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Fetish Faire 5 fishies You name it Fetish Faire has it for all your fetish needs. 
Rubber Fetish 5 fishies This is a really cool site for all you rubber and leather fans out there. You will find about 250 or so pics and information on Rubber/Latex/Leather. Good links to other sites available here as well. Let the movies fully load before you play the, otherwise you are just looking at a picture.

Reviewed Nov 17, 1999

Spankoz Australia 5 fishies This is a great site for true spanking people. There is lots of information and some great ideas. Not much in the way of pics but that isn't the intention of this site. Ideal for people interested in spanking but now sure what to ask about. This is on of the best education sites i have        found.

Reviewed Sept 24, 1999
Hairy Jeannie 4 fishies If you like your women with more hair then you will definitely want to check out Hairy Jeannie's website. Jeannie offers a bunch of pictures for free - giving you a hint of the good stuff to come in the members area. Bonus is that the members area is $12.95 a month. Pretty darn cheap if you ask me. You can read Jeannie's bio and learn more about her. She also offers her panties for sale if you're into that. Overall it's a nice little site. 

Reviewed August 14/2001

Hot Legs & Feet 4 fishies Hot Legs & Feet is definitely hot. In the preview area there are approximately 25 pics for you to check out. These pictures are excellent quality and give you a good glimpse into what is available in the members area. There are stories as well as the pictures in the members area. If you are into feet and legs then this is definitely the place you want to be. A one month subscription is only $19.95. A good deal in my opinion. 

Reviewed August 13/2001

Knotty Moon's Spanking Haven for Women 4 fishies Ok, now that we have that mouthful of a title out of the way lets explore and see what Knotty Moon has to offer. This site is dedicated to spanking for women and is chock full of resources for spanking books and videos geared for women who enjoy spanking. You will also find information on other spanking sites of interest to women as well as some excellent choices of toys for spanking which are also available for purchase through an online store. There is now even a forum for sharing your spanking stories with others. I enjoyed the site.

Reviewed April 28, 2000

Panty Spy 4 fishies A call to all Panty enthusiasts....this is a site designed with you in mind......some great upskirt and close up panty shots.......with a few peeks of what is hidden inside ......a Hot place to visit.....BOOKMARK IT!!!!

Reviewed Feb 10, 2000

Annabelle's 4 fishies On this site you will find some very classic pictures of beautiful women in tight latex. Classic FemDomme and submissive poses.

Reviewed Nov 26, 1999
Foot Heaven 4 fishies Lots of naked feet here. You'll find about 50 pics of barely clad women. Except for the first page, you will find very little advertising here.

Reviewed Nov 17, 1999
Legs, Boots and Shoes 4 fishies This is a great site for classic Fem-Domme pics. There are about 30 pics in total. They are a little slow to load but are well worth the wait.

Reviewed Nov 17, 1999
PantyMan 4 fishies This is a good site for any of you who are into panties. <grin> There are about 100+ pics here ranging from upskirt to spycam. There are also some great links to other panty sites. The site is easy to navigate and not a lot of advertising. You will find a few blind links in the menu, so you may want to be careful.

Reviewed Nov 17, 1999
URNot Alone 4 fishies This is a great site thats dedicated to TV's and Crossdressers. Lots of pics but nothing sexual. This site is dedicated to this particular lifestyle. You will also find lots of links  here. ;-)

Reviewed Sept 29, 1999      
Julies Lingerie and Panties 4 fishies I liked this site, it's not graphic or explicit but very honest. Julie shows you her underwear and the other fun stuff. All of which you can purchase if you would like. Of course it all has been worn by her. She also sells videos of her exhibitionism. Definitely a fun site.

Reviewed Sept 28, 1999
SheMale Central 4 fishies I was completely fascinated by this site. By far the best collection I have seen of Shemales and the best part is that it's totally free. They have exclusive pics of Peyton Brooks, who is one hot number! There is also a gallery featuring the best of Shemale pics gathered from the newsgroups. There is a fantastic collection of amateur pics that will keep you occupied for quite some time. I loved this site!
The Fetish Fanatic 3 fishies 250 pictures thumbnailed and kinky as all hell.  See some Dr.'s visits, transsexuals, bondage, dominance, and much more including the never ending story and links.

Reviewed Dec 8, 1999
Fetish Camp 3 fishies This is one hot free fetish site.   36 free thumbnailed pictures of hot wax, torture, ropes and much more.

Reviewed Dec 8, 1999
Revealed and Revered 3 fishies This is a nice little site with a few fluffy pics. Alex-Extreme is the pay portion of this site. She provided a few pics of herself and some of the things she is into but I'm not at all convinced this is enough incentive to spend $9.99/month

Reviewed Nov 17, 1999

Bethany's Woodshed 3 fishies This is a good site for information on spanking. There are some free pics available, but mostly drawing of over the knee spanking. There is also a membership section available for a price.

Reviewed Sept 24, 1999
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