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Dark Fire Gallery 5 fishies Just reading through the bio of Princess Krista makes me go wow! This is one very classy, albeit twisted and perverted woman! Just the way I like them. ;-) There is a lot of information, photos, erotic writing and humor throughout the site. You will find a spot to shop for BDSM toys and all kinds of other great delights. Princess Krista is in Texas and also has an actual store location that you can visit and shop in by appointment or specific days that they are open to the public. I need to go back and spend some more time here. I just don't have enough hours today. 

Submitted August 13/2001

About SM Life in Russia   This site is a first of it's kind. At least as far as I am aware. It's a Russian E-zine dedicated to the S/M Lifestyle and BDSM community in Russia. I haven't rated this one because for starters I can't read the language. It looks to be a well laid out site and includes lots of information. It's worth having a look at. 

Reviewed January 1, 2002

Dork E. Dom 5 fishies       Pssst. Click on the hand. This is a really fun and great site...gotta love a Dom who takes things this serious<grin> me you'll  laugh till you enjoy watersports<grin>

Reviewed Oct 1, 1999
BDSM Cafe 5 fishies      I would highly recommend this site to anyone with the slightest interest in the world of BDSM. This site put together by B and Belle has an incredible amount of valuable information to share with you as well as some really excellent pics. Some of the sections are a little offbeat and definitely humorous. I recommend taking the tour so that you may see all that the site has to offer. It's 100% free! I spent a fair bit of time there while doing my review and hated to have to leave to continue my work *pout* . I've added this site to my list of bookmarks.   
Sir Stephen's BDSM Page 5 fishies This is a truely fun site....has something for everyone....
great photo spreads with wonderful stories to go with them... Everything is very easy to find and is very prepared to spend alot of time here as Sir Stephen updates regularily. It's worth the bookmark : )

Reviewed March 6, 1999

Kink For Yourself 4 fishies Ok, to start off with Kink for Yourself has a little bit of everything. You will find stories, pictures and information on a variety of subjects. There is a fair bit of advertising on the site but not overwhelming. I found the navigation of the site to be a little awkward but not a major drawback. I think that you will enjoy the site.

Reviewed March 25, 2000

Dicki Virgin Dominatrix Guide 4 fishies This is a fun little site put together by a male is a collection of Femme Doms......professional and amateur.....a good rersource for those looking for someone in their area!

Reviewed Feb 10, 2000

Amateur Bondage 4 fishies This is a great little Bondage site.....all pictures are amateur submissions<no pun intended>...some are repeat submitters, so there are a few galleries....male and female....softcore and hardcore.....enough to make anyone HAPPY!!!!

Reviewed Feb 10, 2000

Bondage For Free 4 fishies This is a site containing some classic Bondage themes of beautiful women tied up in office scenes....softcore....currently 4 galleries but there are new ones added monthly.......ENJOY!!!!

Reviewed Feb 10, 2000

Amateur Slaves 4 fishies This is the new home of doggy, who was previously at sub-space. She asked me to come and review her new home and the changes to the site. So here I am. Let's see what we can find out! Ok, I'm rather disappointed to find that I need to have an Agecheck id to view the preview. It looks as though there are some free pics available which are tamer in nature. To preview more explicit ones you need the Agecheck Id or else just give in and join the site itself and have access to the members section. Now on to the members section. ;-)  Well, there's definitely at lot here to keep you busy for a while, including some excellent pics of doggy, although I must admit in some of them she seems to be having far too much fun!! LOL. Overall I think this is a site that's worth your money. It provides some interesting insight into the life of dominance/submission that you don't readily see elsewhere.

Reviewed Jan 25, 2000

Dark Erotica 4 fishies This site is one of the best BDSM Gothic sites I've seen.  See some great piercings, tatoo's and bondage all for free in 500+ pictures.

Reviewed Dec 8, 1999
Forbidden Acts 4 fishies This site has some great artistic flair that sets you in the mood for BDSM. I love the castle background the pictures are clear and very intense.  There is much more then fetish here, pictures range from teen to anal and more. Get movies, chat and more for a low subscription rate of $24.95 per month.

Reviewed Dec 8, 1999
Master David and slave alexus 4 fishies      I liked the way this site was laid out. Pics are very nice and have an artful slant to them. I liked the open honesty of both Master David and his slave alexus. This is a good site for those looking for an honest perspective of BDSM.

Reviewed Oct 19, 1999

Annabelle's Dungeon of Depravity 4 fishies Ok, I admit it. I kind of like Goth and I especially love Erotic Horrors. If you are looking for good original reading material check out Annabelle's. I think you'll like what you find here.

Reviewed Oct 20, 1999

The secret life of slave dove 4 fishies A great site for women who are thinking this is something the may like to isn't for everyone but i like the way dove presents both her feelings and her pictures...all very tasteful :)

Reviewed Oct 15, 1999
Mark E DeSade 4 fishies Great site for those interested in learning and opening up to their desires. Very honest and open. :) These desires are in relation to the world of BDSM. Master Mark specializes in spanking and will help you to realize all your hidden desires.

Reviewed Oct 1, 1999
Dicentra in Bloom 4 fishies      Another well presented site for those interested in submission.....check out   the songs with a D/s theme.....they sure surprised me :)

Reviewed Oct 15, 1999
A Royal Heritage 4 fishies If any women are thinking of BDSM or rather D/s this is a place to go...a      womans perspective on coming into the world of D/s and the hardships on the way....check it out..and learn all you can :)

Reviewed Oct 15, 1999
Bondage Basement 4 fishies Bondage Basement is a good site that's easy to navigate. You will find some good pics along with some information. It's worth having a look at.

Reviewed Sept 28, 1999

Art For Engineers 4 fishies Carolyn has created a beautiful site that had me absolutely enthralled. She has a couple of galleries with her artwork and poetry, as well as two galleries that feature two wonderful photographers, Dany Nieves and JustMaster. Carolyn also has autographed number copies of her artwork available as well as some unique greeting cards. Have you got an idea you'd like to see done? Contact Carolyn and she what she can do for you. Check it out today!

Enslaved 4 fishies This is a great site to check out! Slave Paige has some wonderful high quality pics accompanied by entertaining text telling the story of what's happening in the pics. She also offers stories of her experiences. If you are interested you can purchase pantyhose that Slave Paige has worn. It's well worth your time to check out this excellent site.
The slave sara bondage homepage 3 fishies This site is an Amateur Bondage homepage.  72 free thumbnailed pictures of
slave Sara. She loves to show you how she is bound, why she is bound and
tell us all bout bondage for $10.-- a month membership fees. 

Reviewed Dec 8, 1999
Aaron's Bondage & Fetish Gallery 3 fishies This is a nice site and I like the concept of very artful bondage pics combined with a story...but it loses marks for the masking of body parts :)

Reviewed Oct 15, 1999
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