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Hot Box Hotel 4 fishies There are several categories to choose from here. Each have approximately 10 thumbnails which enlarge to a bigger picture. If you're in the mood for shopping then the Hot Box Hotel has that covered as well. You'll also find a few personal ads, links to other personals programs. The Hot Box Hotel also offers some great selections of other sites to surf to.

Reviewed Jan 25, 2000

Sex Canada 4 fishies There is a huge gallery of hardcore porn pics here but you know I couldn't tell you if they were actually Canadian or not. <grin> I liked the humor section and the section marked amateur takes you to the amateur pages. This is also a free site. Come and look, it's worth the stay.

Reviewed Dec 8, 1999
Hentai Harem 4 fishies Pay site - anime, hentai site that has 200 Free images and a new concept in
adult sites.

Reviewed Dec 8, 1999
PornPuzzles 4 fishies This free site is loaded with stuff to do and see. It has around 300 free pics in different categories of which most are hardcore. As well it has close to 30 vivo movies in different categories, a joke page, and a very different puzzle page that you can while away some time on. Best part of course is that it is free. There are few banners and no bullshit links. I donít know what else a person could expect from a free site. Well worth your time.

Reviewed Feb 10, 1999

Trainee Sluts 3 fishies I was going to ask where to sign up for training, but it would probably take as long to train as it does for the pics to load. Not to mention trying to find the pictures to begin with. You will find close to 100+ pics in 10 different categories. They are nice pictures, just slow to load.

Reviewed Nov 17, 1999

Wonderful Analand 3 fishies     Well even though this is one of my favorite kinks I was not impressed too much by all the banners. If you do decide to check it out, look for the words highlighted in white - they take you to the galleries. :)

Reviewed Sept 28, 1999
DigiXXX 3 fishies This site is done in a picture post format. You click on the link and it automatically takes you to the thumbnailed pics. The links are updated each day and there appears to be a lot of variety. It's worth having a look at.
That 70's Pornsite 2 fishies There is so much more they could do with this site besides advertise the background. It's cute but distracting and it is hard to find the links to the gallery in the text. There are 4 galleries with 5 pics in each.

Reviewed Nov 17, 1999

1Pornsite.com 2 fishies 1Pornsite.com offers about 24 free pics for you to sift through. With the pending US legislation, the webmaster found it necessary to censor all of the pics, however as he claims if you click on any of his banners they will all lead you to sites with uncensored pics.

Reviewed Dec 10, 1998

Awesome Free Sex 2 fishies This is a free site with a good selection of 100 thumbnailed pics separated into categories, including Asian, Lesbian, One on One action. The pics are easy to get to and the site is simple to navigate. I did however run into the odd broken image and found the site to be a little slow loading.
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