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Loving More 5 fishies Loving More is a national organization and resource for people who who wish to move beyond traditional monogamy. We see no reason to end a good relationship in order to begin another, and we believe that this can be done responsibly, intimately, and in integrity. We call it polyamory or Loving More. 

At the site you will find a variety of articles dealing with the ins and out of polyamory. There is also a print magazine available for purchase. If you are at all interested in the possibility of having another partner in your life then this site is a good resource for valuable information. 

Loving More has a couple of ways for you to meet like minded people, one is through their personals section and the other is via a message board that they operate.    

Reviewed May 14, 2001

Erotic Guide 5 fishies This site is actually four separate sites all originating from a common point. It's worth it's weight in gold. Jeff and Kris have some great information to share with you.  You can check out the Erotic Guide to Los Angeles, adult games, Swinging information and my favorite of the bunch, guide to Adult Toys. The guide to adult toys is great as it give you a brief history as well as important things to look for in choosing a toy. Jeff and Kris have tested each of the products themselves or have friends who have to make sure that they are safe and durable. They provide information on how to use the product as well as having online shopping available to purchase the toys. I could talk more about this but I'll move on to the Swinging section. Jeff and Kris live the lifestyle so their experience is first hand and very honest. I enjoyed reading what they have written on the subject. If you're considering swinging then this is the best place to get great information. If you're planning on going to Los Angeles then you need to check out the guide that Jeff and Kris have put together, it's got all the good stuff in it. There's a cd that has lots of adult games on it. Ton's of great information. So why are you still here? Go check it out.

Reviewed April 20, 1999

Princess's Passion Pages 4 fishies Come and meet Princess, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. This is a site that features Princess in all kinds of interesting poses and performing various acts. There are about 12 preview pics to whet your appetite. The bonus here is that membership to the site is incredibly cheap. It's only $4.95 for a one month membership. It will be the best $4.95 you ever spent. In the members area there is a ton of content, however the pics aren't thumbnailed. Navigation in the members area is a little difficult at times. Other than that, Princess is definitely someone you'd want to have on your party list. She loves to have sex and is a swinger along with her husband. Didn't see much of him on the site though, the focus is on Princess and her passions. Due to some of the participants being in the swinging lifestyle and wishing to remain anonymous you will find that their eyes have been blocked out. My favorite however is the dog who was caught by the camera's eye who wished to remain anonymous as well. Too funny! I had fun there, I'll add her to my party list although I don't know if she's gonna want to travel this far for a party.

Reviewed July 6, 1999
The Swingers Depot 4 fishies This is a very nicely designed site and is very easy to navigate. The author of the website provides you with some down to earth common sense lifestyle facts, definitions and etiquette. You can browse through or place ads for both singles and couples. There was a good selection of ads when I visited, primarily US ones. There is a good selection of links to other quality swinging sites. Check it out!

Reviewed Dec 1, 1998

Swing Central 4 fishies Please join me in my exploration of Swing Central. They have a lot of free stuff you can check out. First off, if you're a female or a couple you may place a free ad that others can then respond to. If you're looking for someone then check out the Members Spotlight- they have five members ads available for your response. Swing Central has a club database that you can access to see if there is a group in your area. This is an invaluable resource if you are just entering the Swinging lifestyle and what to learn more firsthand. For most of the entries there is a postal address available and some even have a contact phone number. For your questions about the Swinging lifestyle there is a section called Swing perspectives where you can email your question to either The Prof or Petite Val and you will receive a personal reply via email. There is a great deal of information to be found at Swing Central as well as great personal ads. Should you want to become a member and get all those extra benefits that go along with it the prices are very reasonable. Your payment options are; credit card, 1-900 number or by personal check. The pricing starts at $9.95 for 30 days or you can choose to pay $19.95 for 90 days. I've viewed the members area and I must say that I am impressed with the amount of information and the number of ads available. The personal ads are exclusive to Swing Central so they are not the same old ads you see everywhere. If the swinging lifestyle was my choice this would be the site I'd pick to start searching from.

Reviewed Oct 18, 1998

Soft Swing 3 fishies Soft Swing has a wide range of information available but only at the very beginning detail. If you want more then you end up having to go elsewhere from the site or to pay through an AVS. There is a free chat available but in order to have a private chat you have to join the AVS.  

Reviewed May 14, 2001
Married Match 3 fishies This is a slightly different twist on a lot of personals sites you see out there on the internet. This one caters specifically to married people or those who would like to get involved with someone who is married or any variation thereof. It is a membership site and membership for one month is $34.95. They also offer a free 7 day trial but you do have to provide your credit card information to activate and you will automatically be rebilled at the rate of $24.95 if you don't cancell within 3 days. If you've had difficulty locating someone to meet this might be your answer.

Reviewed April 6, 2000

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