Grab Me

Throw your clothes on the floor,

baby gently close the door.

        Grab me with your sexual force,

it has come time for our intercourse.

        I tear your shirt and unzip your pants,

finally after all this time we have our chance.

        As you stand before me with nothing on,

I go to the stereo and place the slow jams on.

        You walk over to me, touching me so softly.

        As you grab me, you raise my legs to wrap around you,

you look me in my eyes and I tell you what to do.

      "Up against the wall, I want it there"

you grab my butt and my panties you tear.

        The feeling of you inside of me,

let's me know this where i need to be.

            Your hand between me and the wall, I rub up and down,

never once does my feet touch the ground

        you burst inside of me and I let out a shout,

Damn, this is what love making is all about.



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