver for another year of school after a month in
Hong Kong it was getting quite boring. My X boyfriend has finished school and left for Saudi Arabia. I now have new a boyfriend who I have met 2 years ago but never really date with until 4 months ago. 

To make the story short. Jerry is a Canadian born chinese who don,t speak cantonese, 5"8 tall ,well built, good looking 150 lbs from a well off family. He is in full support of my fetishes and loves seeing me dress sexy. 

He asked me to vacation to Hawaii with him and asked if I dare to dress like a slut for him the whole time there. I am to take 5 of my sexiest dresses and wear it the whole time with no panties. It was his fantasy about me and in return he would give me hours of foreplay. Just thinking about it got me really wet and shiver in my back. 

Two days later we were on the plane to Hawaii. I brought with me 5 minidress all short up to my butt cheeks or a little pass the butt cheeks, 1 lace ,1 with expose sides with 4 O-rings on each side,1 pink with see through sides & back pink mesh, string bikinis 6&7 inch platform heels,1 sandals ,make up , mini LV purse, jewelery, credit cards, passport. That was it. On the plane at the airport, I wore a T shirt and Jeans. 

As soon as we got to the hotel Jerry put my T shirt and Jeans in a bag and told the reception to put away in the safety box until Tuesday 5 days later. It was about 4;30 pm when Jerry came up from the reception, I was putting more make up on and he said from now on you are my sex slave . I then answered yes master. I was feeling very excited to see what  he had in mind for me. He then lie me down slowly in bed  nibble and lightly kiss on my hard nipples at the same time over my wet pussy lips, licking my clit G spot, then to my neck and gave me a big red hickey. 

I was moaning and screaming for 30 minutes wanting him to F me. He then all of a sudden stopped and said honey lets go out to grab a bite and tour the city. I didn,t do any thing to him but the 30 minutes of foreplay got me so excited wanted him to F me but he didn't. He wanted me to dress pink today. I put on my pink minidress with expose pink mesh sides & back. It was so short it stopped right at my butt cheeks view dress at <click here to view dress>  wore it with my white 7 inch platform heels. My lips was hot pink with cherry smell lip gloss ,painted my finger& toe nails pink. 

Jerry showed me a map of a restaurant he wanted me to strut by myself to meet me about 8 to 10 blocks down the street a 7:30 pm . He wanted to follow me from afar just like my X boy friend. 

Looking in the mirror my hard nipples were showing poking at the stretch baby pink fabric and admiring my little butt cheeks showing a little any more higher my pussy would be showing . 

Jerry calls me an Asian Slut doll, I am to look as calm and natural as possible as I walk in small criss cross steps stopping at some stores and maybe go up a few flight of escalators on the way to the restaurant. As I walked out the hotel dress like that with my white LV purse I can feel the warm breeze pass my pussy and the breeze on the mesh sides. I can't explain the feeling inside, the street was quite busy with a lot of people lots of girls in minidress but not as short as my. I did not cover the hickey that Jerry gave me on my neck.

During the first block I got about 5 whistles from guys, my heart was pounding  mad and my pussy very damp. I then looked back and saw about 3 guys behind me plus Jerry about 100 ft from me. I continue to walk slowly click clacking in my 7inch platform heels and knowing that my butt cheeks is showing for sure, I did not pull my dress down. 10 minutes of walking I got a tap on my shoulder from a ok looking Englishman in his late 30s from the UK asking if he can have a picture of me. I paused for a few second looking at him surprised & excited. I said yes. With every one on the street watching, I did 3 poses for him, front view  with my legs crossed standing, side view with the sheer side showing that I have no panties, for the back view I bend down a little so he can shoot more of my butt cheeks .I am sure he shot a good view of my pussy from behind. After that he said Thank You, you look beautiful so sexy in that dress . I admire you very much with so much confident, you will always be on my mind. Can I buy you coffee. I said sorry I have to meet my boyfriend for dinner. He shook his head and said wow what a lucky guy your boyfriend is. 

I continue to strut away and Jerry was a few store behind me. As I walk I can see cars with guys turning back around the block to get another view. Finally arriving at the restaurant I had to take the escalators up with many tails behind me . They all had a good view of my pussy from behind said Jerry. I actually came a little on the way up with juices trickling down half way down my thigh when I think about 4-5 of the guys whistle at me when they saw my wet pussy. 

After dinner we walked back to the hotel for you know what. We have over an hour of foreplay before intercourse. I enjoy it very much when he gives  hickeys on my nipple area, between my legs near my pussy. In return I would give him BJ until he comes in my mouth for me to drink up. We have sex at least 3-5 times every night for the 5 days ,did not get wake up until around  1pm in the afternoon. Every day was about the same ( very exciting ) in different daring dresses different adventures from shopping , street walking , tours , sun bathing, swimming too much to tell but I had a blast in Hawaii especially when you don't know anyone there.





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