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Persian Kitty 5 fishies Well, most of you are probably already familiar with Persian Kitty, those who aren't should check her out now. She has the most comprehensive list of free adult links on the net. She's been around forever and only links to quality sites. Well worth your time if you're browsing the net.
Jane's 'net sex guide 5 fishies This is a great site! Jane has elimated a lot of the bs from surfing with her site. She has excellent reviews of sites that she has checked out. The reviews are honest and straightforward. So if you are looking to cut out some of the guesswork in your daily surfing, this is THE place to go. The site is updated regularly and includes lots of useful information for the surfer. She has just recently started doing her photo challenges again. I love these! This is where Jane takes requests for poses from the people who visit her site and post a few of them up to prove that she is definitely a real person and most definitely female! It's well worth your time to visit Jane.
Mondo Erotica 4 fishies Ok, I used to have this one listed. Lord only knows what happened to it. I must have been a wee bit over zealous in my clean up where I eliminated all the dead links and such. 

In any case, I'm now adding Mondo Erotica back into the listings. It's a great site that will be of considerable help in your search for new things to look at. They have a mini review of the websites listed and you can also rate the ones that you visit. There's also lots of other things to check out at Mondo Erotica. If you're in the mood for shopping - they've got it covered. Also included are erotic postcards, rate the babes, joke of the day and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

Reviewed January 1, 2002

FatPad 5 fishies If you are looking for another site to find your porn from then I'd like to suggest you check out FatPad's site. FatPad gives you some top quality links that are updated on a regular basis. There are descriptions of the site so you have some idea of what to expect when you go there - some of the descriptions are rather amusing and tongue in cheek. I liked what I saw there. It's definitely a site worth keeping an eye on.

Reviewed Dec 30, 1999

Sex Collective 4 fishies When I first looked at the title of this site I was struck by the word collective. Now maybe I watch too much Star Trek but the first thing I think of in assocation with the word collective is The Borg. Anyway this site isn't about The Borg its a collection of sex links. You will find a ton of categories to choose from and some of them will have subcategories. They even have some rather obscure categories which makes it a real cinch to find what you're looking for. Sex Collective also has a brief description of the site, whether it's a pay or free site and most importantly they tell you how the site loads. So if you're in a hurry you want to choose sites with a fast rating. The only drawback I saw was that they don't have tons of listing yet as they are a fairly new site. However if they keep on top of the site it should become a force to be reckoned with.

Reviewed April 18, 2000

Lady Lynx 4 fishies Ladies, this one is for you. This is a great links site if you want pics of men or just sites that appeal more to women. There is a good selection of links to be found, they are categorized to make it easier to find what you're looking for. You will also find a brief description of the site as well. It will definitely help you find what you're looking for easily.

Reviewed Jan 15, 1999

The Little Black Book 4 fishies If you are looking for another quality links site you definitely have to check this one out. Little Black Book has pages and pages of links to quality sites. At a glance you can quickly see what type of site it is, what it has to offer and whether or not it's a free site or a membership site. There is also a search engine available on the site s that you can search for the exact things you're looking for. The site is easily navigate and very straight forward. There is a high quality babe of the week pic for you to check out. I'm adding this one to my bookmarks.

Reviewed Jan 9, 1999

Freaky's Links 4 fishies Freaky has been hard at work revamping his link list and weeding out all the deadwood and garbage sites. What's left now are some excellent quality sites in a multitude of categories. You can even rate the links if you are so inclined. There's definitely some good choices here so check it out.

Reviewed April 6, 2000

Greenguy Link O' Rama 4 fishies This is a site that I use frequently when I am looking for something new or just simply looking to see what else is out there. The Greenguy has an excellent selection of quality links as well as an excellent list of categories. You name it and the Greenguy probably has it! He lists pay, avs and free sites. My favorite part is all the great descriptions of the sites the Greenguy provides. <grin>I would recommend checking out this site for quality smut links.
Richards Realm 4 fishies Richard has a good collection of links for you to browse through. If there is something that other lists don't have, it's quite likely that Richard will have it. I've used this list myself many times when I'm doing research and looking for specific types of sites. Check him out today!

Reviewed Nov 8, 1999
Tommys Bookmarks 4 fishies This is another link site that I use quite frequently. There's lots of links to good quality sites. With all the crap that's out there on the net nowadays lists like this one are invaluable. Have a look, you won't regret it.

Reviewed Nov 8, 1999
Diane's Seek & Find 3 fishies Diane's Seek & Find is a categorized link list to help you find all sorts of things you might be looking for. There are links for adult sites as well as a bunch of the non-adult variety as well. There are a few more animations than I like personally on a site but overall the load time is fairly quick. 

Reviewed Dec 4, 2000 

My Porn Links 3 fishies This site has a fairly decent selection of links to choose from. You will want to have a newer browser to look at it though. I tested with IE4 and Netscape 3 and got numerous errors which does tend to detract from the site. The layout and concept is great. You will find a personals section which currently is mostly links to other personals programs/sites. I think with a little work this could be an awesome site, but right now it's very much a diamond in the rough.

Reviewed Jan 25, 2000

Canadian Sex Links 3 fishies     Hey everyone, I've had some requests recently for Canadian sites. I haven't put together a Canadian section on the site yet, but this site would be a great place to start finding hot Canadian women! Hope you enjoy it.

Reviewed April 16, 1999

I Recommend 3 fishies      This is a great place to begin a search for any type of sex site. It’s very easy to navigate your way around. They have several categories ranging from asian, amateur, fetish, gay and hardcore just to name a few. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can narrow your search to something a little more specific from within the main categories. You can stop and have a laugh in their joke section or get right to your search…either way I think you are going to like what I Recommend has to offer.

Reviewed Dec 2, 1998

Porn List Search Engine 3 fishies This is a new seach engine, but they already have over 30, 000 links for you to search through. You can do a search or you can browse through the different categories available. Porn List also shows you their top ten adult links. There are links available tolive hardcore, dungeon and asian video feeds. They have also added an online casino if you're inclined to gamble. Porn List will also have news and weather sections coming soon. It's a good place to start in your search for smut.

Reviewed Oct 18, 1998

Electric Blue 3 fishies If porn stars are your thing, then this is definitely a site to check out. Electric Blue provides a good selection of links to various porn star sites. There are also some good links to other link sites as well as other free sites to be found. There are a couple of quizzes for you to test your knowledge of the porn stars.

Reviewed Oct 5, 1998

Where's The Pussy Sex Search Engine 3 fishies This is a hot new adult only search engine. Just enter in what you're looking for and voila, there's the pussy. No pages and pages of banners to wade through. Very slick! Go check it out for yourself.

Reviewed 09/10/98

Best Sex Sites 3 fishies Here you will find a good list of links that are categorized alphabetically. They also feature 18 thumbnailed, high quality pics to keep you coming back for more. The site is very tastefully done and very pleasing to the eye. Please check them out.
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