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Diary of a Phone Slut 5 fishies Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dish out phone  sex? 
Diary of a Phone Slut can give you some great insights into the adventure and trials of it all. 
You also get to read the diary entries that detail some of the experiences the Phone Slut has had. It makes for great reading. 
Check it out and see what you think - heck you might even want to give the Phone Slut a call. ;-) 

Reviewed Jan 1, 2002
Libido Magazine 5 fishies This is a very intelligent, well thought out magazine. It's available strictly on the internet now. It was previously in print. They do have a special offer to allow you to order all of the back issues at once. You will find some awesome photo galleries to peruse, erotic fiction to read and a whole lot more. 

Reviewed May 14, 2001

Positively Sexual 5 fishies If you are looking for a site where you can converse with other adults in a sex positive manner then please check out the forums at Positively Sexual. The site was just launched this week and is an affiliate of Koi's so much of the information is the same. Some of the differences are the forums, reviews on books and videos and coming soon toy reviews as well. I hope that you will all have a look at this site and contribute to the forums. ;-)

Reviewed April 8, 2001

Krystal's Wet Spot 5 fishies Krystal is a squirter and an exhibitionist and wants to share herself with you. There are a few smaller sized pics that you can view for free. If you want the full size versions then you either need an Adult Check id or you can sign up to become a member of Krystal's site. If you are looking for information on female ejaculation then Krystal has that covered as well. She has a chat board that deals with female ejaculation and sexuality issues and another one for general chat. Both of these are free of charge. Krystal has some great information if you are wanting to learn about female ejaculation and how it works. I haven't checked out the members area at this time but hope to in the future.

Reviewed April 6, 2000

Stickman's Guide to Bangkok 5 fishies Planning a trip to Thialand? Make this your first stop!! A very in depth approach to life and people of Bangkok. The tips on how to approach the Thai people both professional and otherwise will help make your stay both safe and enjoyable!!! THIS IS NOT A SEX is strictly a resource page.

Reviewed Feb 23, 2000

Dr Ducky DooLittle 5 fishies Ok, I promise that you will have a good time at this site. It's a blast. There's lot's to see and do and you'll get a kick out of Ducky's advice and unique approach to the world of sex and science. There's lots to see and do at Ducky's that won't cost you a dime. However if you'd like to view past research or Sexology 101 you will need a membership. The great thing here is that Ducky is offering a one month membership for $7.95 at the present time, so get in on it while it's cheap. Enjoy!

Reviewed Dec 6, 1999
Tantra 5 fishies A wonderful site combining spirituality and sexuality. Tantric sexuality is a wonderful concept and something many of us aspire to. Visit and browse. You never know what you need till you find it.

Reviewed Oct 20, 1999 5 fishies "Everything you wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask" <grin> This is the best site on the internet for everything and even a few things I never even thought of. If you need information or instructions or have a question that you think might be too silly to ask your Dr check here. I'll bet you'll find the answer!

Reviewed Oct 22, 1999

Restrooms of the Future 5 fishies      I thought that I had seen just about everything, then I stumbled across this great little site. Restrooms of the Future is a well thought out website chock full of more information than you can possibly use about restrooms. The information is gathered from all over the world and presented here in a great easy to read format. There isn't any advertising to distract you at all. Some of the articles are very humorous and are actual instances of how some places have dealt with different toilet issues. My favorite spot on the site has to the be section where women can learn to pee standing up. There is a great description of technique as well as a forum to talk and ask questions of other women who stand to pee. I think this kind of information should be available to all women. I personally had a great time checking out the facets of this site and if truth be known I'm probably going to trying some of the techniques and see if I can learn to pee while standing. Would make life so much easier when you're in the great outdoors with no toilets. Not to mention the fun that you can have with this method if exhibitionism is your thing. Check it out Now!
Penis Size Links List 4 fishies Okay, this site is for those of you who obsess over penis size and wonder if you or your lover is of average size, too small and all the rest of that jazz. Penis Size has links to everything you could possibly want to check out in regards to penis size. You can view surveys, professional opinions, amateur opinions and a whole lot more. Check it out!

Reviewed Jan 2, 2001

The Penis 4 fishies If you want to know about penis size and shape then this is definitely a site to check out. The information there also includes male sexuality and orgasm, techniques and a whole lot more. 

Reviewed Dec 4, 2000

Oral Caress 4 fishies This site is a resource site put together by Dr. Robert Birch who is a nationally recognized sexologist. At the site you will find a list of books written by Dr. Birch and other sexuality authors. You will also find an erotica novel in the process of being written and articles on a variety of subjects. His books also cover a variety of topics including cunnilingus and premature ejaculation. It's definitely worth having a look at. 

Reviewed September 14, 2000

Female Ejaculation 4 fishies If you are looking for information on female ejaculation then this is a great place to start. There are article and links to articles on female ejaculation by a variety of writers. You will also find erotic stories with female ejaculation as the theme. There are a couple of book reviews available on the site with more on the way. There is also a list of movies dealing with the female ejaculation theme as well as some links to discussion groups.

Reviewed August 8, 2000

Sex Stops 4 fishies This informative search engine, will show you all the hot spots for adult
shops, clubs, bars, entertainment, gay crusing and more when on vacation or
if you are interested in your own citys xxx activities.

Reviewed Dec 8, 1999
Speed Seduction 4 fishies Ok, I'll be honest here. I really didn't know how I should rate this site. it is a speed course for men to pick up women. <hehehe I know a few who could use it>. If you want a sure fire method this may be a good place for you to check out.

Reviewed Oct 22, 1999

About Sex 4 fishies If you like sites that provide straightforward information about sex then you will enjoy this site. About Sex discusses different methods of birth control, sexual positions, first time information and a whole lot more. Have a look.

Reviewed March 6, 1999

Carnivore Syndicate 4 fishies Ok, first off this isn't a porn site but it's one that I really enjoyed myself at. It's basically a journalist owned company that specializes in affordable humor and feature articles for those who have a daily paper, website or other forums. There are some great humor articles, fantastic cartoons and a whole lot more. It's definitely worth having a look at. I spent a whole lot of time there when I visited going through everything. Check it out today!

Reviewed Feb 24, 1999
Joan Elizabeth Lloyd's Secrets For Lovers 4 fishies This is a great little site if you're looking for practical information and a lot of fun. Joan has a sexy limerick collection that is just a hoot. Best of all though are the excerpts from the books that she has written. From what I've seen of the excerpts the books are worth their weight in gold. There is also a forum section is which visitors write in and exchange information with Joan and other visitors. It's a great site to check out. I'll be book marking this one myself.

Reviewed Dec 31, 1998

Foreplay Primer 3 fishies This site has some information on all things sexual. It's got a very nice layout and is easy to navigate. I didn't find as much information as I had expected in the basics department. However the Foreplay extras did seem to have a lot more information. 

Reviewed Jan 2, 2001

Penis Size 3 fishies Ever been curious about size? Want to know how you or your lover compare in the size department. This site has images of different sizes you can compare with. The main portion of the site requires an Adult Check membership so I don't know how much is there since I don't have one. Other than that there's a fair bit of information on penis size in the free area to check out. 

Reviewed Dec 4, 2000

Sex Esteem 3 fishies Dr. Don has sex advice for everyone. You can listen to his answers to questions via real audio. On the site you will also find sex news, books and video suggestions. Dr. Don is a licensed psychotherapist and is available for counselling and speaking engagements. 

Reviewed August 8, 2000 3 fishies I spent a long time reading through this amazing resource site for safe sex. It covers everything on how to put on a condom (thereís actually a movie you can view to watch how to do this), how condoms are made (also a movie) to whether or not oral sex can cause AIDS. Itís definitely worth checking out and taking the time to read through.

Reviewed Dec 2, 1998

Kink Aware Professionals 3 fishies Finally, a site dedicated to providing the community worldwide with referrals to professionals such as psychotherapeutic, medical, dental, pastoral and legal professionals who are knowledgeable about and understanding towards many different expressions of sexuality. If you are looking for someone who is "kink" friendly, check out this site.

Reviewed Dec 2, 1998

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