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Daisy's Bedroom

5 fishies

Well I really don't know where to start with this site. There is so much stuff to look at, it's amazing. Daisy is a hot little blonde who does anything and everything you could imagine and has the pictures to prove it! There is tons of content on this site and it's very easy to find. All pics are thumb nailed. The pics are all very high quality, kudos to Daisy's photographer. First of all I'll tackle what's in the free area. Wow! Check out the stills from Daisy's 4 movies, which are for sale. These pics are nice size thumbnails and lots of them. I lost track trying to  keep count of how many pics were in the free area. You can also see the stills from the latest Daisycam show. The Daisycam is only available to members. Daisy also has a section of pics from her fans. There are definitely some hot pics to see there!   Daisy doesn't just save the good stuff for the members area, she does it all, from really tame pics to ultimate hardcore shots. You have to see them to believe them. Now to the members area. Whew! Is it getting a little warm in here? There are 1600 pics of Daisy available for member viewing. Members also get the privilege of being able to watch the Daisycam live. There are also two new avi's added each month. Daisy also recounts her escapades for you as well. When I was there 13 avi's available, with 2 new avi's being added each month and they were well worth viewing. As you can tell I spend an awful lot of time there. And the best part of becoming a member at Daisy's Bedroom is that you definitely get good value for your money. A one month membership will cost you $12.00, or if you like a three month membership for $19.95. Personally I would recommend the three month membership. So check Daisy's Bedroom out, it is well worth the time and effort.

Reviewed Sept 1, 1999
Naked Outdoor Girls 4 fishies I must confess that outdoor pictures are definitely some of my favorites. The scenery adds a whole new dimension to the photo shoots. At Naked Outdoor Girls you will find 11 galleries that have 24 pictures of each girl. All are thumbnailed for ease of browsing. I also found oodles of erotic fiction for those who enjoy reading. There is also an option if you want to buy some adult videos to go shopping. The also includes links to live sex shows and chat. I think that you'll like this site. 

Reviewed January 1, 2002
Amateur Wives Naked 4 fishies Drop by and visit Playful, a lovely redhead who describes herself as a mature amateur. Now that's a mouthful if I've ever heard one! Playful and her hubby invite you to join them and share in some of their wild escapades and hardcore sex. See what Playful's erotic fantasies are and even learn what she has named her favorite play toy! You also get access to 3 other membership areas in addition to Playful's. It's well worth the $14.95 per month for the amount of erotic entertainment you receive. 

Reviewed November 11, 2001
Lara Ladd

5 fishies

Well now! This is definitely a must see site! I admit that I have a weakness for amateurs in case but this site is well worth the price of admission. If you pay by credit card or check the monthly fee is only $16.95 USD. You really can't go wrong for that price. I had access to the members area and I'm sure that I didn't get through nearly half of the stuff considering I spent a lot of time there! In the preview area you will find about 16 pictures in a smaller version than those contained in the members area, but it gives you a great idea of some of the different kinds of photos you can expect to see. This is a true amateur site and Lara is really sweet. Drop by and get to know her better today. 

Reviewed March 27, 2001

Krystal's Wet Spot 5 fishies Krystal is a squirter and an exhibitionist and wants to share herself with you. There are a few smaller sized pics that you can view for free. If you want the full size versions then you either need an Adult Check id or you can sign up to become a member of Krystal's site. If you are looking for information on female ejaculation then Krystal has that covered as well. She has a chat board that deals with female ejaculation and sexuality issues and another one for general chat. Both of these are free of charge. Krystal has some great information if you are wanting to learn about female ejaculation and how it works. I haven't checked out the members area at this time but hope to in the future.

Updated April 18, 2000 - well the members area is awesome! Lot's more pics of Krystal in lots of different scenarios. You get feet, you get full body shots, squirting, pics of Doc and a whole lot more. There's a ton of pics to check out - you won't be disappointed. For $7.00 per month it's money well spent. <grin> Go get your membership now!

Reviewed April 6, 2000

Rhonda's Playpen

5 fishies

Rhonda now has a new site that's all her own. Those of you who have visited her previously will know that she's well worth keeping an eye on. ;-)

New pricing is in effect at $16.95 per month. It's still a great deal when you consider all that Rhonda has to offer. She updates pictures once a week. 

Rhonda has photos galore of herself and some of her friends. She even has some that include her significant other who also doubles as the photographer. There also are a ton of video clips that you can check out as well. I didn't look at all of them. I have to get some work done sometime! LOL

This is a very personable site. I much prefer this type of site because you get the feeling that you sort of know the person. I love reading diary entries and little blurbs on when the pictures were taken etc. It gives you a more personal look at the person's life and why they do this. Rhonda does an excellent job of this.  Rather than listen to me babble away I think you should just get over there and check it out for yourself.

Reviewed August 30, 2001

Nobb Hill 5 fishies Welcome to Nobb Hill. Here you will get to meet Gina and Scott who are amateur exhibitionists. In the free preview section you will find about 60 pics of Gina and some of her friends as well as 4 erotic stories. I found the amount of advertising to be a little much but the pics are well worth sifting through it. There are also some awesome pictures of scenery taken from Nobb Hill in the spring and fall and they are just gorgeous. In the members section the advertising is very low and there are a ton of pics of Gina and her friends for you to browse through. You can see way back to when Gina started her website and was quite shy to the uninhibited sexpot you see today. I believe they mentioned that there are 4000 pics of Gina plus 100's of pics of her friends. Ok, I didn't try to count the pics - just take my word for it there's a lot of pics here.  Gina has several videos for sale and they certainly sound like they'd be great to watch. <grin> One really nice touch I found was that there was a little bit of an explanation for each of the photosets and little comments throughout the pictures. The price to join Gina's club is more than reasonable at $15/month for a non-recurring membership. The price is cheaper if you go with the recurring membership option at $12/month. There are several payment options available as well. It's well worth the cost in my opinion.

Reviewed April 5, 2000

Nod's Party Girls 5 fishies This is a really great site that's lots of fun. You will find pics from some biker events and similar type pictures. Not a lot of pictures per page, but some really good quality ones.

Reviewed Nov 26, 1999

Wild Rose Amateurs 5 fishies If the site is even half as hot as the preview <starts at $7.95/month to $79.95 for six months> it would be worth it. This is one hot site, I would love to see what's in the fan club area. The free section has lots to look at though and will keep you busy for a while.

Reviewed Nov 17, 1999

Betty's Amateurs 5 fishies This site is one of the BEST FREE Amateur sites around.  It has pictures in all categories, men, women, couples, bi-sexual, transsexual and more.  There is a chat section ,free ads, and more.  Its a must see site.

Reviewed Dec 8, 1999
Amateur Harem 5 fishies This site is definitely for the orally fixated. <grin> There are lots of oral pics for your viewing pleasure. There are also some good sex pics thrown in for luck. You will also find about 20 movies, however be sure to follow the directions on how to view them as they are hosted on another site. Harem gives very good directions on how to find them in the Sexhound paysite. As an update Dec 6, 1999 Amateur Harem also has a gallery of "beefcake" for the ladies and the bi-curious males out there as well as a pic of the day in four categories. Enjoy!

Reviewed Nov 17, 1999

Coccozella's Nude Beach 5 fishies This is a great site! It is both artistic and high quality. There are lots of pics available for free, however there is also a pay section if you're interested with reasonable rates. If the free pics are any indication of what's inside then sign me up!

Reviewed Oct 20, 1999
Black Amateur Sex Porn 5 fishies Another HOT site...not a lot of advertising and what they do have isn't in the way....content is of models in various modes of undress and a few HARDCORE pics thrown in to surprise you :)

Reviewed Feb. 10, 2000

Missy's Corner 5 fishies Ok, Missy is a hot little number. I browsed through her pics when I visited Desert girls and discovered that she has a site all of her own. What a treat. This girl is definitely the embodiment of sweet and innocent. There are lots of great pics that you can check out for free although after seeing those you'll want to join to see this sweet thing get nasty. The members area is chock full of thumbnails of Missy in various locations and positions. Some of my favorites are the shots by the pool. This girl is hot! You should at least check her out. There are also extra galleries of xxx pics and stories for you as well.

Reviewed Sept 1, 1999
Bekahlynne's Chamber 4 fishies Bekahlynne is an amateur who wants to share her stories and pictures of her adventures within the Swinging lifestyle. They start with her introduction to the Swinging scene and continue up to present day. You will find a preview area that shows some smaller pictures and text to give you and idea of what to expect from the members area. It's a nice, honest site and is also very cheap $5.95 for a month. Can't beat that. I didn't have access to the members area for this review so it's based on the preview. 

Reviewed August 13/2001

Expose Me Naked 4 fishies This site is dedicated to amateurs who love to expose themselves to others. You will find some galleries of women exposing themselves in a variety of positions. Some show their faces, some don't. Site is a little slow to load at times but overall is worth having a look at. 

Reviewed Jan 2, 2001

Submitted Photos 4 fishies A really great little site with a lot of amateur pictures, sent in by folks who want you to see them. All free and updated regularly. All original content and very little advertising. Go check it out!

Reviewed May 15, 2000

Carolina Fox 4 fishies A really hot little amateur named Carolina. I liked her site even though it is a pay site($12.95/month or $29.95 for three months). Some really good pics of here in her preview area and she says she has an archive of 500+ in her members area. She also offers some links to some other interesting amateur sites as well.

Reviewed May 1, 2000

Classy Gal 4 fishies This site is for those fans of sexy mature women. The site is dedicated to pictures of Carol in various settings with various lovers. In the preview of the site you will find 16 pics of Carol, just enough to whet your appetite. You can also read Carol's bio and get some more info on her and what she likes to do. If you want to buy a membership and I can't imagine why you wouldn't, the first month will cost you $18 and subsequent months are $15 each. You also have the option to pay by cheque or money order as well. My review is based just on the free section but it looks like the membership would be worth it.

Update: I got to check out the members area, woohoo! It's a snap to navigate and is very tastefully done. All the galleries are thumb nailed so it's easy to find what you want to look at first.  There are 70 galleries currently so it will take you a while to check everything out! It looks like updates are done at least once a week. There is a chat room available for members to use. You can also send Carol private emails if you like. I think you'll like it. Check it out today!

Reviewed April 28, 2000

Sexy Meower 4 fishies This is a paysite that is a Wetlands partner. So when you pay to join Meower's site you also get membership to the Wetlands site as well. The price for one month is $14.95 so it's darn reasonable. Ok, now we'll talk about what you can see at the site for free to help you make up your mind. You get 16 thumbnailed pics that all enlarge plus one free video clip. You get to learn a bit about Meower and what she likes. Definitely worth having a peek at.

Reviewed March 25, 2000

Sexy Sheryl 4 fishies I liked this site alot but discovered that it was a intro to her Pay area<24.95/month>......I emailed and asked for a trial membership so I can do a further review of her keep your fingers crossed :)

Reviewed Feb 10, 2000

Adam's Amateurs 4 fishies This site is set up very well.....not a lot of pics but what they have are of a very good quality.....some good inks to other sites, including "The Wetlands:.....worth a look!!

Reviewed Feb. 10, 2000

Where Wives Get Naked 4 fishies A STEAMY little site with 6 galleries of wives getting it on for you......updated you you may want to visit on a regular basis....BOOKMARK!!!

reviewed Feb 10, 2000

Kerigen 4 fishies This is a nice little amateur site featuring Kerigen and let me tell you, she is a cutie. There are a lot of free pics for you to browse through. The pics are definitely of the tease variety. Although if you want to see the hot stuff, you're going to have to buy a membership. The bonus is that the membership is pretty cheap, only $14.99/month. I got to check out the members area, there's more pics there and you get to see Kerigan naked. <grin> It's definitely a site to keep an eye on because I think it's going to grow considerably. It also sounds as though Kerigan is going to be getting a webcam in the new year. I for one am looking forward to that. ;-)

Reviewed Dec 6, 1999

Exhibition Series 4 fishies This is a good quality site with lots of pics and it is fairly easy to navigate. However, be aware of pop-up screen whenever you hit your back button. The Vault is their pay area but this site has plenty to offer in the free section. There is quite a bit of advertising but if you are careful you can avoid most of it.

Reviewed Nov 17, 1999

Kirsty's Web Wives 4 fishies This is an amateur paysite. You can view all kinds of amateurs here. Each amateur has her own page within the site and has at least 30 pictures available. That adds up to a whole lot of pictures. You can view thumbnails of all the girls who participate on the site. A regular monthly membership will cost you $19.95 and a trial membership is $7.95. It appears to be good value for your money.

Reviewed Oct 19, 1999
Secret Slut Wives 4 fishies This site is well thought out, with a minimum of advertisements or at least they are strategically placed. There are some nice pics in the galleries. It does lead to a paysite which will cost you $19.95/month.

Reviewed Oct 20, 1999

Southwestern Girls 4 fishies Southwestern Girls is a pay site. There are about seven nice pics pics that you can preview though. The one thing that I like about this particular amateur site is the exclusivity of the pictures. You will not fine these pictures plastered on every site that you see on the internet. All of the amateur pictures are exclusive to this site. There's definitely enough pics here to keep you busy for a while. All amateur stuff which is one of my favorite types of pics. There are girl/girl shots, guy/girl shots, lots of single shots. You name it, it's there. It's well worth the price of the trial membership to check these hotties out!

Reviewed Sept 1, 1999
XXX 4 fishies      This site is run by Dave and Marie, a couple who know how to have a great time and enjoy sharing it with you. This is a site that you need to join to get full benefits. The bonus to this is that the price is pretty cheap and their members area is well worth it. They offer live shows once a week on their bedroom voyuercam so you can tune in to watch them have sex. There are also extensive archives of previous show for you to browse through when they aren't on live. Dave and Marie also have some categorized pics of themselves as well as a huge selections of pics of other people. Some pics are thumbnailed and some are not. I didn't count the number of pics on the site but there was lots to keep you busy for a while.  Take the time to visit Dave and Marie. I was impressed, it was a nice friendly site.

Reviewed June 1, 1999

J-Place 4 fishies This amateur site features videos by "J" that are available for purchase from this site. It also has literally hundreds of video captures from the various amateur videos featuring J and her friends. These videos cover several different topics including outdoor nudity, blowjobs, female masturbation, Mardi Gras, shaving, fantasies, and bisexual amateur women. This site is well put together with lots of vidcaps so that you know exactly what you are getting for your money when you buy a video. If you like real amateur women and hot amateur sex then you should check this site out.

Reviewed Feb 10, 1999

Submit Your Bitch 4 fishies      Submit Your Bitch has a very catchy title. Well maybe if you think you’re quite the "macho man". The content however is A-1. Pictures have been submitted by surfers from around the world that range from R-rated candid shots to X-rated amateur action shots. Content is updated every month with an archive of the previous month to view. Don’t forget to submit your own pics to this site because the content depends on submissions of real amateur pictures. Good to see a free site that is not running any scams with the links and it has minimal banners. Keep checking this site out, you never know who you will see there (grin).

Reviewed Feb 10, 1999
Jen n Dave's Homepage 4 fishies This is a tasteful, well thought out amateur site. Jen and Dave are just your average couple and like to have fun. When you visit their site you will feel welcome. They offer you a lot of different things to do. They offer 2 free daily pics as well as 69 other pics that are in a variety of categories. There's information on Jen and Dave and they even have parties that they throw to get to know some of their members and non-members alike. I spent far too much time there checking things out. *grin* They've added a webcam in addition to their pics although it is only available in the members area. The cost of membership is cheap like borscht! It only costs $12.95 for three months or $18.95 for six months. Neither of these options rebill automatically and you can also join by using check or money order. Definitely worth the price of admission. I think that you will enjoy it!

Reviewed Jan 9, 1999
Baby Got Back 4 fishies      This site has a little bit of a different twist to it. You get to see pics of the host and hotess, Jay and Kay. Jay's section has 10 free pics. Just enough to tease you and make you want to see more. If you want to see him in action then you have to become a member. You can also check out his bio to see what he likes and dislikes. Then there's is Kay's info to contend with. She has about 20 or so pictures available that don't cost you a dime to check out. Although I'm sure that after seeing those ones you'll want to see more. Kay also has an extensive bio in which she shares a lot of information with you. It's a very nice and refreshing kind of site.   The members section is chock full of pics(about 1000 to be exact) and things to do. The pics are all originals, so it's not something that you've already seen. It's well worth the $14.95 to check it out for a month. It's a non-recurring billing which is a bonus. There is also an option for you to send your money via snail mail. The only disappointing thing I found about the site was that I was hoping there'd be a lot more pics of Jay. ;-( . Other than that, it's an excellent site.

Reviewed November 5, 1998

Claire's Secret Diary 4 fishies This is a great site put together by a husband and wife team who just happen to love showing off their stuff for you. The preview section has an entry for each day along with one sample pic. It will also tell you how many pics are available in the members area of that particular series. I had a lot of fun browsing through their site. There is a ton of pics to be found in the members sections. Lots of Claire and Andy, as well as lot of pics sent in from their readers. The only drawback I found was there were only a few thumbnailed pics. The rest you had to click on text links to get the big picture. They also feature some hot erotic fiction as well as some high quality links. Claire and Andy have about 16 avi files available for your viewing pleasure as well as a streaming video. The pricing for this site is excellent at $9.95 per month. You have two choices for payment, either by credit card  which will be automatically rebilled each month until you cancel or by 1-900 number which is a one time charge that appears on your phone bill. I definitely think that this site is worth the monthly fee. Keep up the great work Claire and Andy.

Reviewed 09/03/98

Sexy Moonlight 3 fishies Sexy Moonlight is an amateur site. Here you will meet Sexy Moonlight a 35 year old Canadian hottie and her boyfriend Paul. Holy smokes Batman! This site is a little on the difficult side as far as navigation goes so I'll give you a hint, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find a link for the weekly pics. I did however find the pictures very enjoyable once I got to them. Proceed with caution. 

Reviewed September 12, 2000 3 fishies This is a site featuring, you guessed it boobs. The site is a membership site but you do get to check out 14 different sets of nice boobs for free. Each thumbnail is clickable to the larger picture and you find out the woman's name, age and very brief description. You will also find a decent list of links to other sites that might be of interest to you. Subscription price is pretty reasonable at $19.95 for 30 days access. This price also includes membership to another amateur site as well.  

Reviewed April 6, 2000

Oasis of Blonde Amateurs 3 fishies I have a hard time believing some of these girls are a word they are way to perfect....but other than that they are all nice to look at and I guess that sorta makes this site OK !!!

Reviewed Feb 10, 2000

Fantasy Fun Shack 3 fishies This is an interesting site. The site's primary focus is the phone sex. These girls want you to call and after checking out their pics it's really very tempting. There are two girls currently there and two more coming soon. There are some nice pics of each of the girls and a diary for your to read as well as some links to sites that they like. Have a look around, you might enjoy it.

Reviewed April 20, 1999

My First Time 3 fishies This site appears to be aptly titled. These girls are definitely fresh faces to the internet. I haven't seen them anywhere else before. My First Time has a lot of banners to wade through but I think that you will find that the number of free pics is worth the wading you'll have to do. If you like amateur women this is a good site to check out.

Reviewed Feb 10, 1999

Web's Hottest Women 3 fishies The Web’s Hottest Women is an amateur site that offers to host web pages for amateur women. It does offer some of its own pictures that may or not be actual amateurs. On the hosted pages you do get pictures of semi –amateur models. These pictures are several clicks deep but you do get them and they are good quality pictures. A good site for some original content of nice looking women. Some of the girls pages offer links to pay sections that promise to show more explicit pictures.

Reviewed Feb 10, 1999
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