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Hello. My name is Corina Curves. If youíre reading this, guess you wanna know some thing about me. I am 5'1" 118lbs. Iím an exotic dancer and have modeled for several big named magazines. Dicky (my other half) and I love to spend allot of time in front of the camera. We shoot as often as possible.

We live in the Rainy State of Oregon. Maybe that is why We love sex. It is the only free indoor sport and it is how we love to get wet!! :-). We are MILD swingers and enjoy our time with other couples. So we try to travel as much as we can to see are friends. They all live out of state from us. But it makes a great way to spend our vacation ;-).

I love to Please and Tease. Iíve been dancing here in Portland, Oregon for 9 years now and once in awhile I even travel. I love my job and the freedom it gives me to just be me and express my wild side :-).

I am a very active person. I love many outdoor sports, yes including FISHING too :-). I love hiking in the great Northwest. The rivers and mountains here are breathtaking. I also love to swim and play in the water. I like to lift weights and exercise in my spare time (when ever that is ;-) ) LOL I just like to stay busy. It keeps me out of trouble ;-). Hope you enjoy all my pics.

Big Hugs and Wet Kisses,

Corina Curves


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