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Scarlet Letters
This is an excellent site to lose yourself in for a few hours. It is geared for women but I think that the men will enjoy the site as well. You will find some fantastic columns, incredible erotic fiction and a whole lot more. It's best to go and experience it for yourselves. I'm sure that you will enjoy the experience. I know that I sure enjoyed myself there and will be checking back regularly on Scarlet.

Diary of a Phone Slut.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dish out phone  sex? 
Diary of a Phone Slut can give you some great insights into the adventure and trials of it all. 
You also get to read the diary entries that detail some of the experiences the Phone Slut has had. It makes for great reading. 
Check it out and see what you think - heck you might even want to give the Phone Slut a call. ;-) 
Jane's Net Guide
Jane provides a great service for the internet surfer. Your time is valuable and Jane helps you out by reviewing sites in an honest and unbiased manner. I remember when I first started looking for sites on particular subjects and stumbled across Jane's. It was a great find! It takes a lot of the guesswork out of surfing the net. You can be sure that the sites listed there definitely have what they say they have. It's a great place to surf from.
Adult Products
Erotic Fiction Ubermole
Ubermole is definitely not a run of the mill type of site. It's very unique and humorous. I had a lot of fun sifting through the contents there. Behind each Ubermole is a real person. If you ask questions nicely each of them will give you their answer. You'll get five female perspectives and one male one. It's really hard to categorize or explain this site. It's just one of those ones you'll have to go and check out for yourself! So, get going already! 

Kara's Adult Playground
This is a pay site, but in my opinion it's one of the best ones on the Internet. They have everything you could possibly want. I like them because they have lots of couple shots, both soft and hardcore. All pics are thumbnailed and you can search the site for the specific type of pics you're looking for. There's tons of hot live sex shows available for your viewing pleasure. Kara's also gives you Voyeur Dorm - as featured on Howard Stern and 20/20 with your membership. Best part is that you can try it out for $2.95 for 5 days. I think that's a great deal!
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