Alone in the Rain

I danced alone in the rain tonight,
Barefoot I whirled and I turned.

In my mind's eye, memories of you

Slowly kindled and burned.

As I danced, drenched by the rain,
Slowly soaked through and through,

I pulled off my clothes, layer by layer,
Smiling, my thoughts still with you.

The warm little drops slid over my skin
As I turned and whirled,

I followed their paths with my warm soft hands

With nary a care in the world. 

Far away from prying eyes,
My little fantasy grew
My body shivered and trembled and shook

Excited by memories of you.

I lost my struggle to stay on my feet
As I slowly slid to the ground

My breathing grew labored, my pulse ran amok,

And oh how my poor heart did pound. 

My hands found the places, all soft and warm,
The places you know oh so well.

I traced the memory of your loving touch

Over every curve dip and swell.

My back arched itself, my body grew tight
My feet dug into the soil

My breathing grew shallow, my eyes shut tight

With a smile, I felt my blood boil.

The waves of pleasure crashed over me
Pummeling me from within

A tiny sigh of a moan escaped me
As I lost my breath yet again. 

My face turned to the sky, pelted by rain
I suddenly let out a shout,

Vocalizing this forgivable sin

My conscience turned inside out.

I slowly raised myself from the ground
Impressed with what I had learned.

I went into the house and climbed into bed

To patiently await your return.


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