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I know that over the time period that I've had the website I have received numerous requests asking for more information about ME.

I have kind of balked at putting anything up because I was not ever intending to be the sole focus of the site if that makes any sense.

Anyways I've decided to start a page to explain a little bit more about me and what I like to do, outside of sex and websites. ;-)

A lot of people wonder why I started this site. I initially started with another adult site that my hubby got me started on.

In surfing the web I came a across a lot of articles and information that was informational but boring and then I got the idea to put pictures with the information and that how Koi's got started.

Since then it's just kind of taken on a life of it's own and continued to grow and change.

If you would like to see more of my pictures then please check out my stuff that is up at Curvosity. This is a paysite but in addition to me you'll get access to a whole bunch of other gorgeous, curvy ladies and several other sites as well.


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