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Seska For Lovers 5 fishies Visit Seska for a great site that will easily appeal to men and women alike. It's a nice site, very straight forward and honest. You'll find some great articles as well as some awesome photographs. 

Reviewed November 13, 2001

Ubermole 5 fishies Ubermole is definitely not a run of the mill type of site. It's very unique and humorous. I had a lot of fun sifting through the contents there. Behind each Ubermole is a real person. If you ask questions nicely each of them will give you their answer. You'll get five female perspectives and one male one. It's really hard to categorize or explain this site. It's just one of those ones you'll have to go and check out for yourself! So, get going already! 

Reviewed June 14, 2000 
Intimacy Tips 5 fishies This site features 41 tips for guys to make sure that she'll come back for more. The descriptions that accompany each of the tips is just hilarious. Definitely had me laughing throughout. You all really need to go and read these tips!

Reviewed April 18, 2000

4 Fun Love 5 fishies This is a really neat site. They sell tasteful adult baskets that include a variety of adult products. The baskets are put together according to different themes and there are baskets for everyone you can think of. There are even baskets for those who are solo right now.  Each of the baskets show a thumbnail which when clicked on will give you a bigger picture and describe all the products that are included in that particular basket. You will also find a selection of erotic fiction, advice and if you're inclined you can sign up for a newsletter which will give you Sexual Survival Tips. This is a great site to check out.

Reviewed May 26, 2000
Couples In Lust 4 fishies Couples in lust is a site geared towards women and couples. This site is an AVS site and will require you to purchase a membership. If you take the tour you will find some nice pictures and a story as enticement. I got to check out the membership section. Woohoo! 

In the members section there are lots of galleries of pictures to look, some of single men, some of couples, amateurs and a whole lot more. There are lots of erotic stories to read your way through as well as some that you can listen to. You will also find some games and puzzles, shopping, chat and live video feeds. Check it out and have some fun. 

Reviewed Jan 2, 2001

Maggie's Playground 4 fishies Maggie's is an interesting place to visit. You can read her opinions on great topics like fellatio or cunnilingus, check out the personals or peruse through the list of names for "dicks". My favorite while I was browsing was the bald headed butler. ROFL. You will also find erotic stories written by Maggie and by other contributors. Check it out and enjoy!

Reviewed Dec 4, 2000

Couples Sex 4 fishies Couples Sex is a site that is definitely couple friendly and has some great pictures of women, men and couples for you to browse through. The tour will give you a good idea of what's available on the site. I had the honor of checking out the members section. There are definitely lots pictures to browse through. In addition to the multitude of galleries you will also find columns on a variety of topics, erotic fiction, Reelporn ezine and a whole lot more. If you just want to test the waters Couples Sex has a free trial option that you can use to explore the site. Regular monthly fees are $19.95 USD

Reviewed August 3, 2000
Scream My Name 4 fishies Scream My Name is a site that has some how to information, links to other sex sites, humor and best of all sex tests. There is a lot of sex information available at this site. Definitely worth the time to check it out.

Reviewed May 26, 2000
Couples Intimate Moments 3 fishies This site has three galleries of ten pictures in each of a couple experimenting with sex positions and generally having a great time. You'll also find some links to other great sites as well as a good discussion board. 

Reviewed August 8, 2000

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